Drama (genre)

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Synonyms: Crime drama, Historical drama, Legal/courtroom drama, Medical drama, Political drama, Soap opera, Spy drama, Supernatural drama
See also: Story Tropes, Comedy, Tragedy, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Romance, Supernatural, Fluff, Adventure, Musical, Theatre
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Outside the context of theatre, drama is a literary term used to classify creative works in media such as television, film, and books. The term is also used by some fan archives and awards that classify fanfiction with non-fannish literary genres. Fanfiction.net is one such example.

Drama generally refers to plotty works with elements of tragedy, melodrama and action-adventure, and sometimes comedy and horror. It differs from action-adventure in being more character driven and cerebral, and less action oriented. If the comedy element is foregrounded it is sometimes called "dramedy". Highly melodramatic works are sometimes described as soapy. Drama cuts across other genres: it can have a historical, fantasy or science fictional setting.

Drama can be difficult to pinpoint. The Mithril Awards describes the genre: Stories with a strong conflict–crisis–resolution structure, whether the conflict is externally imposed or internal to the character(s). Action plots are acceptable here, but the story must focus on the character(s) inner struggles.[1]


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