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Horror is a film, television, and literature genre that plays on the audience's primal fears. The horror genre often overlaps with the fantasy, supernatural, and thriller genres. It often focuses on folklore and religious traditions dealing with death, the afterlife, evil/darkness, and demons.

List of Horror Fandoms

In Fanworks

In fanworks, an emphasis on horror is associated with gen. (See the Horror tag at Archive of Our Own. Note that of 3660 fanworks, 45% are labeled gen and only 34% are slash; this is an unusual distribution for an archive with a slight majority of works in the slash category.)[1]

However, some popular fanwork tropes are associated with the horror genre:

Some gift exchanges and challenges are devoted to horror fanworks, including the Horror Big Bang and the Multifandom Horror Exchange.


See individual Horror fandoms to see more fanworks.

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Archives & Fannish Links

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  1. ^ Of the 3660 fanworks in the horror tag, 1656 are gen, 1227 are m/m, 783 are het, and 183 are f/f. In contrast, 483404 of 958456 or 50% of the total works on the archive are in the m/m category. Statistics taken from the AO3 on January 12, 2014.