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Horror is a media genre intended to frighten or scare the audience for entertainment. Horror often overlaps with other genres and includes a wide range of tropes and elements.



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Horror in Fanworks

In fanworks, an emphasis on horror is associated with gen. (See the Horror tag at Archive of Our Own. Note that of 3660 fanworks, 45% are labeled gen and only 34% are slash; this is an unusual distribution for an archive with a slight majority of works in the slash category.)[1]

However, some popular fanwork tropes are associated with the horror genre:

Some gift exchanges and challenges are devoted to horror fanworks, including the Horror Big Bang and the Multifandom Horror Exchange.

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  1. ^ Of the 3660 fanworks in the horror tag, 1656 are gen, 1227 are m/m, 783 are het, and 183 are f/f. In contrast, 483404 of 958456 or 50% of the total works on the archive are in the m/m category. Statistics taken from the AO3 on January 12, 2014.