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Synonyms: vampyre
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Stories and art containing Vampires may be created in fandoms in which the existence of vampires is canon or for source materials lacking vampires or supernatural elements in general (e.g. The Sentinel, Starsky and Hutch).

In source materials with canon vampires, fandom often develops or expands on societal structures and norms within vampire society. Buffyverse fanwriters developed detailed headcanons around Sire/Childe relationships and vampire mating rituals; two tropes with little or no basis in canon. However stories involving vampires are often influenced by other source materials with canon vampires. Buffyverse fanwriters are believed to have been influenced by Vampire: The Masquerade role-playing game, which was itself influenced by Anne Rices' The Vampire Chronicles.[1]

In fandoms where vampires are minor characters, or where vampires exist but only as antagonists, fanwriters may use original characters to examine vampiric relationships and culture in that canon. Alternatively a character may be bitten and turn into a vampire. Vampire AU stories also appear.

Fandoms with canon vampires

Below are some fandoms with vampire-centric canons. See also List of Vampire Fandoms for more fandoms:

Vampires as secondary canon elements

Several canons have vampires that are a major plot element when seen, but aren't always part of the story; for example, a recurring vampire character who isn't always in the story, in a series that isn't otherwise about vampires.

Vampires as minor canon elements

While the existence of vampires is canon in some cases such as Supernatural and Harry Potter[2], the vampires play a very minor role and might only be mentioned in passing. This often results in a lack of canon-specific vampire lore that is filled by fanfic. Sometimes, fan authors develop an entire original society and culture for the vampires in their stories.

Since no major canon character is a vampire in these cases, these stories generally feature original characters as vampires[3] or a canon character is turned into a vampire for the purpose of the story. In some cases, a canon character such as Severus Snape is depicted as having always been a vampire without the other characters knowing of it.

Vampires in Fanworks

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Common Tropes & Storylines

Vampire AUs

A Vampire AU is a type of Alternate Universe story, similar to the Elf AU, in which vampires exist (in the case of vampireless canons) or in which a non-vampiric character is recast as a vampire (regardless of whether vampires appear in canon).

Starsky and Hutch in a crossover with Forever Knight

Vampire AUs can appear in any fandom. For example, Vampire!Hobbit stories were popular enough in LOTR a few years ago to get their own archive, Anklebiters!.

Example Fanworks

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Vampire-themed zines

Vampire-themed challenges

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