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Synonyms: Nibble, Nip
Related: ABO, Claiming, Marking, Vampire, Vampire AU, Werewolf
See Also: Oral Sex
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Biting can come in many forms. One is a kink, where characters either derive pleasure from biting another, or being bitten. Some can be playful, chaste bites and nibbles as well. Others are transformative, or for feeding. Marking usually involves biting or intense suction such as Hickeys. It can also be a large part of Claiming a mate, such as in ABO or Werewolf fanworks. In Wereanimal mythology, a bite is what triggers a human's transformation. Biting into an artery and sucking the blood from it is also how Vampires feed.


Also called 'clavicle.'





Neither exclusively playful, nor kinky, a character may bite their own lip out of shyness or concentration, which can endear others to them.


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