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Synonym(s)vampire!AU, A Little Less Sixteen Candles AU
Related tropes/genrescreature!fic, Elf AU, Vampire, Werewolf
See alsoAlternate Universe, Biting
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Starsky and Hutch in a crossover with Forever Knight
Inside art from All the Queen's Men

A Vampire AU is a type of Alternate Universe story, similar to the Elf AU, in which vampires exist (in the case of vampireless canons) or in which a non-vampiric character is recast as a vampire (regardless of whether vampires appear in canon).

Vampire AUs can appear in any fandom. For example, Vampire!Hobbit stories were popular enough in the Lord of the Rings fandom to get their own archive, Anklebiters!,[1] and Bandom had a plethora of fics based off of the music video for the Fall Out Boy song, A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More "Touch Me".

Example Fanworks



All the Queen's Men by Victoria RacklyftFandom: The ProfessionalsDate: 1998Status: Complete
The CI5 crew deal with a case involving the supernatural, and "none of the show's regulars are secretly vampires nor do any of them have long-lost twins who are secretly vampires."[2]
The Vampire Trilogy by KrystalFandom: HansonDate: 2001–2008Status: Incomplete
A popular fanfic series in which Taylor Hanson is bitten and becomes a vampire. Because of his fame, he becomes a pawn in complicated vampire politics in the sequels.
From Darkness Comes Light by BerenFandom: Merlin (TV Series)Date: 2008Status: Complete
In canonverse, Arthur Pendragon is sent to kill some vampires, but is almost turned into one. Merlin has to save him, and does so with magical bonding and sex magic.
Widow's Bite by FannyTFandom: AvengersDate: 2013-06-23Status: Complete
Natasha Romanov is secretly a vampire; Clint Barton helps her hide it. The team finds out.
covered in lines by mentalistecbmFandom: a One DirectionDate: 2015-04-14–2015-05-30Status: WIP
A fic series where Harry Styles is a vampire and Louis Tomlinson is his human boyfriend: a combination of a highschool AU, college AU, and vampire AU.
Compatibility by trancerFandom: Criminal MindsDate: 2012Status: Complete
Jennifer "JJ" Jareau/Emily Prentiss. Emily Prentiss is a new kind of vampire; Jennifer "JJ" Jareau is her FBI handler.
sanguine Archived by glimmerglangerFandom: Star Wars: The Clone WarsDate: 2022Status: Complete
A canon AU with vampire Obi-Wan Kenobi detailing the events of the Clone Wars.


Vkook ✧ As We Fall by InesFandom: BTSDate: 2018
Jungkook is a vampire and hunts Taehyung.


Too Many Vampires by Debra Fran BakerFandom: multifandomDate: 2000
An essay written for fandom symposium explaining why Debra Fran Baker thinks most Vampire AUs don't work.

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