Criminal Minds

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Name: Criminal Minds
Abbreviation(s): CM
Creator: Jeff Davis
Date(s): September 22, 2005-present
Medium: Television Series
Country of Origin: United States
External Links: Official CBS Site
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Criminal Minds is an American crime show about the a team of profilers in the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit, which specializes primarily in catching serial killers.


The show first began airing on 22 September 2005 and has been renewed for the 2016-2017 season. The current main characters are:

Past main characters are:

Important recurring characters are:


The fandom is notable for having a lot of femslash as well as slash and het, partially due to the fact that the women in the main cast are usually as well-developed as the men in the cast. While Spencer Reid is by far the most popular character (possibly because he's an extreme Woobie), all the main characters have active fans and enthusiastic fan fic-writers.

Notably, everyone in the current team has been shipped with someone else on the team. Popular pairings include Spencer Reid/anyone (though especially Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid and Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid), Aaron Hotchner/Emily Prentiss, Emily Prentiss/David Ross, Aaron Hotchner/David Rossi, Aaron Hotchner/Derek Morgan, Jennifer "JJ" Jareau/Emily Prentiss, and Penelope Garcia/Derek Morgan. Penelope Garcia is a popular character just for being generally awesome, but she's shipped less often than the other team members.


  • Casefic: Like many fandoms based on procedural television, quite a few pieces of fan fiction take the form of casefics.
  • Clooney the dog: In the episode "Secrets and Lies" it is revealed that Derek Morgan has a dog named Clooney; though the dog was never again mentioned on the show, he is quite popular in fanfic.

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