Appointment in Georgetown

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Title: Appointment in Georgetown
Publisher: Behalf Zines for The Laywoman's Occasional Press at 2011 MediaWest
Author(s): Deborah J. Laymon
Cover Artist(s): Jean Kluge
Date(s): May 2011
Medium: print
Genre: "gen adult"
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Language: English
External Links: online
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Appointment in Georgetown is a "gen adult" Criminal Minds novel by Deborah J. Laymon that contains 156 pages and 95,000 words. Covers and Flyers by Jean Kluge and Anne Zeek. Edited by Anne Zeek, with helpful commentary by Susan Graham.

The story was originally published as part of the 2010 oc_bigbang.

It won a 2012 Fan Q Award.

Author's Summary

Vickie MacGregor carries scars--the physical ones Aaron Hotchner can see. He suspects emotional scars as well, and after eight months dating his son's art teacher, he expects she's about to open up. When his BAU team is called away to a case in San Francisco, the details of the case bring up bad memories for both of them and set those memories on a collision course.