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Name: Jean Kluge
Type: fan artist, fan writer
Fandoms: The Sentinel, Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Professionals, Beauty and the Beast, Star Wars
URL: website, LJ; Media Art (accessed December 2017)
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Jean Kluge is a well known and highly praised fan artist. She started in Star Trek fandom, and has created artwork for many years. She's been active in many fandoms, but is probably best known for her artwork in Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Professionals, and The Sentinel. Her art has been on the cover of many zines, sold as originals and prints at conventions, and later on the Internet, and recently, sold as t-shirt transfers.

She is also a writer. She wrote the Sentinel Jim/Blair novel Changes, and wrote (and illustrated with Marty Siegrist), the beautiful ST:TNG Data/Tasha novel Pulse of the Machine.

One of her ST:TNG drawings is the cover of Textual Poachers, by Henry Jenkins. Jenkins later commented that her artwork "went up in value within the art hierarchy of fandom because it was associated with the book."[1]

During the 1980s and 90s, like Suzie Lovett and a few other artists, her art often went for hundreds of dollars at art auctions at conventions, leading to conversations about why it was considered wrong for fan writers and fan publishers to profit from their work, but all right for fannish artists to profit from their work. See letter of comment submitted to the The Hatstand Express on the topic.

Profit was also an issue in her 2009 "re-publication" of her Sentinel fanzine Changes in PDF form. More information about the discussion can be found at the "Changes" zine here.

Zines Containing Kluge's Work

Changes | A Companion for My Death | Dr. Bellfriar's Memorial Journal | Elusive Lover - Alternate Visions | Elusive Lover | Fantasia | Gentlemen Never Tell #6 | Guardian | Idylls #4 | Leave a Light On for Me | Mind Meld | Missing Links #1 | Motet #1 | Powerplay #5 | Pulse of the Machine | Rerun #7, #8 | Sanctuary | Sanctuary Moon | Sardonac | A Secret Place #4 | Smarm | StarQuest | Subspace Chatter #4 | The Machiavelli Factor | The Road to Hell and Other Stories | The Sensual World #1 | The Wookiee Commode #5 | Those Who Favor Fire | Threshold to Dreams | Vilya | Masiform D #5 (article) | Vault of Tomorrow #13 (fiction)


A few examples of Jean's artwork.


  1. ^ "There are T-shirts which have the cover of Textual Poachers on them which circulate in the fan economy, and the work of that artist, Jean Kluge, went up in value within the art hierarchy of fandom because it was associated with the book. She became a more valuable fan artist as a result of that." -- Intensities interviews Henry Jenkins @ Console-ing Passions, University of Bristol, July 7, 2001.