Those Who Favor Fire (Blake's 7 zine)

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Title: Those Who Favor Fire
Publisher: Ellen L. Kobrin and Billie Phillips
Date(s): 1989
Medium: print
Fandom: Blake's 7
Language: English
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Those Who Favor Fire is a slash 120-page anthology. The cover art is by Suzan Lovett.

Inside the zine are two Suzi Lovett illos with sonnets attached, portraying Avon as Scorpio and Blake as Aquarius. Apparently there was also a companion piece, Vila as Cancer, which was not used in the zine.

cover by Suzan Lovett, also the cover of The Road to Hell and Other Stories




  • Billie Phillips, "Knight Fall"
  • Ellen L. Kobrin, "Visionary"
  • Ellen L. Kobrin, "Beginning of the..."
  • Marion McChesney, "The River" (reprinted in Powerplay #6)
  • Ellen L. Kobrin, "Gethsemane"
  • Marion McChseney, "The Road to Gauda Prime"
  • Ellen L. Kobrin, "Beyond the Horizon"
  • Ellen L. Kobrin, "The Watcher"


Reactions and Reviews

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[Much Abides]: Another PGP. Nothing much happens (Blake is still unconscious, Avon talks him out of it) but the voices are terrific - Avon traumatised but still acidic, Vila wavering between guile and heartbreak - and Blake is allowed (for a change) to give *his* side of the separation, leading to an ambiguous but almost hopeful ending. [1]
image by Suzan Lovett
[Lovett drawing of Avon as "Scorpio]:"Remember the Suzi Lovett picture, "Scorpio" which had Paul Darrow dressed in black leather so tight nothing was left to the imagination? It was also called Avon in a condom. Well, the New Zealand fan who was so rabid about slash was running an art show and I was helping. This came up in the auction and she refused to put it up because Paul would be offended. I told it it had two bids, she ad to do it. She said to put it at the very end. Before we had a chance to do anything, Paul walked up behind us, saw it and reached over and took it out of her hand. "I'll auction that one," he said with a definite twinkle in his eye." [2]
[zine]: This is an all-A-B gen zine, highly recommended. Very slashy! :) It's especially good for Blake fans, since IMO several of the stories are much more about Blake than about Avon. The three wonderful stories by Suzan Lovett (including my alltime favorite gen A-B story, "Ring of Fire") have been reprinted by Judith in The Road to Hell, but it's still worth looking for a used copy of the zine, for the other stories and for the yummy art. [3]
[zine]: so, the art's almost all suzan lovett, which means it's almost all pretty good, although some slightly dubious choices were made at points. is that blake wearing a tight t-shirt... and symbolically spilling his 'water'? hmmmm. [snip]

[See this fan's review of Gemini Rising at that page.]

Ellen L. Kobrin, "And Wrath Did End"

this is the one where avon cries in a cupboard :(

now, admittedly, part of the way i show my love for avon is to talk about how he's a big loser. so 'avon goes to cry in a cupboard' is the kind of thing i'd say jocularly (and he does look so sad and angry when blake says 'you really do hate me, don't you?') but... that doesn't mean i actually think it happened, jeez. also blake was apparently very upset by what avon said, too, and it made him feel like crying. and i just- you know, what? no, it didn't. he was just really pissed off.

but anyway - they have a chat in the cupboard about how avon doesn't hate him at all, and then they don't make out.

which is honestly the most bemusing thing about the whole fic. are you sure they don't make out? isn't that the point of avon breaking down because he loves blake this much? i don't even know.


[More info and many photographs in the original review as posted][4]
[zine]: An all Blake and Avon anthology from many years ago, containing two of the best B7 short stories I've ever read: "Gemini Rising" and "Circle of Fire", both by Suzan Lovett (whose gorgeous artwork also fills the zine). To reveal what either story is about would risk spoiling their surprise twists--suffice it to say that these are stories no B-A fan should miss. [5]
[zine]: Watching the B7 series [after only learning about the show through the visuals in music vids] did the best thing possible to my pocketbook. I no longer swallowed any zine with a B7 character or ship on the cover. I began to remember the quality authors and stories and arrow in on the ones where I could hear the rhythm of his burr-toned speech and watch him pace and move and the change of expressions on his face. These stories are so rare and yet, so precious when found. "Those Who Favour Fire" is among the best of this type of zine. [6]
[zine]: Oh, yes, isn't Those Who Favor Fire a wonderful zine! I particularly like the Suzan Lovett story, which has the neatest time-travel paradox I've ever seen applied to B7 and the kind of appallingly tragic ending that I love to wallow in. Someone once suggested (I think it was Jean Lorrah in a long—defunct apa) that the reason why time travel was never used in the canonical B7 universe was that in this grim universe (as opposed to, say, the Star Trek one), you can never undo your mistakes. Lovett manages to preserve that idea and have the unavoidable tragedy play out in a slightly different way instead. [7]
"Those Who Favor Fire", a non-slash, non-explicit zine which for me had the flavor of slash without ever even going so far as to let anyone even get into bed together...the emottional tone was right, the Suzi Lovett illos didn't hurt, and the poetry was GOOD--a rarity in my experience. Still one of my favorite zines, even tho' it's totally non-sexual. [8]


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