Kathy Hanson

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Name: Kathy Hanson
Type: fan writer, fan artist, convention organizer
Fandoms: Blake's 7
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Kathy Hanson was a New Zealand Blake's 7 fan.

She published several zines (Down and Unsafe and 7th Sector), and was a fan writer for many others.

Hanson helped organize several fan conventions in the late 1980s.

She had a very major role in the Blake's 7 War.

Hanson passed away in 2001.

Her memorial was published in the Horizon fan club bulletin:
"From Diane Gies: I am very sad to have to announce the death in New Zealand of Kathy Hanson. She died of a stroke on 7th April, aged just 57. Kathy was best known for editing and producing the acclaimed 'Down and Unsafe' and 'Seventh Sector' series of fanzines, for which she wrote many of the stories and drew many of the illustrations, including her achingly funny cartoons. She also ran two excellent conventions (ConFederation) in New Zealand in the late 80's, with GOHs Paul and Janet Darrow, Michael Keating and Jacqueline Pearce, which were thoroughly enjoyed by both fans and guests alike. She wrote and illustrated for many other zines (including our own) around the world and we are very glad that in the last few years I persuaded Kathy to allow Horizon to reprint her fanzines so that a new generation of fans could enjoy them. As well as being extremely talented, with a wonderfully wicked sense of humour, Kathy was a kind, generous and deeply loyal person. The world of Blake's 7 fandom has lost someone very special, and I have lost a very dear friend.[1]


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