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Name: Judith Proctor
Alias(es): watervole, as part of the collaborative, Gemini
Type: writing, publishing, archiving
Fandoms: Blake's 7
URL: Blake's 7: Judith Proctor's site
at Dreamwidth
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Judith Proctor is a British fan who is best known in the Blake's 7 fandom, in which she has been active since the mid-1990s. Her many areas of activity include fanfiction, fan poetry, filking, essay writing, fanzine publication/distribution, convention organisation and website management.

These activities, particularly the zine publication and the websites (where she sold zines to UK fans, hosted information about other fanzines, and posted much of the fic she had published in her zines) made her extremely influential in Blake's 7 1990s-2000s fandom. It is due in large part to Judith's work that Blake's 7 fanfiction history is so well archived today.

She has a short bio here, Archived version.

Fan fiction

Judith writes fan fiction primarily in the Blake's 7 and Stargate fandoms. Well-known stories include the novella Morgan, a crossover between Blake's 7 and Morgan's Boy that won a FanQ award for Best Gen Standalone Zine in 1999. She is particularly known for stories featuring strong characterisation of Roj Blake.


As well as publishing her own zines, as KnightWriter Press Judith also acted as an agent for zines in many fandoms.

Much of the fiction from these zines was re-published on Judith's site Hermit.org, as Judith was able to seek permission to host the stories as she published them. Her interest in archiving and preserving older material for a newer generation of fans can also be seen in her decision to re-print numerous 'classics' of early fandom, particularly those by EPS. In a pre-internet age, this often involved significant work in tracing the author (who often had only used a psued) whose work she wanted to reproduce.

Judith's own fiction shows a strong grasp of characterisation and dialogue. As an editor she imposed these traits onto the works of authors she published through in many cases heavily editing them before printing. Extensive changes can (for example) be seen between the two published drafts of Melody C.'s The Long Way Back and The Last Best Hope.

Most of Judith's zines have the same strong visual style, featuring the same chunky modular font for the title, two-column small font interior, and typically tape binding. This style was also used for Waveney adverts.

Blake's 7

Judith has edited and published numerous Blake's 7 fanzines as Waveney Press, including many novels as well as the two anthology zine series:

Her other Blake's 7 zines are:

Other Zines

She also published zines in the Star Cops fandom. These were novelisations by Chris Boucher (the original screenwriter) of his own work.

Judith published her own Stargate: SG-1 novels:


Judith was the chair of Redemption from the first convention in 1999 until 2007. She also chaired Orbital 2008.

Gareth Thomas

During many years in fandom, Judith attended numerous conventions attended by Gareth Thomas (Roj Blake) and the two became friends. He was due to be the first guest at Judith's convention, Redemption, for example, before actually attending the second. She also travelled the country to attend plays he performed in.

With Thomas's help, Judith researched and collated extensive information about his career across stage, television and film, Archived version. All information was then documented on Hermit.org.

In 2016 following his death, Judith recalled:

Gareth was a dear. Julia and I (and a few other friends) had long passed the point of discussing anything to do with B7 with him. Gareth had interests ranging through archaeology, literature, etc., and was always interesting to talk to/debate with. We loved him like a favourite uncle.”[1]

Website management

She maintains Judith Proctor's Blake's 7 site which was founded in May 1996 and is "The Largest Blake's 7 Site on the Web". It contains extensive zine lists, the Hermit Library fanfiction archive, essays, the Sevencyclopaedia, episode guide and scripts, as well as information on the careers of the Blake's 7 cast. The growth of the website (which started with just 4 pages in May 1996) is charted here.


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