Little Green Men and Other Stories

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Title: Little Green Men and Other Stories
Publisher: Judith Proctor
Editor(s): Judith Proctor
Date(s): 2000
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Cops
Language: English
External Links: Judith Proctor's site via Wayback
cover by Pete Wallbank
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Little Green Men and Other Stories is a 109-page collection of gen stories written by Chris Boucher. As with his previous zine, An Instinct for Murder, these stories are novelisations of Boucher's own television series - Star Cops. Some changes were made in the zine version due to Boucher not holding the copyright for all characters (for example, the character of Anna Shoun has been replaced by Dana Cogill, an Irish paramedic, while Alexander Krivenko has been replaced by Jiang Li Ho). The zine was published by Judith Proctor in 2000.

The cover was by Pete Wallbank, with one interior illustration by Kevin Davies.

Summary from the publisher:

"Here is Chris Boucher's second Star Cops novel with a stunning cover by Pete Wallbank... Star Cops was Chris's own series. It only ran to nine episodes, but it was real SF. The limitations were those of real science - no force fields, ftl travel, etc. The Star Cops are a hard-pressed police force trying to solve crimes committed on the moon and on stations in Earth orbit. Some of you will already have read 'An Instinct for Murder' the first novel; now we have 'Little Green Men and Other Stories', the write-up of another four episodes that Chris wrote himself... [1]


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