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Title: Derelicts
Publisher: Judith Proctor
Cover Artist(s): Kathryn Andersen
Illustrator(s): Whitby27
Date(s): (Gourimpest Press) (1986), (Waveney) (revised ed. 1996)
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Blake's 7
Language: English
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Derelicts is a Blake's 7 gen novel by Bryn Lantry.

first page of original edition
cover of revised edition (1996)

Differences in the Two Editions

It was originally published in 1986 by Gourimpest Press. It was available from the author in five sets of stapled papers and sent for the cost of the stamp. It contained no art.

The second edition, published in 1996, contains 46,900-words (60 pages), is illustrated by Whitby27, has a cover by Kathryn Andersen, and edited by Judith Proctor. There is a slight change to the author's name: xBryn Lantry.

Judith Proctor, who published the second edition, wrote in that issue:

I first acquired Derelicts as a second hand zine. n the way that I got so many second hand zines, I bought it mail order, completely blind, knowing nothing but the title. Unlike many that I bought this way, I really enjoyed it. Bryn's convoluted writing style and complex characters appeal to something in me.

When I eventually managed to get in touch with Bryn (a minor sage in itself), I asked her for permission to reprint the zine. Not only did she agree, she also generously volunteered to retype it as the original version had never existed in electronic form. The retype became a rewrite and this version is radically different from the original in several places. We like to think it's better; we hope you will too.


It's based on events immediately before and after Gauda Prime. The plot is complicated. Servalan is there of course, but almost everybody in this story is working for somebody else, most people are double-crossing at least one other person, and half of them are lying about what they are doing anyway. Events revolve around Avon. After thinking that he'd killed Blake, he is faced in fairly rapid succession with Blake, Blake's clone, and his own brother. A positive embarassment [sic] of riches. Where do Avon's loyalties lie? Does Avon know what he wants himself? ... This edition is heavily revised from the original version published many years ago in Australia. xBryn's made a lot of changes to the text and it's been edited by yours truly." [1]

Editor's Comments

From the editorial:

For an Australian zine, I felt it would be particularly appropriate to have an Australian artist on the cover, so I asked Kathryn Andersen who's work I've often enjoyed. The result was the lovely cover you see here.

All of the internal art is by [Whitby27], who also illustrated Bryn's Puppeteer for me. I think she's produced some of her best work here. Now you know what Fyfe looks like, Bryn.

This is not a story for a quick easy read. It needs thinking about, brain aching over. Trust me -- I had to proof read it! The plot is complex. Who is working for whom? Who is double crossing whom? Whom is lying? Is anyone telling the truth, even to themselves? What does Avon really want?


A very lengthy excerpt is here: Blake's 7 Derelicts, Archived version.

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