Kathryn Andersen

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Name: Kathryn Andersen
Alias(es): KerrAvonsen, SnarkHunt
Type: Fan Writer, Fanzine publisher, fan artist, reviewer
Fandoms: multifannish
Communities: multific at LJ
URL: KatSpace, Dreamwidth Journal
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Kathryn Andersen is an Australian fan. Her first contribution to fandom was in 1986, with illustrations for The Chronicles, the Australian Blake's 7 fanzine.


A selection of her fan art can be seen at her Fannish Illustrations Gallery.

She has contributed art to the following fanzines, among others:


Her first fan fiction was published in fanzines such as Chronicles, Enarrare and Southern Seven.


Fanfic Reviews & Meta


She has been an active participant in a number of fan mailing lists (such as the Lysator Blake's 7 mailing list, and the TPDIS (Tomorrow People discussion) mailing list).

From 2001-2009, she ran the Gen Fic Crit Mailing List, a list dedicated to the discussion of gen fan fiction.

She has run a number of ficathons from the multific comm at LiveJournal.

She has also attended a number of fan-run conventions, such as ConQuest, Parliament of Dreams, Redemption, and a few WorldCons.