Kathryn Andersen

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Name: Kathryn Andersen
Alias(es): KerrAvonsen, SnarkHunt, possibly others
Type: fanwriter, fanzine publisher, fanartist, reviewer
Fandoms: multifannish
Communities: multific [1]
Other: KatSpace
URL: kerravonsen at Dreamwidth
KerrAvonsen on AO3
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Kathryn Andersen is an Australian fan. Her first contribution to fandom was in 1986, with illustrations for The Chronicles, the Australian Blake's 7 fanzine.

Andersen has been very outspoken in her dislike of slash fanworks, stating for one thing, that they cheapen close non-sexual friendships between same sex characters. From a 1997 comment at Lysator:

One of the things that distresses me about m/m and f/f stories is the devaluation and dismissal of the validity of strong, same-gender relationships that are completely platonic. And I'm not just talking about fannish slash here, actually. One of the first encounters I had with it was in one of Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover novels, where the heroine has (off-stage) sex with a female friend, and the implication (actually, it may have been explicitly stated) was that sex was the ultimate expression of their deep affection, and *not* to have sex meant that their relationship wasn't really that deep after all.

(picture of Kathryn tearing her hair)

... Deep platonic relationships are intense in another dimension, and to drag sex into it is not only completely unnecessary, but it takes a chainsaw to what the actual relationship *is*. It is a different *kind* of violation of cannonicity: a violation of the nature of relationships; to do a story where they stage a bloodless revolution of niceness is merely a violation of plot. [1]


A selection of her fan art can be seen at her Fannish Illustrations Gallery.

She has contributed art to the following fanzines, among others:


Her first fan fiction was published in fanzines such as Chronicles, Enarrare and Southern Seven.


Fanfic Reviews & Meta


She has been an active participant in a number of fan mailing lists (such as the Lysator Blake's 7 mailing list, and the TPDIS (Tomorrow People discussion) mailing list).

From 2001-2009, she ran the Gen Fic Crit Mailing List, a list dedicated to the discussion of gen fan fiction.

She has run a number of ficathons from the multific comm at LiveJournal.

She has also attended a number of fan-run conventions, such as ConQuest, Parliament of Dreams, Redemption, and a few WorldCons.


  1. ^ from Lysator, Volume 97 : Issue 290, December 31, 1997