Staked Blake

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Title: Staked Blake
Publisher: Cat-Out-Of-The-Bag Productions (agented in the UK by Judith Proctor, agented in the USA by Mysti Frank)
Editor(s): Kathryn Andersen
Date(s): 2000 (February 2002, second edition)
Medium: fanzine, print
Fandom: Buffy & Blake's 7
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front cover, Kathryn Anderson

Staked Blake is a 100-page (85,000 words) fanzine anthology that contains Buffy & Blake's 7 crossover stories. It was illustrated by Kathryn Andersen, Fliss Davis, and Jem Dixon. "Photo Phred" did the "photo tweaking & SFX."

The zine was also available for download in PDF format at WayBack Archive link to Kat's Eye Fiction.


From the zine:

As you could probably guess from the title, Staked BLAKE is an all-crossover Blake’s 7 and Buffy The Vampire Slayer zine.

How did this come about? Once upon a time, back in June 1999, when folks on the lysator Blake’s 7 mailing list were discussing silly casting ideas, Steve Rogerson suggested the Buffy cast to play various roles, such as Alyson Hannigan (Willow) as Cally, Anthony Stewart Head (Rupert Giles) as Blake, David Boreanz (Angel) as Avon and Juliet Landau (Drusilla) as Servalan. Then Steve wondered if Willow wouldn’t be better as Avon, since she was a computer whiz. Then Mistral suggested that Willow was Avon’s long-lost daughter. And then people started discussing crossovers. Then Mistral daydreamed that a zine would be lovely. Then I volunteered to edit one.

Yes, the zine’s been a long time coming. Mea culpa. No point in excuses. Well, it’s here now, innit? This has been an interesting and challenging exersise for me — unlike my previous zines, this was a themed zine, this was a zine where authors wrote stories specifically for it, where they declared their intent, and where I was a lot more involved with the stories from the start, than I had ever been before. Despite Mistral’s penning below, I am really not fierce! And we have some cool stories for you; yes, they all involve time travel, one way or another, one in a terribly ironic paradox, and the other two, well, Avon has to meet his daughter somehow, don’t he? We have tension, we have betrayals, we have evilness, and those whom we aren’t sure whose side they’re on — in short, we have everything that makes B7 and Buffy those dark-toned character-driven shows that we love. Many thanks to the illustrators, especially Fliss, who gave such lovely results with odd instructions like “Avon, Willow and Drusilla, framed by roses...”

I hope you enjoy the results.

"Boring Geekish Paragraph"

From the zine's first edition:

Warning — boring geekish paragraph follows:

Staked Blake (The Second Edition) was put together using LYX, LATEX2ε and ancillary scripts for conversions to things like PDF. Some of the artwork was scanned in with a HP Scanjet 5p flatbed scanner, using either Micrographx Picture Publisher 8.0 or Xsane. Image manipulation and story headers were done with Micrographix Picture Publisher 8.0 and GIMP 1.2.1. Prose text was done in Utopia, headers in Post, and the futuristic font is called Scott.

From the zine's second edition:

This is the new revamped version of Staked BLAKE, done with LYX and LATEX 2ε and so it’s going to look a little different. Slightly different fonts, slightly different looks, same content, some extra illustrations (and a few pages longer). Why do a second edition, why redo everything so completely? It’s a long story. Suffice to say, as part of my campaign to never buy another Microsoft product again (if I can help it), I was investigating an alternative desktop publishing solution (LYX), when Judith Proctor reminded me she was going to do a printed edition for me, and had I changed the title page yet? So, since I was going to redo it all eventually, I decided that Now Was The Time.

Mentioned in "Fanfic of the Damned"

This zine had a mention in the press commentary Fanfic of the damned.

Staked Blake now has an odd claim to fame, as the "Strangest Fanfic Known to Earthlings" in this 2002 article in the San Fransisco Bay Guardian. Since the link they cite is the zine entry on Judith Proctor's site, it's no surprise that the article makes it clear that they haven't actually read any of the stories. Still, they say that any publicity is good publicity...[1]


  • Editorial (2)
  • Ye Slaying Editor by Mistral (2)
  • Heart Attack by Steve Rogerson (3)
  • The Reason Servalan Survived Terminal (12)
  • Daddy's Girl by Jacqueline Thijsen (13)
  • Thicker Than Water by Ellynne G. ("Author’s note: Especially as this is a Blake’s 7/Buffy crossover, I should make it clear that any odd attitudes about the British in this story are coming from Southern California teenagers who believe they are the only people in the universe living in the “real world.” Giles may sometimes support their prejudices, but Giles is a Watcher whose idea of teenage rebellion was summoning up killer demons to possess his friends. A little oddity is to be expected.") (41)

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