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Name: Steve Rogerson
Type: fanfiction, zines, convention committee, reviews, photos
Fandoms: Blake's 7, sf&f
Communities: Freedom City, redemption_con
URL: LJ; Steve Rogerson's web page; Bucol-2: The Home of Og
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Steve Rogerson is a British fan writer, zine editor, convention organiser and reviewer, active since the mid-1990s in the Blake's 7 and other sf&f fandoms. He was a longstanding member of the Redemption convention committee (1999–2015) and was also involved in two Eastercons.[1] He is known for his photos from sf&f conventions and other meet-ups, which are archived at his personal website.

B7 Fan Writing

Steve writes gen, het, slash & femslash fanfiction in a wide range of often unconventional pairings. His work often falls in the genres humour and/or horror, and has sometimes generated controversy for its perceived squickiness.[2] Susan Beth, in a review of 'Under Control', attributed the squick factor to the fact that the story is based not on the conventions of female-written fan fiction, but rather on men's adventure fiction.[3]

He's known for his championship of the minor character Og from the unloved S4 episode 'Animals'; he hosts a fansite for the character, Bucol-2: The Home of Og. Steve has sometimes written in collaboration with Paula Robinson. His work appeared on the Space City & Freedom City lists, where he was one of a handful of male Citizens, and in several printzines, including Dark Fantasies 6, I, Mutoid, Sleer as Folk, Staked Blake, Tales from Space City, Trooper Orac's Fantastic Plastic Army, Varia Lectio and his own two zines. A little is archived at the Hermit Library.

Example Fanfiction

Examples Wanted: Editors are encouraged to add more examples or a wider variety of examples.

  • 'Continuum', published in Tales from Space City. Blake/Avon-flavoured gen. Nominated for a 1998 STIFfie award.[4] (1998)
  • 'Under Control', published in Dark Fantasies 6. Gan/Servalan. Sarah Thompson writes: The het story is by none other than our own Steve Rogerson, and it's very dark, though with a certain black humor (involving cricket, with thanks to Harriet!) as well. The first draft of the story (now somewhat revised) was originally posted to the Space City list, where it squicked a number of readers including yours truly. Susan Beth, in a very perceptive review, pointed out that that's probably because the story is based not on the conventions of female-written fan fiction, but rather on men's adventure fiction: the hero is tortured by the villain, and eventually dispatches said villain by an appropriately similar method. Post-Pressure Point, Gan is worked over by Servalan, until he eventually manages to take his revenge. I think it's the only time the G/Se pairing has actually been written, although Barbara T did suggest it in her classic article on "Pairings" some years ago.[3] (1999)
  • 'Interview With A Mutoid', published in I, Mutoid. Gen. Won a 2002 FanQ award.[5] Betty Ragan writes: A disturbingly familiar mutoid gives us an in-depth explanation of what it's like to have been Modified, what she can and can't still remember, and what she's still capable of feeling about it. Very good mutoid POV, nice angst, and a kicker of an ending.[6] (2001)
  • 'Left On Shore', written for the 2004 Labor Day Party on Freedom City & republished in Tales from Space City 9. Servalan/Travis/phibians. Aralias writes in 2015: Man, this is weird - and clearly part of a genre (I know we did use to do squickfic in Harry Potter about the same time, but I haven't seen it around for ages beyond people saying 'don't write that, it squicks me'. Maybe it died out). Anyway - what's weird about this is how seriously the idea is taken. And that Servalan dominating/desperate for sex is part of any squickfic - surely, that's fantasy material.[7] (2004)



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