Shadow (Blake's 7 US zine)

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Title: Shadow
Publisher: Theresa D. Buffaloe
Editor(s): Theresa D. Buffaloe
Date(s): 1987-1989
Medium: print, zine
Fandom: Blake’s 7
Language: English
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Shadow is a gen Blake's 7 anthology of fiction and non-fiction published in the US.

General Reactions and Reviews

This golden oldie is well worth looking for at used zine sales, and it should be cheap. It was done in a very modest way (legal-size sheets with very small print, folded in half), but it's crammed full of good stuff.

I can't decide whether it's really a fiction zine or more a newsletter that happens to have some fiction. It's pretty much a draw, perhaps leaning toward the newsletter end of things as the stories are all very short; many of them were responses to the "Variations" game in which the readers were given a short passage and asked to build a story around it.

Some of the essays are very thought-provoking and would be great for web pages, if the authors would give their permission.

The same group of people did an all-fiction zine with longer stories, Shadow Imaginings #1 and 2... [1]

Issue 1

Shadow 1 contains 150 pages and was published in August 1987.

  • Theresa Buffaloe?, "Variations" (fiction)
  • "Allies" (penpal listing) (nonfiction)
  • Theresa Buffaloe, "Digressions" (editor's page)
  • Theresa Buffaloe, "Questions and Answers with Michael Keating [from Dixie Trek, May 1987]"
  • Rhonda Krafchin, "Roj Blake" (essay)
  • Sara Arnold, "Reviews: The English Shakespeare Company, Henry IV Part 2 and Henry V; Double-Edged Sword" (nonfiction)
  • Rhonda Krafchin, "Tragedy in Blake's 7: Avon" (essay)
  • Robin Lancaster and Sara Arnold, "BATSCon" (con report)
  • Fanzine listings
  • Con listings
  • Theresa Buffaloe, "In Rebuttal: The Tragedy of Avon: A Second View" (nonfiction)
  • Sara Arnold and Robin Lancaster, "Rest Center" (quizes)
  • art: Theresa Buffaloe (front cover), Robin Lancaster, Nola Frame

Issue 2

Shadow 2 contains 136 pages and was published in November 1987. (The flyer says 52 pages, and that its size was to be 7" x 8 ½")

flyer, click to read
cover of issue #2


  • Ingrid Maack, "Meetings" (Another Bebel is always welcome, aren't they?)
  • Ren e L. Groce, "One Good Turn Deserves Another" (A Post GP story, Following 'Blake,' only Avon is left alive, and he is in Servalan's hands, literally.)
  • Nola Frame, "Variations: The Comic" (graphic story, Star Trek: TOS crossover)
  • Ren e L. Groce, "The Cave" (Avon meets an old enemy.)
  • Renya Spratt, "Fool's Paradise" (Vila dreams of dying a hero's death to save his one trusted friend but what happens when the dream seems to be coming true? Is Avon worth saving after what happened in 'Orbit'? Reprinted from Vilaworld.)
  • Mary Ann Johanson, "A Variation on 'Terminal'" (Cally & Zen survive but can Avon & Vila?)


  • Theresa Buffaloe, "Digressions" (editor's page)
  • Robin Lancster and Sara Arnold, "Questions and Answers with Michael Keating and Gareth Thomas (Scorpio 5 Panel)"
  • Sharon Maust, "Blake's 7: American Style" (humorous article) (What if American network television produced B7? A thought too horrible for prolonged consideration!)
  • Letters of Comment
  • Barbara T, "Pairings" (humor) (A guide to all the possible matings in, the B7 universe. From Avon/Blake to Zen/Orac, its all here in alphabetical order. Its a comedic must for that

next pornoraphic story you're planning.)

  • Theresa Buffaloe, "Spot Review: Strategies"
  • Robin Lancaster, "Did You Know?" (actor news)
  • Fanzine listings
  • Sara Arnold and Robin Lancaster, "Rest Center" (puzzle)
  • Sara Arnold, "Reviews: Last Stand at the Edge of the World, The World Turned Upside Down, Powerplay)"
  • Ros Williams, "In at the Start" (memoir) A very personal view of the early days of B7 in England.)
  • Linda Terrell, "Review: Murder Must Advertise"
  • Rhonda Krafchin, "Del Tarrant, A Biography"
  • Robin Lancaster, "Vila's Joke Page"
  • Sara Arnold, "Review: Mascarada"
  • Sara Arnold and Robin Lancaster, "Scorpio 5" (con report)
  • Club listings
  • "Allies" (penpal listings)
  • Ads


  • Alyns Lawchilde, "Question"
  • Alyns Lawchilde, "Point of View"


  • Theresa Buffaloe (front and back cover)
  • Lynne Alisse Witten
  • Nola Frame
  • Rene L. Groce

Issue 3

Shadow 3 was published in February 1988 and contains 50 pages.

cover of issue #3


  • Janet Paderweski, "Honor"
  • Theresa Buffaloe, "Variations"
  • Mary Ann Johanson and Theresa Buffaloe, "Therapy" (Star Trek: TOS)


  • Theresa Buffaloe, "Digressions" (editor's page)
  • "Questions and Answers (Excerpts from Scorpio V Liars Panel)"
  • Robin Lancaster, "Did You Know?" (actor news)
  • Letters of Comment
  • Rebecca Ann Brothers, "Review: Tanith Lee's Kill the Dead"
  • Nicole Petty, "The Federation: A State of Decay" (essay)
  • Barbara T, "Blake's 7 vs. Star Trek: The Next
  • Generation" (comparative chart)
  • Theresa Buffaloe, "DSV Con Report"
  • "Vila's Liquors" (recipes)
  • Theresa D. Buffaloe, "Special Editorial"
  • Barbara T, "Review: Gambit"
  • Janet P, "The Last Freedom Fighter" (essay)
  • Sara Arnold, "Rebuttal: The True Rebel" (essay)
  • Theresa Buffaloe, "Review: The Bizarro Zine"
  • The Shadow gang, "New Year's Resolutions"
  • Meg Garrett, "What's His Name?" (short article)
  • Sara Arnold, "Reviews: Shadowplay, Southern Seven 2, Rerun 5"
  • Theresa Bufaloe, "Street Gang Chic and Starship Sleazy"


  • Alyns Lawchilde, "Shadowman"
  • Theresa D. Buffaloe, "Just a Smile" (filk, Tar Top by Alabama)
  • Leigh Burnham, "Blake's 7"
  • Nicole Petty, "The Stare"


  • Theresa Buffaloe (front and back cover)
  • Lynne Alisse Witten
  • Suzy Molnar
  • Nicole Petty
  • Circe Karen Fraguadas

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

Shadow 4 was published in September 1988 and is 71 pages long.

detail from a 1988 flyer, read to see differences in what was planned and what was printed
detail from a 1988 flyer, read to see differences in what was planned and what was printed
From a 1988 flyer:
Well. it's that time of the year again -- SHAOOW is due. This will be our fourth issue and it is even bigger than before. This issue is dedicated to the women in BLAKE'S 7 and has several articles and stories devoted to this theme. We felt it was about time that "the girls" got equal attention. There are several new authors and artists with us this time as well as the usual asylum escapees contributors. Read on to see what the contents ought to be and don't say you haven't been warned!

Two essays that were to appear in this zine but did not (as per a flyer): "Tragedy in Blake's 7: BLAKE by Rhonda Krafchin. We do have it this time! promise! The 2nd installment in Ms. Krafchin's series of comparisons of B7 characters and Shakespearean Tragic Heros. And Servalan: The Human Condition by Theresa Buffaloe. The series most notorious lady had her human side too."


  • April Giordano,"In the Eye of the Beholder" (An interesting look at Soolin's and Jenna's unique relationship with the same man.)
  • Rene Groce, "Variations"
  • Tammy Riden, "The Great Meadow Mutoid Massacre" (graphic story, Bloom County crossover)
  • Mary Gerstner, "Relationships" (Klyn had a very good reason for hating the Federation and joining Blake's group on Gauda Prime.)
  • Michelle Moyer, "Variations: Freedom" (Blake and Cally's final meeting wasn't what you thought it was! And Terminal didn't happen the way Avon thought it did.)
  • Nicole Petty, "Variation of the Truth" (Avon had a right to kill Blake. Or at least Blake thinks so. Was there more to the words "I set all this up" that we ever knew?)
  • Janet Pederewski, "Vigil" (Avon's dying in slow and incredible agony and Vila considers it all his fault. Without a cure, does Vila have the courage to give Avon the one thing he's asked for--a swift death?)
  • Julie Shook, "Meeting the Enemy" (Blake's meeting with a young soldier brings new perspective to the aftereffects of Star One's destruction. Blake had a reason for not repairing his scarred eye.)
  • Barbara T, "Between Battles" (Young Roj Blake had to start his rebellious career sometime, but not just yet, not if Niall Avon has anything to say about it!)
  • Cindy Blish, "Variations: It" (Jenna and Vila dead, Avon and Cally missing, a monster in relentless pursuit, IT may just be the end of Roj Blake.)
  • Cathy Conrad, "The Day the Girls Took Over the Ship" (The title says it all! But can the men stand it?)


  • Theresa Buffaloe, "Digressions" (editor's page)
  • Meg Garrett, "Questions and Answers with Sally Knyvette," recorded at (ORAC, April 9, 1988, San Francisco)
  • Ros Williams, "The Lesser (?) Ladies of Blake's Seven" (essay) (Meegat, Anna, Zeona, Inga, they get all the attention. What about all the other ladies who made their marks on our heroes' lives? A look at the guest actresses who didn't receive intense fan scrutiny.)
  • "Allies" (penpal list)
  • Club listings
  • Barbara T, "Improbable Pairings" (humor)
  • Rebecca Reeves, "Anglicon" (con report)
  • Ingrid Maack, "A Rose by Any Other Name" (article; etymology of names)
  • "Found in the Xenon Base Trash Heap" (candy recipes; humor)
  • Robin Lancaster, "Rest Center: Blake's 7 Word Search" (puzzle)
  • Sharon Maust, "Blake's Seven Crossovers" (humor)
  • Doris Robin, SWars-B7 feghoot
  • Mary Gerstner, "A Question of Cally" (essay) (Addresses the inconsistencies in Cally's and Auron's histories by both fan writers and the series episodes themselves)
  • Jean Graham, "Con Review" (ORAC)
  • Diana Fox, "77 Things To Do on The Liberator When You're Bored" (humor) (Ever wondered how to pass the time on those long watches while chasing Servalan or waiting for Fearless Leader to come up with a new suicidal mission? This list can help!)
  • Fanzine listings
  • Jean Graham, "Reviews: Powerplay 2, B7 Complex 13, B7 Complex 14, Shadowplay by Susan Matthews"
  • Rhonda Krafchin, "Tragedy in Blake's 7: Blake" (essay) (The second installment in Ms. Krafchin's series of comparison of B7 characters and Shakespearean Tragic Heroes.)
  • Nancy Catherine Bernadski, "Omnicon VIII" (con report)
  • Roland W. Gagne, "Blake's 7-- A Piece of Star Trek's Action?" (essay)
  • Letters of Comment


  • M. J. Dolan, "The Women"
  • M. J. Dolan, "Le Belle Dame Sans Merci"
  • Sara Arnold, "For Theresa"
  • M. J. Dolan, "Jenna's Lament"


  • Theresa Buffaloe (front cover)
  • Mary Gerstner
  • Tammy Riden
  • Elizabeth Gagliano
  • Lynne Alisse Witten
  • Robin Lancaster
  • Sara Arnold
  • Mariann Howarth
  • Tammy Riden
  • Nicole Petty

Issue 5

Shadow 5 was published in April 1989.

cover of issue #5


  • Sophia Mulvey, "The Conversation"
  • Theresa Buffaloe, Michelle Moyer, Janet P, and Nicole Petty (from an idea by Terry Nation, Dixie Trek '88), "Cross Purposes" (B7/Doctor Who and the Silurians/Dangermouse crossover)
  • April Giordano, "Ask Me No Secrets"
  • Rebecca Reeves, "Variation: Epilogue"
  • Janet P, "Delta C.O.D."
  • Cathy Conrad, "Daddy"
  • Julie Nowak and Randi Tinkham, "Passing Remark"
  • Deirdre Hughes, "Variations: The Unsolvable Dilemma"
  • Bethany Ford, "Variations: Once and Future Friends"
  • Michelle Moyer, "When In Doubt, Improvise"
  • Nicole Petty, "Security"


  • Theresa Buffaloe, "Digressions" (editor's page)
  • Betsy Roberts-Miller, "Questions and Answers with Paul Darrow (Anglicon, May 6-8, 1988, Seattle)"
  • "Allies" (penpal list)
  • Contempt, "The Origins of Contempt" (humor)
  • M. J. Dolan, "Personals" (humor)
  • M. S. Collins, "Avon: Bringing Up Tarrant" (essay)
  • Betsy Roberts, "Tarrant: Mostly Grown Up" (essay)
  • Rebecca Ann Brothers, "Review of Trust, Like the Soul by Jean Lorrah"
  • Perrenelle Doublehanded, "Top of the Pops" (humor)
  • "Shadow Survey Results"
  • M. J. Dolan, "William and Roj Blake" (essay)
  • Michael Grade, "Blake's Seven, A New Comedy, Cast List" (humor)
  • Ros Williams, "The Front Man" (essay; Tarrant)
  • Barbara T and Doris Robin, "How to Turn an Idealist into a Fanatic" (essay; Blake)
  • Rebecca Ann Brothers, "Roj Blake, the Once and Future Rebel" (essay)
  • Barbara T and Doris Robin, "How to Turn a Cynic into a Lunatic" (essay; Avon)
  • Henry Jenkins III, "A State of Decay: An Alternative Approach" (essay)
  • M. J. Dolan, "Mottoes"
  • Barbara T, "Reviews: Blake's Doubles 1, Oblaque
  • "Rest Center: Trivia Questions"
  • Theresa Buffaloe, "Con Report: Gambit"
  • Letters of Comment


  • Ren e Groce, "Control Central"
  • Theresa D. Buffaloe and Nicole Petty, "All My Rebel
  • Friends Are Coming Over Tonight" (f, All My Rebel Friends Are Coming Over Tonight, by Hank Williams, Jr.)
  • Jeanetta Burnham & Leigh Burnham, "Blakes 7 Limericks"
  • Theresa D. Buffaloe, "Living My Way" (f, Gypsies on Parade, by Sawyer Brown)
  • Michael J. Macomber, "If I Could Run"
  • Theresa D. Buffaloe, Untitled (f, Southern Cross, by Crosy, Seals, and Nash [sic])
  • Michael J. Macomber, "Paranoia"
  • Michael J. Macomber, "Let the Record Show"
  • Rebecca Reeves, "Sand"
  • Sara Arnold, "Liberation"


  • Theresa Buffaloe (front and back cover)
  • Nicole Petty
  • Leigh Motooka
  • Nola Frame-Gray
  • Sooli
  • M. Howarth
  • Lynne Alisse Witten
  • Julie Nowak


  1. from Sarah Thompson at Judith Proctor's Blake's 7 site