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Name: Servalan
Title/Rank: Supreme Commander (later President)
Status: alive
Fandom: Blake's 7
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Servalan is one of the twelve major characters in Blake's 7. She is portrayed by Jacqueline Pearce.

In 1992, a fan poll put her popularity among non-crew members at 41.3% [1]

Fan Reactions

Servalan - we have camp again! Camp is _not_ a male prerogative. Wimmin - particularly but not exclusively lesbians - can camp it up in two major ways. One, obviously, is butch. The other is to exaggerate femininity and trad female glamour out of all proportion. Madonna is one of the most famous proponents of both methods. This is definitely what Servalan, with those gorgeous clothes and stiletto sandals, does. The point is, she breaks female stereotypes right left and centre. BUT her clothes are stereotypical enough to climb into the realm of satire. It's a self-referring double play on the constructed nature of femininity, if you like (witness the crew-cut).

Servalan being camp doesn't necessarily mean she's gay. It _does_ mean she's readily and delightfully available for lesbian appropriation. I do tend to assume she's bi

because of "Pressure Point.". She seemed to feel a little too intensely about Kasabi for someone who merely disapproved of traitors. After all, Servalan wasn't overwhelmingly devoted to duty herself. Her reaction seemed - well, personal. Not just student-mentor personal either - more like rejected lover personal. Kasabi's spoiled-brat cracks seemed to _hurt_. And what was she intending to do with that pretty little girl, anyway? What exactly did Jenna walk in on? [2]

Pairings and Ships

Servalan in Cosplay

David Walsh was a fan who attended many cons "as Servalan" -- see Redemption (convention)/1999 Con Reports, Redemption (convention)/2001 Con Reports, Who's 7 1994, and others. Some photos are here.


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  1. Let Me Count The Ways The World Ends
  2. from the 1996 essay by Lindley called B7 & camping it up