Leah Rosenthal

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Name: Leah Rosenthal
Type: Fan Writer, Fan Artist Cartoonist
Fandoms: Star Wars, Highlander, Blake's 7, Stargate SG-1, Beauty and the Beast, Alias Smith & Jones, multimedia, many, many others
URL: Cartoons and Art by Leah Rosenthal, also [Cartoons and Artwork by Leah Rosenthal, Archived version
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Leah Rosenthal is a fan writer and a prolific and popular cartoonist in many fandoms, winning multiple Fan Quality Awards for her fan art.

Paul Darrow, who potrayed Kerr Avon in Blake's 7 and one of Rosenthal's illos, at Scorpio con in 1986. Also see another one

Her work is usually displayed in the art show at MediaWest*Con.

Rosenthal is known for her collaboration with Ann Wortham, with whom she runs Ashton Press.

She is also known for filk.

Notable Works: