Echo Seven

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Title: Echo Seven
Publisher: Seitnsyn Press
Editor(s): Darla Doxstater
Date(s): July 1985
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
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Echo Seven is a Star Wars gen anthology. The zine contains 220 pages (109-122 do not exist, due to a late change, see the editorial).

From the Editorial

First off, there's really nothing wrong with your copy of this zine. Ronile Stevens' story, "Phoenix: Rising," [was] to have been illoed by Lin Stack, was cancelled when the artist, who also happened to be the author, gafiated. Abruptly. So that's why there are pages "missing," and that's also one of the primary reasons for the delay. I won't offer the others to you; there's no point in all of us sitting around sobbing and tearing out our hair.

There aren't any more delays. This sucker's done, and no one's more glad of that than I!

I've had some inquiries about a second ish. I've had some offers of contribs for the second ish. With sufficient interest, I'll tackle Echo Seven 2. That means, obviously, I haven't really learned as much about zine-editing as I like to think I have.


An ad in Datazine #28: "Formally Mos Eisley Tribune, Echo Seven encorporates the long awaited 'Mos Eisley Tribue 4,' [1] and a few other things."

From an ad in The Old Republic Reader #7: "'Never to Hear the Wind' will not, as was previously advertised, be published by Polaris Press. Instead, it will be appearing in ES #1, with a 'Brightstar Universe' story by Christine Jeffords and a 'Starbird's Children' story by Kathryn Agel. Others include Wortham, Lybarger, Dodd, Vandiver, Bes Shahar, Jenni, Hawks, [Barbara T.], Stevens, Taero, Sansom, Boll, Stack. $5 and SASE to reserve. Hoping for a July publication."

front cover, Liz Hoolahan
back cover, Jim Emelander, "reprinted with permission"

From the Zine

Prufryddirm: There are no typos in this zine, only lapses into Corellian...or Azaeli...or Wookiee...or something for which we aren't responsible....


  • Revenge of the Editor (1)
  • Just Another Milk Run by Ann Wortham, art by Wanda Lybarger ( The Alliance needs weapons. Will Han and Leia finally kill each other in this pre-TESB tale?) (3)
  • Word Searches by Lynda Vandiver (13)
  • The Young Recruit's Viewpoint by Jacqueline Taero, art by Mary-Stacy MacDonald (14)
  • The Lesser of Two Evils by Barbara T and Sylvia Stevens, art by Jim Emelander (This story shows what happens on the bridge of the Executor following a terrorist attack on Center. See Admiral Piett.) (15)
  • Like Father, Like Son, filk to the tune of "Like Father, Like Son" by Rick Springfield, by Jeanine Hennig (part of the [[Catalyst! universe) (23)
  • Your Life's On the Line, filk to the tune "Your Life's On the Line" by Earl Thomas Conley, by Kathryn Agel (24)
  • Beyond My Reach, poem by CarolMel Ambassador (31)
  • A Star Glow Romance by Barbara T, art by Bernie del Khobar ( Another adventure on the bridge of the Executor, but the circumstances are completely different!) (27)
  • Fair Warning, poem by CarolMel Ambassador (31)
  • Wait a Little While, filk to music by Kenny Logging and Eve Ein, by Kathryn Agel, art by Suzy Sansom (33)
  • Why Chance Revenge? Maze by Marci Erwin (34)
  • He Said, poem by Robin White (35)
  • Endor Interlude by Kathryn Agel, art by Suzy Sansom (The night before the morning after.) (part of Starbird's Children Universe) (36)
  • Tatooine, a filk to the tune of "Rocky Mountain High" by John Denver, by L.A. Carr, art by Mary Stacy-MacDonald (40)
  • The Insurgents by Christine Jeffords, art by eluki bes shahar (Lord Jerim Lornay and Luke Skywalker go undercover on Azael. Can Jer keep Luke out of trouble without Han's help? A "Brightstar Universe" story.) (43)
  • Star Wars Saga Cryptograms by Janis Boll (104)
  • So That's It... I'm Going to Die, poem by L.A. Carr (105)
  • Princess Leia, filk to the tune of "Easy Driver" by Kenny Loggins, by Kathryn Agel, art by Suzy Sansom (107)
  • Phoenix Rising by Ronile Stevens, art by Lin Stack ( A post-ROTJ tale. CANCELLED [stamped across entry on title page]) (109)
  • Star Wars Words Search by Janis Boll (123)
  • Tamlin, filk to the tune of "Vincent" by Don McLean, by Jenni (125)
  • Star Wars Kriss-Kross by Darla E. Doxstater (126)
  • After Words, poem by Sherri Caviness (129)
  • Never to Hear the Wind by Darla E. Doxstater, art by Stefanie Hawks ("An Imperial infiltrator has worked his way through the Alliance ranks to a trusted position. Han saw him make an information drop, but his mind was on other things. The double-agent knows Solo will make the connection eventually and his only alternative is the elimination of the Corellian.") ("Author's Note: This universe was conceived, and much of this story committed to paper, before the release of ROTJ. Since I knew 'way back then that I could never hope to second-guess Lucas' plans, it is an alternate to ROTJ. Period. It was never intended to be anything else.") (130)
  • Always Read the Fine Print by Jacqueline Taero, art by Mary-Stacy MacDonald (214)
  • How to Be a Jedi, poem by Molly Dodd (215)
  • Return of the Editor (217)
  • Support Your Local Zine (218)

Interior Sample


  1. ^ Unless they've been retitled, none of the stories on the The Mos Eisley Tribune #4 flyer that was printed in Falcon's Flight #4 made it into this zine.