Echo Seven

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Title: Echo Seven
Publisher: Seitnsyn Press
Editor(s): Darla Doxstater
Date(s): 1984
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
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Echo Seven is a Star Wars gen anthology. It has 220 pages of fiction, filks, poems and art.


An ad in Datazine #28: "Formally Mos Eisley Tribune, Echo Seven encorporates the long awaited 'Mos Eisley Tribue 4,' [1] and a few other things."

From an ad in The Old Republic Reader #7: "'Never to Hear the Wind' will not, as was previously advertised, be published by Polaris Press. Instead, it will be appearing in ES #1, with a 'Brightstar Universe' story by Christine Jeffords and a 'Starbird's Children' story by Kathryn Agel. Others include Wortham, Lybarger, Dodd, Vandiver, Bes Shahar, Jenni, Hawks, [Barbara T.], Stevens, Taero, Sansom, Boll, Stack. $5 and SASE to reserve. Hoping for a July publication."

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  1. Unless they've been retitled, none of the stories on the The Mos Eisley Tribune #4 flyer that was printed in Falcon's Flight #4 made it into this zine.