Jeanine Hennig

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Name: Jeanine Hennig
Alias(es): Jenni Hennig, Jenni
Type: Fan Writer, Fanzine Editor
Fandoms: Star Wars, Robin of Sherwood, The Phoenix
fanart example, cover of Albion #6
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Jeanine Hennig was a fan writer, artist, zine editor, and poet.

In Star Wars fandom, Hennig edited one of the early Star Wars zines, Far Realms, and was the creator of the Catalyst! Universe.

It was Hennig who coined the term "Enclave," see First Terran Enclave.

In 2020, she contributed an essay about fanzine history to Geek Elders Speak, a small press publication anthology about female creativity in mid-20th century fandom. [1]

Pro Writer

Hennig is also a pro writer. In 1987, she wrote:
... you will be seeing a series of SF books (with somewhat-familiar names in them: Tamlin, 'Bekah, Jessami...) in your bookstore under the name of Jeanine Tullos Hennig. (And then all of you that own copies of FR1 will have grounds to blackmail me... uh, oh...) But I'll stay in fandom as long as you will have me. All of my friends are here, you know! [2]


Robin of Sherwood - Spirit of Sherwood - Major Oak Awards

  • 1989 Novel/novella - GOLD AWARD: In the Shadow of the Wheel, Vol 1 by Cindy Fairbanks, Jeanine Hennig & Peg Kennedy
  • 1989 Short Story - SILVER AWARD: Fishing (Albion 3) by Jeanine Hennig
  • 1990 Vignette - SILVER AWARD: May Queen (Albion 4) by Jeanine Hennig
  • 1991 Novel/novella - GOLD AWARD: In the Shadow of the Wheel, Vol 2 & 3 by Cindy Fairbanks, Jeanine Hennig & Peg Kennedy
  • 1991 Poem/original filk - PEWTER AWARD (tie): Departure (Albion 5) by Joyce Strohm / Fast as Wolves (Albion 5) by Jeanine Hennig and COPPER AWARD: Chill Morn in Halstead (Longbow 5) by Janet P. Reedman / Sunlight and Shadow (Loxley 2) by Jeanine Hennig
  • 1991 Adapted filk/limerick -GOLD AWARD: Blessed Be 3 (Apocryphal Albion 3) by Rache, Jeanine Hennig, Debbie Linn & Nancy Hutchins
  • 1992 Cover Artwork - BRONZE AWARD (tie): Albion 6 front cover by Jeanine Hennig / Legend 5 front cover by Tara O'Shea / Tree of Life 3 back cover by Barb Johnson [1]

Con Organizer


Hennig's Zine Contributions

Airwaves Robin of Sherwood Special | Albion | Albion Special | Apocryphal Albion | Arrowflight | Blue Pencil | Catalyst! | Catalyst! Collected | Circle of Light | Convergence | Crossed Sabers | Docking Bay | Echo Seven | Eclipse | Far Realms Sex | From a Certain Point of View | Gone to Texas | Guardian | Herne's Son | The Hooded Man | In the Shadow of the Wheel | Kessel Run | Legend | Legends of Light | Longbow | Loxley | Matrix | Of the Golden Light | On a Clear Day You Can See Dagobah | The Rebel and the Rogue | Rhiannon's Wheel | Scoundrel | Shadowstar | Shooting Star | Skywalker | The Sonic Screwdriver | Southern Enclave | Southern Knights | StarQuest | Tales from Sherwood | Tree of Life | A Tremor in the Force | Warped Space | The Wookiee Commode


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