In the Shadow of the Wheel

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Title: In the Shadow of the Wheel
Publisher: originally by Greenwode Productions, later agented by Peg Kennedy and Bill Hupe
Author(s): Cindy Fairbanks, Jeanine Hennig & Peg Kennedy
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 1989-1991
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Robin of Sherwood
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In the Shadow of the Wheel is a gen Robin of Sherwood fanzine. Interior artwork by Jeanine Hennig, Jim M., Roseanne R. and Deb Walsh.

Note: Issues #2 and #3 were later (~1993) sold together by Bill Hupe in a single 500-page edition ("easy to read double column laserjet reduced text").

Issue 1

In the Shadow of the Wheel 1 was published in 1989 and is 340 pages long.

This novel begins between first and second season and continues for twenty years. Robin of Loxley is held by the Faeries and returns to Sherwood as the new Herne, seeking out Marion, while Guy becomes the Earl of Garioch and takes Robert prisoner. Interior artwork by Jenni, Jim Markle, Roseanne Rice (Major Oak Award - Silver for RoS Illustrations) and Deb Walsh.

In this fan universe, Loxley is half-elven.

  • Winterking (61 pages)
  • Bitter Harvest (15 pages)
  • Nothing More Precious In England (73 pages)
  • Tribute, Waxing of Beltein (20 pages)
  • Rites of Passage (61 pages)
  • Soul of Sherwood 1220 (26 pages)
  • Chains (39 pages)
  • Changeling (34 pages)
  • Fare Well (2 pages)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

In the Shadow of the Wheel 2 was published in 1991 and is a 228-page novel by Cindy Fairbanks, Jenni and Peg Kennedy. Overall story encompasses over twenty years, its characters struggling to balance the powers of Light and Darkness, to remain human despite the force of legend, to comprehend their own power and take charge of their destinies. Artists: Jim Markle, Roseanne Rice, and Barb Johnson.

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

In the Shadow of the Wheel 3 was published in 1991 and is 248 pages long.

  • Maiden (116 pages)
  • In The Shadow of the Wheel (123 pages)
  • Timeline (5 pages)