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Name: Deborah Walsh
Alias(es): Jenny Sawyer

Garrett Fitzgerald

J. David Lubitsch
Type: zine editor & publisher, fanartist, fanwriter
Fandoms: Blake's 7, Real Ghostbusters, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea, Shadow Chasers, Battlestar Galactica, Space: 1999, SG-1, SeaQuest DSV, Robin of Sherwood, Man from Atlantis, Star Wars
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silk-screened cover of B7 Complex #3, art by Deb Walsh

Deborah Walsh has been writing and editing fan fiction since the 1970s. She also has illustrated numerous fanzines. She originally published fanzines under the name of Alpha Designs Limited, going through several press names before arriving at Vendredi Press.

Fannish History

Press Names

Her other press names (in chronological order) were:

Awards and Firsts

She is a multiple FanQ winner, as a fanartist, fanwriter, and zine editor. Her zine, the third issue of Moonbeam in February 1978, was one of the first to include Star Wars fiction. In 1979, Moonbeam also published the very first virtual season in media fandom.


In 2009, she took over maintenance of Mary D. Bloemker's Shadow Chasers website at MaryB's Shadow Chasers Home Page after Mary passed. Deb is currently working on posting (with the contributors' permissions) of the fiction published in her fanzines over the years at her blog at My Life in Fandom. She is posting her art, and art by others who've granted permission at DebWeb Image Galleries, and is hosting classic gen zine fiction at Classic Genzine Fan Fiction Archive.

Her Work

For a complete list of her fan art and fan fiction on Fanlore, see here.

For her work online, see My Life in Fandom.

Fan Comments

I've never met a Deb Walsh-produced zine that I wasn't delighted to have in my zine library (and I've been buying her zines since the days of Moonbeam, back in the 70s).[2]


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