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Zine Publisher
Name: Vendredi Press
Contact: Deb Walsh
Type: gen
Fandoms: Star Wars, Blake's 7, multimedia, Real Ghostbusters, SG-1, Space: 1999, Kung Fu: TLC, SeaQuest, Robin of Sherwood, Shadow Chasers
URL: My Life in Fandom, Archived version and My Life in Fandom - Deb Walsh's Zines Home, Archived version
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a 1992 flyer printed in My Name Ain't Mary Sue! #1
1993 flyer submission guidelines printed in My Name Ain't Mary Sue! #1

Vendredi Press is the name of a series of fanzine presses run by Deb Walsh.

In her online bio she writes:
Vendredi Press is the latest press name used by your humble editor/publisher, Deb Walsh, for current fanzines. Since I've made the mistake of thinking I could get away from fandom a few times, when I've admitted my mistake and returned, I've normally taken on a new press name to help me distinguish from mail based on old out-of-print info, and current projects. But since I still have a few zines left in print from my Vendredi Press days (which started in 1991), I figured I'd keep the press name this time around. Especially since at least two of the zines that were born in the early days of Vendredi Press will see new issues released in the next year or two. [1]

Other press names (in chronological order) were:

From a 1993 flyer: "Why the name change? I left fandom for a while, and now I'm back again - with a new name to go with my new enthusiasm."

In 2007, Vendredi Press ceased publishing because, according to Deb Walsh it was becoming harder "to recruit enough writers and to sell enough zines to make all the hard work of putting a zine together worthwhile." [1]

However, in September 2010, Deb announced a series of small size, short press-run commemorative zines, to mark various milestones in her fannish career, planned to culminate with a final zine in August 2012, on the 35th anniversary of her first zine. [2]

In The Publisher's Own Words

"In 1977, multimedia zines were not common. In fact, in the circles I travelled at that point in time, anything other than Star Trek was considered blasphemous ... Star Wars really altered the landscape. ... Star Wars ... opened the floodgates, and new and varied fandoms soon sprang up, like Starsky and Hutch (one of my favorites), Man from U.N.C.L.E. (another favorite), Space: 1999 (yet another), and more. It wasn’t that these other fandoms hadn’t spawned fans and fiction, it was there didn’t seem to be an organized locus to the fandoms. With the general acceptance of Star Wars as a bona fide fandom, these other fandoms had an environment in which they could flourish, and not simply exist just under the radar."

"So it was into this fannish environment that I first started publishing fanzines. I’d already published my novella Catch the Final Sunrise! under the press name Alpha Designs Limited, but that was kind of unwieldy and pretentious, and didn’t really reflect where I wanted to go with the new multimedia zine. So taking part of the novella’s name and combining it with part of the multimedia zine’s name, I came up with Moonrise Press, and stuck with it for several years. The first publication of Moonrise Press was Moonbeam, what became a themed multimedia zine."

Chronological Publication History

Alpha Designs Limited - 1977 Published one fanzine, Catch the Final Sunrise!, a Space: 1999 alternate universe novella.

Moonrise Press - 1977 to 1981. The "Moon" came from "Moonbeam" and the "Rise" came from "Catch the Final Sunrise!.

a May/June 1980 price list for "Moonrise Press"
  • Moonbeam #1/2 debuted in fall 1977 with several stories, including a reprint of a Star Trek/Lost in Space parody from the pages of Second Age.
  • Moonbeam #3 was one of the first-ever all-Star Wars fiction zines (beaten by a week or two by Bev Clark's Skywalker).
  • Moonbeam #4 was an all-agents zine.
  • Moonbeam #5/6 was the virtual third season of Space: 1999.
  • The Loner was a revised reprint of a Space:1999 alternate universe novella by Mike and Patti Heyes.
  • Felgercarb #1-4 multimedia
  • Felgercarb #5/6
  • Felgercarb #7
  • Felgercarb #8/9

Pursuit Press - 1981-1989

Vendredi Press - 1991 to 2007

Planned Zines that Were Never Published

Deb has more information on her website. See My Life in Fandom - Deb Walsh's Zines - Planned Titles That Didn't Happen, Archived version. Also see Proposed Zines.

  • Day of Disappearance (Without a Trace)
  • Dreamplane (Earth 2)
  • Falconer (Star Wars)
  • Gaslight (mystery)
  • Ghyste Mortua (Tanith Lee) -- see more about this zine at TPTB's Involvement and Interference
  • Green Light!
  • It Won't Be Easy (Star Cops)
  • Season in Hell
  • The Loner Collected
  • The Night Watch
  • The PITS Review ("a War of the Worlds zine - the H.G. Wells novel, 1953 film, and 1988-1989 Paramount series - before, during, beyond and alternative")
  • (Whatever Strikes Your) ... Fancy
  • Wunderkind
  • Zero Point Module


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