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You may be looking for the Stargate Atlantis story called Earth 2 or the DC Comics fictional universe Earth 2.

Name: Earth 2
Abbreviation(s): E2
Creator: Michael Duggan, Carol Flint, Mark Levin, Billy Ray
Date(s): November 6, 1994 – June 4, 1995
Medium: television series
Country of Origin: United States
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Earth 2 was a science fiction television show that aired on the NBC channel from 1994-1995.


Earth 2's single season was about of a civilian colonization expedition in the year 2192 to a new planet, 22 light years away from Earth. The expedition was led by billionaire Devon Adair, who organized it because of her belief that living on a planet (no longer possible on Earth) would cure her young son from a terminal illness called "The Syndrome."

On arrival at the new planet, the ship crash-landed far away from the planned colonization location (and the supplies), leading to adventures and encounters with native species, as well as continued interference from the government conspiracy that attempted to stop the expedition from leaving Earth orbit to begin with.

Main Characters

  • Devon Adair (Debrah Farentino) - The leader of the expedition and whose own son is afflicted with the Syndrome. As the leader, she attempts to balance directing the group as obstacles are encountered while confronting the possibility that her son may not survive his sickness.
  • Ulysses "Uly" Adair - eight-year-old son of the expedition's leader, Devon. He was born with the Syndrome, an illness which convinced his mother that he could be cured if raised on a planet with access to fresh air, clean water and sunshine. His arrival on G889 and eventual connection to the Terrians is one of the keys to the colonization of the world and is a recurring plot theme.
  • John Danziger (Clancy Brown) - Previously an indentured worker aboard the space station from which the group leaves. His daughter is most important to him, but he also assumes the role of protector of the group, sometimes conflicting with Devon
  • True Danziger - ten-year-old daughter of John, and also previously an indentured worker on the space station from which the expedition departed. She forms a bond with Uly, initially one of jealousy and dislike, but eventually a close friendship.
  • Yale - A former convict and cyborg whose memory has been erased and behavior altered under a government program for the purpose of becoming a tutor for the children of wealthy families. He later recovers some of his memories and learns he did not commit a violent crime but instead defied the Council.
  • Dr. Julia Heller (Jessica Steen) - A physician the colonists, love interest to Alonzo
  • Morgan Martin - A government official supervising the Eden Project, husband to Bess Martin.
  • Bess Martin - Wife of Morgan Martin, who grew up on Earth.
  • Alonzo Solace - A cold sleep pilot far older than he looks, and the love interest of Dr. Heller.

Secondary Characters

  • Grendlers - Species on G889; Soon after arrival the colonists come into contact with a semi-intelligent race of traders and scavengers.
  • Terrians - Species on G889; The group encounters an intelligent subterranean indigenous species named the Terrians, who seem to have a symbiotic relationship with the planet and can only communicate with the colonists through a dreamscape that few of them understand.
  • Kobas - Species on G889; Small monkey-like creatures with a leather-like skin and large eyes.
  • Humans - During the series the colonists learn they are not the only humans on the planet; it had previously been used as a penal colony so the government could learn more about how to colonize the planet.
  • Reilly (Terry O'Quinn) - Julia Heller's contact on the council, who eventually is revealed to be a computer program.
  • Zero - The crew's bipedal worker droid capable of multiple task.


Earth 2 is a yuletide fandom.


The main common pairings are Devon/John and Julia/Alonzo.

Fan Fiction

The Earth 2 Fan Fiction list maintained by Douglas Nemond. He also offers an extensive links section to fan fiction archived online. There is also Andy's Earth 2 Fan-Fiction Archive and its earlier version here. In 2000, fans created the Koba Awards (link) for fan fiction.

As of April 2002, one fan reported on the number of fan stories written to date:

"173 authors, only 25 of whom are actually groups of people collaborating.

639 stories, 77 poems and 23 filks, for a total of 739 works.

24 crossovers.

There are 46 series or groups of stories, consisting of 176 different works.

There have been 2 April Fool's works, 1 Halloween story, and 16 Christmas works."[1]



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