The Trading Post: Tales from G889

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Title: The Trading Post: Tales from G889
Editor(s): Mary Brick
Date(s): 1996
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Earth 2
Language: English
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The Trading Post: Tales from G889 is a gen Earth 2 anthology.

  • And In The Night We May Find Peace by A.J.
  • Expectations Story by A.J.
  • The Grendler Song by A.J.
  • I May Not Have The Answers by A.J.
  • One Sunny Day by A.J.
  • Shades Of The Dead by A.J.
  • Evil Awoke Slowly Story by Inga (The Frog Princess)
  • The First Day Of School by Inga (The Frog Princess)
  • Language Barriers by Lisa Kohles (Anibus)
  • Grendler University Fight Song by Becky Sarri
  • The River by Marion Urh
  • Invasion of the Mary Sues by A.J., Rhonda Hallstrom, Inga