May the Journey Continue

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Title: May the Journey Continue
Date(s): 1998
Medium: print
Fandom: Earth 2
Language: English
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May the Journey Continue is the 161-page con zine for PacificCon '98. Earth 2 fan fiction writers contributing to this fanzine include Lia Faile, Vicky Nickerson, Debra Wilson, and Ann Brill White. Artwork contributed by Ona Sostakas, Kim Lay, Susan Bowden, and Lisa Kohles. It has a color cover showing two moons and a Terrian with staff in silhouette. Has 9 b/w drawings inside.

  • Cathy Bolton (A Promise Remembered)
  • Mary Brick (A Perfect Life)
  • Robin Carter (It's True)
  • Lia Faile (Eden’s Children)
  • Lia Faile (Mirror, Mirror)
  • Cheryl Howie( Beauty In You)
  • Inga (The Frog Princess) (Another Restless Night)
  • Nicole Mayer (Beyond Time's Boundaries)
  • Nicole Mayer (The Runaway) (Alonzo Solace has a chance encounter with a future Edenite)
  • Douglas Neman (The Siren’s Song)
  • Vicky Nickerson (Seleya) (So Runs My Dream)
  • Laura Pickering (A Rock And A Hard Place) (The further misadventures of Morgan Martin are chronicled )
  • Ann Brill White (The Once and Future Terrian King)
  • Debra Wilson (Revelations) (How did colonists finally accept Julia?)

Reactions and Reviews

This zine is wonderfully engaging. There's a little something for everyone: fiction, poetry, illustrations and even a crossword puzzle. Set up in a double-column style, the print is easily readable to this blind old woman and there is just enough white space. The editing is excellent. I don't recall many typos at all. The stories are some of the cream of the crop. There weren't any that I didn't like. This zine is a keeper. I'll definitely reread it. It has romance, humor and drama. Altogether it's an excellent read. [1]


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