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Title: Arrowflight
Publisher: Vendredi Press
Editor(s): Deb Walsh
Date(s): 1988
Medium: print zine
Genre: gen
Fandom: Robin of Sherwood
Language: English
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Arrowflight is a gen Robin of Sherwood anthology series. Issue 1 contained 146 pages.

In 2012, the publisher announced she was planning a second issue.

The Editorial

Welcome to Arrowflight #1. I'm very pleased with the contents of this zine, ranging from before the advent of the Hooded Man, through the time of Robin i' the Hood, to years after Marion of Sherwood took the veil. There is a strong flavor of magic and paganism in the stories and poetry which make up Arrowflight #1, which is as it should be; the mythos of Robin of Sherwood relies heavily on an innate belief and acceptance of the supernatural-and-extra-natural world. However, Arrowflight is not intended to proselytize a particular ethical, moral or religious viewpoint; I hope it will invite you to maintain an open mind to a variety of belief systems, and enjoy the beauty each has to offer.

And speaking of beauty ... I'm honored to be able to include such interesting and enjoyable pieces as Laura Chevening's "Homecominq," and LAC's "Life Will Go On." Extra-special thanks must go to J. Hennig, for clearing out some space in her notebook to fill up Arrowflight #1, with "Gethsemane," "Eucharist," "Iscar'iot" and "Changling," not to mention her lovely illos. Working with Jeanine on this zine has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience, initiating what I hope will be a long-term friendship. Thanks must also go to J. P. Reedman. Maddog, Pat Nussman, J. Taero and B. Johnson for their contributions of short fiction and poetry.

While thanks are being handed out, I have to extend them to the people who helped edit my own "Relic of de Bellerne." N. Kolar and C. Steffey read it for the aspects of paganism; Kathy Sullivan for wagic and history; L. Sharpe for history and ecclesiastical matters; F. Buhman for history and sentence structure/grammar; and L. Cohen 1ent, as always, moral support (i. e., "Where's the next page?").

There will be one more issue of Arrowflight, which I'm planning to publish in January of 1989. The deadline for manuscripts will be mid-November 1988. I already have several pieces promised, but I will certainly consider more material - please type all manuscripts double-spaced, and include a legal-sized SASE for reply; allow 6-8 weeks for a reply. Arrowflight #2 is planned as my last zine ever, as yours truly is considering going back to school come the beginning of 1989.

Enjoy Arrowflight #1. Comments are welcome, both by yours truly and all my wonderful contributors. This zine has been a delight to do, and I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I've enjoyed putting it together,

May your aim always be true!


  • The Arrow's Path, editorial by Deb Walsh (3)
  • The Swords of Wayland, verse by Walsh, art by Walsh (4)
  • The Forging of Albion, verse by Janet P. Reedman (5)
  • Castle de Belleme, verse by Janet P. Reedman (5)
  • Homecoming by Laura Chevening, art by Walsh (6)
  • The Sheriff Sulks in Nottingham, verse by Janet P. Reedman (11)
  • Gethsemane, by Jeanine Hennig, art by Walsh (12)
  • Nasir, verse by Barbara Johnson, art by Johnson (16)
  • Eucharist by Jeanine Hennig, art by Walsh (18)
  • Iscariot, Jeanine Hennig (25)
  • Weep Not, verse by Walsh, art by Walsh (26)
  • Ballad of the Lord of Clun, verse by Walsh, art by Walsh (28)
  • Dialogue of the Dispossessed by Walsh, art by Walsh (28)
  • An Archer's Farewell, verse by Walsh, art by Kolar (32)
  • A Father's Words, verse by L.A. Carr, art by Walsh (34)
  • To Swim in Your Eyes by Maddog, art by Walsh (36)
  • A Charm of Making by Jeanine Hennig, art by Walsh (38)
  • Relic of de Belleme by Deb Walsh (51-114)
  • Changling by Jeanine Hennig, art by Jenni (115-143)
  • Deep in Sherwood, verse by Janet P. Reedman (144)
  • The End of Summer, verse by Barbara Johnson (144)