Tree of Life

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Title: Tree of Life
Publisher: Seer Stone Press, then Bill Hupe
Editor(s): Todd Parrish & April Schowyrs
Date(s): 1991-1993
Medium: print
Fandom: Robin of Sherwood
Language: English
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Tree of Life is a gen Robin of Sherwood anthology that ran for four issues.

flyer for the first issue

The editor was Todd Parrish.

Issue 1

Tree of Life 1 was published in 1991. It contains 214 pages.

cover of issue #1, Christine Haire
Table of Contents issue #1, click to read
Table of Contents issue #1, click to read
  • Tree of Life by Julianne Toomey (4)
  • Outlaw by April Schowyrs (7)
  • Innocent Betrayal by Julie Phipps (13)
  • Marion's Battle by Julianne Toomey (43)
  • Blinded Eyes by Ellen MacCutcheon (49)
  • Love Song 1, 2, 3 by Jenna Bruce (53)
  • Sanctuary by CarolMel Ambassador (55)
  • Wayland the Smith by Linda Furey (58)
  • Guardian by CarolMel Ambassador (63)
  • Scarlet Reflections by Debbie Linn (65)
  • Final Glances by Debbie Linn (66)
  • First Love by Debbie Linn (67)
  • Feast of Samhain by Kitty Gamara (68)
  • Inside by Todd Parrish (94)
  • Vigil by Todd Parrish (94)
  • Marion's Home by Lois Bennett (95)
  • Questions for Jennet by Pen (106)
  • Absolom by Laura Chevening (107)
  • Adam Bell by Penn (111)
  • Sacred King by Jeanine Hennig (114)
  • Turnabout by Peg Kennedy (115)
  • Tribute Fires by Jeanine Hennig (114)
  • Ordinary Man by Peg Kennedy (117)
  • A Chain of Making by Jeanine Hennig (116)
  • Beltain Blues by Cindy Fairbanks and Dida a Dale (127)
  • Stolen Moments by Penn (148)
  • Night Shades by Denyse Bridger (149)
  • Letter by Penn (154)
  • You Trust by Denyse Bridger (156)
  • I Saw You in Sherwood by Janet Reedman (161)
  • Below the Stones of Kirkless Abbey by Janet Reedman (162)
  • Miracles by Rache (163)
  • Ancient Ways by Janet Reedman (181)
  • The Birds of Rhiannon by Janet Reedman (182)
  • Tree of Life 2 by Penn (202)
  • Flyers (204)
  • art by Cynthia Brown, Vicki Brinkmeier, Elly Buttery, Kevin Crandall, Kitty Gamara, Chris Haire, Jeanne Hennig, Barb Johnson, Kee Miller, Nancy Miller, Todd Parrish, Julia Taylor, Dinah Torres

Issue 2

front cover of issue #2 by Dineh Torres
back cover of issue #2
Table of Contents issue #2, click to read
Table of Contents issue #2, click to read

Tree of Life 2 was published in 1991. It contains 208 pages.

  • Cold Stone Walls by Tara O'Shea (2)
  • Lord of the Trees by Julianne Toomey (13)
  • The Newest of His Children by Matthew Whitney (14)
  • The Promised Land by Julie Phipps (22)
  • Horizons by Julie Phipps (25)
  • At Last and Water, Wood and Standing Stone by Janet Reedman (26)
  • The Earl's Son by Julie Phipps (27)
  • Faith by Todd Parrish (30)
  • The Moment by Janet Reedman (40)
  • The King of May by Janet Reedman (40)
  • Rainstorm by Janet Van Meter (41)
  • Forgiveness by Todd Parrish (46)
  • Waiting by Julianne Toomey (48)
  • Shell Game by Cindy Fairbanks (49)
  • Love's Diamond by Julianne Toomey (54)
  • A Knock at the Door by Tara O'Shea (55)
  • Stolen Moments by Pen (62)
  • The Lady of the Arrow by April Schowyrs (64)
  • A Night at the Inn by Tara O'Shea (65)
  • The Witch and the Nobleman by Ellen MacCutcheon (73)
  • Samhain by Janet Reedman (74)
  • Not a Sacred King by Ellen MacCutcheon (80)
  • Divided Self by Pen (81)
  • Lady Marion by Ellen MacCutcheon (94)
  • New Blood by Rache (95)
  • A Call to Duty by Todd Parrish (102)
  • Nosferatu by Nancy Hutchins (103)
  • Homecoming by Laura Chevening (116)
  • To Live in Hope by Kitty Gamarra (122)
  • Souls and Symbols by Todd Parrish (134)
  • Much 2 Much by Denise Hamlin (135)
  • Wild Edric by Janet Reedman (167)
  • Seclusion by April Schowyrs (184)
  • The Ring of Truth by Julianne Toomey (186)
  • Guardian by Todd Parrish (195)
  • Flyers (196)
  • art by Dominique Allaire, Vicki Brinkmeier, Cynthia Brown, Cindy Dreifort, Christine Haire, Barb Johnson, Jeff McKellar, Kee Miller, Tara O'Shea, Todd Parrish, Mary Prince, Francis Quinn, Roseanne Rice, Dineh Torres (front cover)

Issue 3

front cover of issue #3, Roseanne Rice
back cover of issue #3, Barb Johnson, an example of photo referenced art

Tree of Life 3 was published in 1992. It contains 238 pages and content by Chevening, Maddog, Fairbanks, O'Shea, Johnson, Gamarra and others. It has a front cover by Roseanne Rice and a back cover by Barb Johnson.

Some story summaries from Media Monitor: "Earl David finds comfort in a Greek tale and relates it to his life; what happens when Loxley and the outlaws decide to give Scarlett a taste of leadership?; a young girl runs away from abuse and seeks sanctuary at Halstead; how does Robert put to rest feelings that he will never be as good as Loxley?"


  • Where There's a Will by Joyce Strohm--What happens when Loxley and the outlaws decide to give Scarlet a taste of leadership? What could happen if Will were to lead the band? What does Scarlet learn as well as the other outlaws?
  • Ballad of the Maid in the Wood
  • Unspoken Fears
  • Silent Companion
  • I'll Gae No More A-Hunting Now by J VanMeter
  • Dark Nights Haunted Knights by Janet Reedman--A murder occurs in Sherwood Forest. Can the culprit be Robin Hood (Loxley) or a ghost?
  • Terrible Beauty
  • Mad Prisoner's Poem
  • Resurrection
  • Wilder Than Wolves
  • Do You Dream of Me? by JP Reedman
  • Captive by K Gamarra
  • Turn of the Wheel by C Fairbanks
  • The Wanderings of Odysseus by Karen Campbell--Earl David finds comfort in a Greek tale and relates it to his life: his relationship with Margaret, Rosalind, and Robert. Can David finally find peace within his heart for his past regrets?
  • Open Sesame by K Campbell
  • Great Expectations by L Chevening & Maddog--Will a letter that Abbot Hugo finds really convict Earl David of treason? (38 pages)
  • Sense & Nobility by Julie Phipps--Will Coralie and Scarlet be happy at last? Will Coralie be free from Gisburne's unwanted advances? The outlaw and the noblewoman's plans might surprise you!
  • Vignette by JM Pellerin
  • Special Occasion by LW Todd--How does Robert put to rest feelings that he will never be as good as Loxley? Will the outlaws be able to talk about their grief? This story is both sad and heart-warming...
  • Albion by T Parrish
  • Numskulls by Tina Evans--How can the village of Gotham come up with a creative way to keep their fields from being trampled by nobles? The results are hysterical!
  • Portrayal by CM Ambassador
  • Peace by Tara O'Shea--Maeve, a young girl, runs away from abuse and seeks sanctuary at Halstead. Can Maeve find ultimate refuge and a home within Sherwood Forest?
  • False Knight by Lucy Doyle--When a girl dressed in armor suddenly appears in Sherwood, she strikes up an immediate friendship with Will. Can the two survive too much ale and too many stories?
  • A Sherwood Alphabet by Rache
  • Posterity by A Schowyrs

Issue 4

front cover of issue #4

Tree of Life 4 was published in 1994. It contains 198 pages. It won a 1994 FanQ. It was the final issue and contains some material from the Kevin Costner film.

  • The Hunter's Ride
  • Driven
  • Hidden Flames
  • First Lessons - J Van Meter--Marion's education using the bow teaches her much about life.
  • Safety in Sherwood by Janet Reedman--Marian becomes pregnant with Locksley's child. Will she remain with a nobleman to protect the baby or will she seek escape in Sherwood? (Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves)
  • For Marion's Love
  • Robin the Barbarian by Janet P. Reedman--Robin is thrown into a sword and sorcery universe at the hands of Simon de Belleme. Can he escape the harm of monstrous creatures with mighty thews, the lovely Princess Blowzelinda, or better yet Marion's wrath?
  • Forest God
  • Morgywn's Prayer by Janet P. Reedman
  • Top 10 Rejection Lines from RoS by Jane Mailander
  • The Reluctant Bridegroom by Laura Todd--When Demoiselle Geraldine comes into Robert's life and he is forced to be betrothed to her, he is hardly thrilled. How can he get out of an unwanted marriage?
  • Help Wanted by L Todd
  • The Final Battle by Julianne Toomey--Robin and his band come alive and step out from Julianne's computer one night. How will this sleepy fan writer deal with two Robins, Gisbume, and Will all in her bedroom at once?
  • The Wild Hunt by T. Evans--Longsword is back for more adventures. What will Gisburne do when he comes face to face with his father's ghost?
  • Baubles and Ballads Are Not Enough by L Pamig--What happens to Mildred and Alan a'Dale after their marriage? Will their happiness last or will Mildred be forced to marry the Sheriff of Nottingham once again? This story is apocryphal in conception.
  • The Viw by Mikka
  • Cold Country by Galveston
  • Sorrow Like Thine
  • Dance with a Ghost by Karen Campbell
  • I Need a Carpenter Hero by K Campbell
  • The Disinheritance by L Chevening
  • Herne's Voice
  • Love's Obligations--Will Little John leave Robin's band at last for Meg's love or will his heart tell him to stay for Much's sake? John's decision will not be an easy one.
  • Take Plight
  • Twenty Years Passing by T Parrish
  • Final Thoughts by Martin'O--Marion's cloistered life leads her to eventual despair and to possible suicide.
  • Kin to Merlin by E Gustafson
  • Son of the Forest by C Fairbanks
  • Words by Rache
  • The King of Sherwood by Kitty Gamarra--Loxley's uncharacteristic foolishness leads to his and Marion's capture by a band of cutthroats.