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Name: Conzineience
Dates: July 4, 5, 6, 1986
Frequency: once
Location: Holiday Inn North, Irving Texas
Type: fan run
Focus: multifandom
Founder: Jeanine Hennig and John Hennig/Galactic Winds Press
Founding Date:
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Conzineience was a multifandom convention.

From an an announcement in Pop Stand Express #9: "July 4, 5, & 6, 1986, at the spacious Holiday Inn North In Irving, Texas. The con for fans, by fans, for FUN!! Activities Include: panels galore, art show/auction, banquet, old-fashioned costume masquerade/ball, dealers room, video room and MORE!"

From an announcement in Scoundrel #8: "A con held in the heart of Texas and, like all things Texan, it's bigger and better! Multitudes of activities are forthcoming, including panels, dealers' room, art show/auction, banquet, costume ball and much more! July 4, 5 & 6, 1986. Located at the spacious Holiday Inn North, a fabulous hotel only one minute from the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport, this is the weekend the South's been dying for! Don't miss out—send SASE today for info on your membership to: Galactic Winds Press, c/o Jeanine and John Hennig."

Con Report

Conzineience hopes to be the South's answer to Media*West and, if they continue in the manner they've started, they could very well succeed.

Conzineience #1 took place July 4, 5, and 6 (1986) at the Holiday Inn North in Irving, Texas. It was a small, specialized con billed as "The con FOR fanst BY fans, for FUN!! and presented panels on the future of zines and zine production. It took place the same weekend as Fantasy Con in Dallas, but the overcrowded dealer's room and high prices weren't evident at the little convention. While the emphasis was primarily on multimedia zines, Star Trek was well represented at the dealer's tables, the video room, and the plush con suite (on closed circuit TV). The con staff was exceptional. You never met a cross or uninformed staff member (a welcome change after being verbally abused throughout Space Trek IV). Everyone went out of her or his way to be helpful and cheerful. A warm, friendly con staff can make even the most disappointing con bearable, but these friendly people were icing on the already perfect cake. The masquerade ball was an actual "get into your costume and boogie on the dance floor until midnight" social event and a lot of fun. The dealer's room was very well organized and had all types of media zines available. The "Traveling Zine Table" for zine publishers unable to attend was a popular place and a good idea. The hotel was reasonably priced, agreeably staffed, and provided a central location for all activities. The only thing Conzineience lacked was attendees, and I'm sure as their con's reputation spreads, this "problem" will be resolved. Next year, I'd like to see more panel discussion on the dynamics of zine production and art discussions. Also, how about a zine "celebrity" like the editor of Steele Files or one of the zine newsletter editors?

Congratulations to the Conzineience staff for a job well done and hope to see you all there next year. [1]
I survived "Insecticon.... HEE HEE ... We laid this label on Conzineience for a very good reason! There was a large atrium in the center of the hotel lobby. It seemed to have a healthy crop of gnats and mosquitoes, which pursued the congers everywhere throughout the hotel. Nothing to drive you screaming into the night, but there always seemed to be a tiny flying insect buzzing you! [2]


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