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Title: see below
Publisher: Frozen North Enterprises
Editor(s): Pat Nussman and Anne Elizabeth Zeek
Date(s): February 1985
Medium: print
Fandom: Remington Steele
Language: English
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cover of issue #1, Marilyn Johansen
possibly a cover for issue #2 by J.R. Dunster, that was never published: "I always liked this drawing. I made this for the cover of a "fanzine" (privately published "fan" publication) that ended up never getting published. I no longer have the original, but I did find a beaten-up old Xerox of the illustration. With a bit of Photoshop assistance, I fixed it up enough to show here. (Look at the larger version of this illustration if you are a fan of the old '80s Pierce Brosnan show "Remington Steele." There are a lot of little details I put in the picture that a die-hard fan will appreciate!)" -- J.R. Dunster [1]

Steele Files is a gen Remington Steele anthology. It was originally called "U.S. News and Steele Report."

It was the winner of the 1986 Fan Q for Best General Media Zine.

The First Issue That Almost Wasn't

The editors write a personal statement explaining the delay in publication, some involvement with TPTB:

We have pushed our publication date back to fall 1984 for several reasons. Most of them are the normal ones that all zine eds encounter, but the most important delay is our attempt to resolve some problems with MTM Productions. We are working on the situation and hope to have it cleared up shortly.

In 2004, a fan in commented:

... there was one more C&D incident in which I did know the editors personally, and therefore am certain it happened: a Remington Steele was C&D'd prior to publication; so the editors published it without a title, without attribution, and without names... real names, that is. The only clue to the zine title, in fact, was the front cover -- a sort of rebus in-joke.... [The zine] was gen. IIRC, the editors, in a spirit of cooperation or other good intentions, contacted the producers prior to publication. Bad mistake. Yes, they did publish it, and IMHO it was a terrific zine ( and no, I wasn't one of the editors. I would have been proud to have such a fine effort to my credit.) [2]

In 2007, a fan commented:

I do know of a Remington Steele zine back in the 70s which was served with a C&D. However, the editors printed it anyway -- sans title and editor and writer info. Nothing ever happened. More frightening was the Lucasfilm blow-up over one incredibly bad porn story. For several years after that, Lucasfilm simply said that if you published a zine, you had to send them a copy. Whatever came of that, I don't know. [3]

The Second Issue That Wasn't

While there was only one issue published, a second one, fairly completed, was advertised in Pop Stand Express #11 in 1986:

In this second Issue, Steele leaves to protect Laura from a man out of his shadowy past; tries to prove that an importer is a victim of revenge; gets involved with his "old friend" Simon Courtenay in protecting an American author; tries to spend a relaxing vacation in Bermuda with Laura; enlists the aid of a fan and her daughter to search out a bomber at Disneyland; and joins with Murphy and Mildred in a race against time to save Laura's life. Plus more that can't be listed. Stories by Ferguson, Bailey, Sanglovannl, Slocomb, Williams, Gonzales, Richards and others. Art by Dunster, Dixit, Virgil, Davenport, Barnes, Farkas, Boguslawski and Siegrist. Miscellienia by by Smith, Williams, Kurth, DeWltt, Talley, Serick and Ross. Limited press run of 200 expected.


Steele Files 1 was published in February 1985 and contains 192 pages. It has fiction and art plus fan artwork, poetry, and puzzles.

From an ad in Pop Stand Express #2: "Remington becomes a ghostbuster, takes Caribbean cruise, is kidnapped by a sweet, grey-haired, little old lady, does not remember Laura, reluctantly helps an old friend, is framed for murder, and leaves -- but will he return?"

  • editorials (2)
  • Episode Guide (5)
  • Steele Lurking About, story by Robin Cloward (8)
  • Is Steele A Rose, story by Carol S. Jenkins (19)
  • Steele Life, poem by Pat Nussman (24)
  • Full Steele Ahead, story by Stephanie Wardwell & Lori Woodard (26)
  • Word Search Puzzle by Joyce DeVine (39)
  • No More Bantering Two-Step, poem by Cleo St. Gillian (40)
  • Thoughts On First Season, article by Candy Streuli (41)
  • Cats and Dogs, poem by Jacqueline Taero (43)
  • Simon Says: Stand Steele, story by Pat Gonzales (44)
  • Steele in Saigon, poem by Jacqueline Taero (75)
  • The Steele That Dreams Are Made On, story by Deborah Laymon (76)
  • Vonnegut was Right, poem by Cleo St. Gillian (78)
  • Cold Steele At Dawn, story by Patricia D'Orazio (79)
  • Steele in Writing, poem by Jacqueline Taero (95)
  • When Memories Steele Awa, story by Sarah Macht-DeWitt (96)
  • With Steele in My Heart and Laughter on My Lips, story by Wilke (113)
  • Whilst Waiting at the Autopsy Lab, poem by Mary Carson (113)
  • Mildred's Muddle, poem by Jacqueline Taero (114)
  • Thoughts On Second Season, article by Candy Streuli (116)
  • Themes (Laura/Remington Steele), poem by Debra Talley (118)
  • Steele Away Into The Night, story by Cynthia Levine (119)
  • Murphy’s Law, story by Pat Gonzales (143)
  • Only a Game, poem by Jenna Bruce (147)
  • Soliloquy In Steele, story by Susan Bridges (148)
  • The Elf of Steele, art by Gordon Carleton (151)
  • Will the Real Remington Steele, poetry by Patricia D'Orazio (152)
  • Will You Steele Need Me?, story by Jill Bailey (154) (reprinted in Works of Steele)
  • Echoes, poem by Jenna Bruce (190)
  • Word Search Puzzle Answers (192)
  • art by Gordon Carleton, Laurie Farkas, Marj Ihssen, Georgia Barnes, Liz Hoolahan, T.J. Burnside, Mary Bloemker, Karen River, Kate Nuernberg, Sarah Macht-DeWitt, Daphne Hamilton, Joni Wagner, Marty Siegrist, Judith Boguslawski