Works of Steele

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Title: Works of Steele
Publisher: Relativity Press/Buffalo Leg Scrapers
Editor(s): Elaine Gustainis and Jill Hargen
Date(s): 1997
Medium: fanzine, print
Fandom: Remington Steele
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art by Peggy Spalding

Works of Steele is a gen 200-page Remington Steele anthology. It has a cover by Peggy Spalding.

From the Editorial

......Anyway...we figured somebody needed to put some stories together. So here they are. Not all of them may be new to you. If you've read Steele Files, you may recognize Will You Steele Need Me. It also showed up in More Red Holt Steele last year. The only reason I included it here was that Hide 'N Go Steele is basically a sequel to it and you may want them together. Then there may be a few lost souls out there who actually haven't seen it yet. Two of the other stories, Death of Steele and Steel in Love also premiered in MOre Red Holt Steele, but we included them as well for the same reason, not all of you may have read them. Even if you have, it's always nice to have them all in one piece. .........Prescription Steele was written as a spec script when the show was still on the air. We left it in script form for your enjoyment. ..........A Study in Steele was also originally done as a spec script, but I went ahead and reworked it into story form. That was harder than I thought it would be. ..........


  • A Study in Steele by Maura I. Kelly & Jill Hargan (1)
  • Steele in Love by Melissa Jones (24)
  • Prescription: Steele by Sharon M. Dickerson & Annita K. Smith (38)
  • Death of Steele by Angie Nothdorf (98)
  • Will You Steele Need Me? by Jill Hargan (Art by Marty Siegrist) (126) (reprinted from Steele Files)
  • Hide 'N Go Steele by Jill Hargan (Art by Marty Siegrist) (166)

Sample Pages

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