Remote Control (Star Trek: TOS story)

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Star Trek Fanfiction
Title: Remote Control
Author(s): Jacqueline Lichtenberg
Date(s): written in 1968, printed in a print zine in July 1975
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
External Links: online here

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Remote Control is a Star Trek: TOS story in script form by Jacqueline Lichtenberg.

It was published in the zine Interphase #1 and is online.

According to the author, it was the beginning place of Kraith.


From the author's introduction in Interphase:

This script was written for the Star Trek series in the late 1968, and unfortunately never got beyond the agent-seeking stage because the show was cancelled several weeks later. Remote Control was aimed not at the TV audience but at ST's creators. Even if read and rejected, it should have pointed out 'Logic is Beautiful' as a viable fiction premise. After Ruth Berman decided not to print RC [in T-Negative in script format, I decided to offer her a 'Logic is Beautiful' story in narrative, and Kraith #1 was the result.
Included the introduction to the online version:

Remote Control and Kraith are both prototypes of the Intimate Adventure.

Remote Control may not even include all details of the broadcast episodes. (at that time, tape was not available to see reruns repeatedly and look up details, nor had Bjo Trimble's Concordance been published).

This script was retrieved from the crumbling old fanzine by Doug Diez.

It does not represent, an [sic] any way, Jacqueline Lichtenberg's current storytelling craftsmanship either in book narrative or script format. There were no prequels or sequels.

It is presented here with no intention of infringing on any copyright held by the various owners of Star Trek. [1]

Reactions and Reviews

Screenplay intended for the original series in 1968. Author notes that this was the progenitor of her Kraith series, though the story does not show Kraith overtones. A quite viable script with fine characterization. Spock is having inexplicable medical symptoms, and the ship is experiencing sundry technical problems including a sensor ghost. New crewman Mathews, a Vulcan-Human hybrid who ignores his Vulcan side as Spock does his Human qualities, is producing the "Mathews Effect" - irrational antipathy - in everyone else because he is a broadcast empath but refuses to believe it. The problems are, of course, a devious Romulan plot, requiring Spock to get in touch with his humanity and Mathews to reach for his Vulcanity. [2]
'Remote Control' is a TV script written for ST before its cancellation. It concerns another Vulcan/human hybrid crewman, this one as anti-Vulcan as Spock is pro. Spock is finally able to break down his antipathy and show him there is some merit to his mixed heritage, while incidentally foiling a another Romulan plot in the process. I can't quite visualize it on the TV screen, but it's fun to read. [3]


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