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Name: Bjo Trimble
Alias(es): Betty JoAnne Trimble, née Conway
Type: fan, fan writer, zine publisher
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS
a thank-you on the table of contents page from the zine, Warped Space #14, the reference to "April" is to Equicon, the artist is Jane Clinkenbeard
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Bjo Trimble at Victoricon, Melbourne, June 1991

Bjo Trimble was the original Star Trek: TOS Big Name Fan and supporter of the show. Trimble coined the term Dippie to describe a foolish and shrill Star Trek fan.

Trimble asserted she started Star Trek fandom. In 1975 she wrote: "I did start ST fandom, remember; there's not much new I can be told about the show."[1] In 2016 she was quoted: "'We're pretty sure that the Trek community you see today would not have existed but for us,' Bjo Trimble says. 'Not bragging.'"[2]

She and her husband, John Trimble, were active in science fiction fandom since the 1950s. They assisted Gene Roddenberry in setting up Lincoln Enterprises in 1967 and were put in charge of answering the deluge of fan mail. The Trimbles and the Roddenberrys had a falling out when the company changed hands.

Bjo Trimble edited newsletters, wrote articles in many zines, and together with John started the 1968 letter-writing campaign called Save Star Trek to bring the show back after it had been threatened with cancellation. Trimble also created The Star Trek Concordance with Dorothy Jones Heydt.

She talks about her experiences in the book On the Good Ship Enterprise: My 15 Years With Star Trek (1982).

The character of Lady Helena Trimble in Roddenberry's proposed show Questor Tapes (1974) was named for Trimble.

Trimble, never shy about her role in Star Trek history, used it to promote interest in her later publications. From flyers for Space-Time Continuum: "Edited by the original 'SAVE STAR TREK' lady, Bjo Trimble" and "from Bjo Trimble, the fan who saved Star Trek."

Between April 1980 and April 1983, Trimble was a regular columnist in Starlog for a series called "Fan Scene." Some examples Fan Scene: Introducing Bjo #33 (April 1980), How to Win in a Walk... Across the Masquerade Stage #50 (September 1981) and Bjo-Con 1 #68 (March 1983).


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1993: A Fan Wishes Her a Happy Birthday

The 15th August 1993 sees the 60th birthday of a pretty special person in fandom, Bjo Trimble. Bjo has been a friend and mentor to me for a long time, and I grew up knowing she was a special person whose energy and talents have touched more people than some meet in a whole lifetime. Yet, new fans barely recognise the name. Now, I can live without Australian neofans not knowing who Sue Clarke is, but not knowing who Bjo Trimble is is like saying you don't know who the Father of Federation is, or who the first man was who walked on the Moon.

Without Bjo's efforts, there would not have been a third season of Star Trek, or the first of the Trek movies which lead to the rest, and the new series. Did you realise that she manned the orders that went out to you through the Federation Trading Post, or answered your enquiries sent to Gene Roddenbery [sic] in those earlier years; or that she is the penultimate Trek expert in the world? That she was in the first of the Trek movies, or that Gene Rodenbery [sic] and Harvey Bennet [sic] introduce her as one of the most important people to know? That she was one of the founding members of the Society of Creative Anachronism which has branches all over the world; or that worked as a clown-helper in those first Special Olympics?

If you can get a copy of her book ON THE GOOD SHIP ENTERPRISE, you'll see what I mean and get an appreciation of the energy, generosity and creativity of this powerhouse of a woman. [3]

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