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Science Fiction Convention
Name: Phantasmicon
Dates: May 26-29, 1978
Frequency: once? (the program book includes planned dates for the next one: April 12-15, 1979, "details to be announced soon")
Location: Bonaventure Hotel, Los Angeles, CA
Organization: "A Two Worlds Enterprises Production"
Founder: Jeffrey M. Greene
Founding Date:
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Phantasmicon was a convention.

front cover of the program book
back cover of the program book

It was advertised as "The Milky Way Galaxy's largest Science Fiction, "Star Trek", "Star Wars", Fantasy, Horror, and Comic Convention, May 26, 27, 28, 29, 1978. At the fabulous Bonaventure Hotel, home of Atlantium on NBC's "Fantastic Journey"."


From the program book, comments by Jeffrey M. Greene, the con chair:

Welcome to Phantasmicon '78, a dream come true.

Thirteen months ago, after attending,and working on a poorly planned and disappointing Con, I verbalized aloud for the first time a thought that had been growing since attending my first Con, Equicon '74. I had no money, no business background, and no knowledge of all that's involved in running a Con. I knew one thing for sure, that I was tired of being ripped off, lied to and disappointed.

With the guidance of my mother (who has been a staunch supporter from the beginning and an excellent teacher in affairs of business), I took my first step and made contact with the Bonaventure. The rest is hi,story, however it could not have happened without the hard work and dedication of all the volunteers involved.

Bjo Trimble, once accepting the title of Fan Guest of Honor, shared her vast knowledge. Dr. Don Reed's advice and guidance was invaluable. The belief, faith and trust they both showed in me is overwhelming, and I am forever grateful.

In excess of 10,000 volunteer hours has gone into the planning and carrying out of this Con. The films, events, and guests have been selected with great care. If this convention is not successful, it is not from lack of trying.

Thank you one and all for working and attending.

It was mentioned in the 1979 essay, Science fiction conventions proved to be like the Australian kangaroo..., as one of three cons that were held at roughly the same time, emphasizing the broadening, and narrowing, of fannish interests.

The Guests of Honor

In order of appearance in the program book:

Also: Ann Robinson | Kirk Alyn | Daws Butler | Robert A. Foster | George Clayton Johnson | Mike Hodel | Brian Tochi | Ty Henderson | Eric Hoffman | Kathleen Sky | Stephen Golden [sic] | Katherine Kurtz | Maggie Mc Omie Lahr | Greg Jein | John Karlin [sic] | Lynne Barker | Arthur Byron Cover | Dave Alexander | Rick Hoberg | Bruce Lansbury | Brick Price

The Staff

  • Convention Chairman - Jeffrey M. Greene
  • Co-Chairman - Gloria Greene
  • Asst. to Chairman - Greg Santana
  • Security Chief - Hanns Manship
  • Go-fer Captains - Robbie Paixao Steve Younger
  • Registration-At Con - Dona Kerns
  • Registration-Pre Con - Donna Crisci
  • Art Show - Fran Evans
  • Costume Contest - John Trimble
  • Room-Mate/Car Pool-Pre Con & Banquet Reservations-At Con - Holly Burt
  • Head Projectionist - Jimmy Weinberg
  • Contest - Jim Lamb
  • Con Photographers - Buddy Rosenberg, Marty Bishoff
  • 8MM film contest & Exhibit Room - Matt Glick
  • Capt of Bridge Crew - John R. Watts
  • Assistant - Jay Smith
  • Film Selection & Programming - Jeffrey Greene, Gloria Greene, Greg Santana, Eric Hoffman, Duran Farrell, Jimmy Weinberg, Eric Greene, Kelly Cutts
  • Information - Amanda Osborne
  • Editors - Gloria Greene
  • Program Book Jeffrey Greene
  • Video Equipment - Chuck Morris


  • Video Room ("Giant Screen TV courtesy of Videotron Ent. Corp. Sales Rep available to answer questions")
  • Film Rooms
  • D&D
  • Electronic Games
  • Original Play and Talent Show
  • Art Show (no photography allowed)
  • Exhibits
  • Dealers Room
  • an Awards Ballot (for mainstream books, television, and film subjects)
  • Costume Contest

Some Costume Contest Rules

From the program book, by John Trimble:

Costumes must have a Fantasy, Science Fiction &/or Horror theme. They may be based in myth, legend, SF, comics, films/TV, your own imagination, or any combination of these. Humorous takeoffs on well-known characters or themes are encouraged.

Presentations should be limited (5 minutes maximum; 2 or 3 minutes is best), and as dramatic as possible (i.e., simply walking onto the stage and giving a long-winded speech about your character will count against you with the judges, and will certainly lose the attention of the audience). We would encourage short skits, acts, etc., but must prohibit such things as light-sabre duels, flash-paper, explosions, smoke bombs, projectiles, the scattering of glitter, powders, and that sort of thing.

Make up should be something that will not come off on other people's costumes or the hotel furniture (like the guy, some years back, who coated himself with peanut butter; something like that is a no-no!). Neither should it be something that will do bodily harm to you (one person, years ago, colored himself silver with paint, and barely lived through it); use reputable brands of stage make up.

The Convention Committee & the hotel people have no objections to people going about all day in costume (they're not wild about the idea, either; especially the hotel folk), providing that normal safety precautions are observed, the laws on nudity observed, and the mundanes in the hotel (& the staff) are not molested. However, keep in mind that a costume that's been seen around the con is going to have lost all its impact by the time it gets on stage for the Costume Competition. If you're going to run around in costume during the con, you should have another costume for the Competition; if you wear that one afterwards, that's up to you.

About the Go-Fers

From the program book:

THE GO-FER SQUAD is a hard-working group of convention members who have voluntarily given up part of their time to be of service to the Committee & their fellow con- attendees. These people have a special Go-fer badge & they'll be helping in various capaci- ties. If you need assistance, ask a Go-fer---he or she can find someone to help you if they cannot. Go-fers are NOT flunkys to be pushed around; they are human beings with feelings and low blood sugar at times, just as much as anyone else! Don't complain to a Go-fer about the con; find a COMMITTEE ribbon-wearer & tell them your problem, or file the idea/complaint in the Suggestion Box at the Info Booth. Go-fers help make a con run smoothly: they 'go fer' this and 'go fer' that, & do all the things the committee does not have time to do to make this a fun convention for everyone. Please give them your full cooperation & courtesy; they'll be doing their best to help YOUR convention be a fun one! Volunteers for the 1979 con may leave name and address at the Information Booth!

About the Security Squad

From the program book:

THE FAN SECURITY SQUAD can be identified by their badge. These are the people charged with maintaining order, checking convention ID badges, watching valuable equipment & displays, etc. These fans are NOT a police force; they are here as much to aid con-attendees as to help keep order. They will aid lost souls or direct them to someone who can help. If someone wearing a Security Badge asks a smoker to obey the rules about NO SMOKING in function or display rooms, we expect full cooperation from said smoker. Violators may get their membership badges pulled so they cannot return to the convention floor. If Fan Security asks people to move elsewhere, there is a good reason for it, so please help by carrying yourself out of the room. Everyone will be as polite as possible; if you cooperate, we can all enjoy the con.

These fans working Security are giving freely of their convention time to make sure the con runs well & that everything is enjoyable for all (including, we hope, the Committee). We ask for fullest cooperation in order to assure the convention continues to be the same easy, free event it has always been. Volunteers for the 1979 con may leave name & address at the Info Booth.

The Program Book

The program book contains 28 pages. It has illos by Jim Mitchell, Bjo Trimble (self-portrait), and Brad.

It includes information about the guests, maps of the hotel, rules, descriptions of the programming, two full-pages about the "Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films," (includes a membership form), ads for stores, and flyers for other cons (including "Semicon").