The Questor Tapes

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Name: The Questor Tapes (often referred to as simply "Questor")
Date(s): written in 1973, March 1974
Medium: film
Country of Origin: USA
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The Questor Tapes is a 1974 television film by Gene Roddenberry, a pilot of a proposed series that never made it off the ground.

"Jerry Robinson," portrayed by Mike Farrell, art by TACS from Diverse Dimensions #4 (1983)

According to Gene Roddenberry's son, Rod, the Questor android was an inspiration for the character of Data [1]

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Fan Comments

June 1974

From "The Great Bird's Wild Goose Chase," comments in 2-5YM #3:

When "The Questor Tapes" was finally aired this past spring, it was universally liked, my own opinion was that — dare I say it? — it was as good as, or better than, the best ST episode ever aired. Nevertheless, the show did not make the fall, 1974 line-up.

Why? Apparently, NBC does not learn: they are still timid when it comes to putting on anything new or different, like, for instance, such (gasp) science fiction as Star Trek and Questor, (Remember the air-brushed Vulcan ears?)

Well, they made the same mistake with Questor, except that this was more severe. Having bought it, they said (to quote Star-Borne, which quotes Gene Roddenberry"'Look, let's play it safe. Let's do The Fugitive, except he's a robot, get it?' And I [Roddenberry] said, 'I... I won't do it.' And we argued all of last year, and I finally refused to do it...'" If Questor is ever going to come on, then, it will be done right — Gene's way. And I, for one, agree with him, (If you do to, write to NBC-TV, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10029, and tell them. Who knows? It might help.)


Why do most fans support simple-minded junk like "Galactica" and other so-called TV sf with the comment, "Well, it's not good, but at least it's something sf." It's nothing! Only a few years ago GR offered the networks "Genesis II/Planet Earth" and "Questor", which had the potential of putting some adult level sf on the tube. Harlan Ellison tried to put together a sf series for TV and gave up because of all the hassles from the TV bureaucrats. Any number of fine sf writers could develop intelligent TV shows. Why aren't they on? Because the networks don't have the foggiest idea what sf is. They throw us a few crumbs and we gobble them down like starving mongrels. What we should do is get out our typewriters and pens and tell the networks that we know they are handing us a bunch of garbage and we won't stand for it. And tell them in simple, straightforward terms (but polite!) what we really want. Maybe then we'd get something worth watching. Maybe it wouldn't last long, because if it were too "far out" most TV viewers wouldn't like it, but it would be worth the effort.[2]


Of all his post-ST projects, only "Questor" has come near matching the quality of ST, and even that doesn't hold up well in places. Roddenberry is essentially a well-meaning man whose talent is unfortunately not equal to his ambition. [3]



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