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You may be looking for the Prime Time Extra!, fanzine published by the same editor.

Title: Prime Time
Publisher: Prime Time Press
Editor(s): Mary Wardell
Date(s): 1986-1991
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Prime Time is a gen multifandom anthology.

It has a sister zine called Prime Time Extra!.

Issue 1

Prime Time 1 was published in May 1986 and contains 156 pages.

cover of issue #1, Ann Larimer
flyer for issue #1

The art is by Ann Larimer (front cover), M.D. Bloemker, Sheila Paulson, and Leah Rosenthal.

  • Linked Files by Mary A. Fall ("When A.J. and Rick investigate the goings on at Ryan Industries, they stumble on to far more than petty theft and answers to some very old questions.") (Simon & Simon) (3)
  • My Father's Shadow by Susan M. Garrett--Poem. (Shadow Chasers) (30)
  • Interest Deferred by Leah Rosenthal & Ann Wortham ("Vila pays a visit to a Federation bank--and changes the destiny of the entire galaxy.") (Blake's 7) (31) (reprinted in The Bizarro Zine #1)
  • Succession of Love by Susan M. Garrett--Poem. (Robin of Sherwood) (35)
  • Wake Me Up Before You're Gone, Jon by Susan M. Garrett ("When Jonathan is being interviewed for an important grant that will let him stop shadow-chasing, Benedek offers him a sleeping potion to help him relax. But Benedek missed the part of the instructions on how to wake Jonathan up.") (Shadow Chasers) (37)
  • Two by Two, filk by Mary A. Fall (multifandom) (56)
  • The Master's Hand, filk by Sheila Paulson (The Master) (57)
  • Crisis States by Sheila Paulson ("Max is injured and his father holds the Master to blame.") (The Master) (59)
  • Robin on the M.T.A. by Alan A'Dale (Robin of Sherwood) (87)
  • Shadows of the Night by Susan M. Garrett ("A hospital visit for a young fan gives Jonathan a new perspective on his partner.") (Shadow Chasers) (89)
  • Unfinished... by M.D. Bloemker (artwork portraying Jon-Erik Hexum) (93)
  • One Alpha to Go by Leah Rosenthal & Ann Wortham ("Avon is abducted. Unless Blake and company can rescue him, he is doomed to be the main attraction and chief bon-bon at Madam Kat's House of Alpha Delights.") (Blake's 7) (reprinted in The Bizarro Zine #2) (95)
  • Shadow Chasers Alphabet by Susan M. Garrett (Shadow Chasers) (109)
  • A Nightmare in Babylon by M.D. Bloemker ("See the Georgetown Institute destroyed. Washington, DC infested with flying demons. The world as we know it is about to end and it's all Benny's fault! Where is the hero to save the day?") (Shadow Chasers) (111)
  • All Work and No Play by Patrice L. Heyes ("Jonathan doesn't miss shadow chasing. Really.") (Shadow Chasers) (135)

Issue 2

Prime Time 2 was published in January 1987 and is 134 pages long.

cover of issue #1, Ann Larimer

The art is by Ann Larimer (front cover), Sheila Paulson, and Leah Rosenthal.

  • The Haunting of Hardcastle by Sheila Paulson ("Everyone knows the Judge's son died in Vietnam, or did he?") (Hardcastle & McCormick) (3)
  • Snowball by M. Katherine Davis ("It's 1929 and tickets are available for the final voyage of the Titanic. And Wallis Simpson perishes as the Behemoth, the world's largest ocean liner sinks. This is a variation of the episode 'Voyagers of the Titanic.'") (Voyagers!) (19)
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Daleks by Rebecca Ann Brothers (Doctor Who/The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) (38)
  • Solo Flight by Brenda A. ("A.J.'s decision to take flying lessons leads him into far more than he ever expected to find.") (Simon & Simon) (39)
  • Interlude: Marian by Patrice L. Heyes (Robin of Sherwood) (64)
  • Interlude: Robert by Patrice L. Heyes (Robin of Sherwood) (65)
  • Interlude: The Sheriff by Patrice L. Heyes (Robin of Sherwood) (66)
  • Statuesque by Susan M. Garrett ("The legends say that once every 25 years The Dancing Madonna comes to life. And Edgar Benedek plans to get the story of a lifetime proving just that. But, the best-laid plans.") (Shadow Chasers) (67)
  • Dreams of Homeworld by Rie Sheridan (Blake's 7) 87
  • Little Orphan Alpha by Leah Rosenthal & Ann Wortham ("Learn how Blake spent his misspent youth! See Avon as you've never seen him before! Hear Vila voice a good idea!") (Blake's 7) (reprinted in The Bizarro Zine #2) (89)
  • Memorandum by Susan M. Garrett (Shadow Chasers) 110
  • Yesterday's Victim by Linda Knights ("Robert McCall's past catches up to him with a vengeance as he meets both an old enemy AND an old friend.") (The Equalizer) (111)
  • A Friend in Deed by M.D. Bloemker ("Chasing shadows has allowed Jonathan MacKensie to explore any number of unusual phenomena. Now he is forced to explore a new region...himself"). (Shadow Chasers) (127)
  • The Final Arrow by Susan M. Garrett (Robin of Sherwood) 131

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

Prime Time 3 was published in October 1987 and is 144 pages long.

The art is by Ann Larimer (front cover), Sheila Paulson. and Sandra L. Smith.

  • Long Distance--Collect by Susan M. Garrett ("Does Benny's dead fiancee want him to join her? And can Jonathan and Randy track him down before he goes through with it?") (Shadow Chasers) (1)
  • Sleeping Dogs by Mary Robertson ("Rick reluctantly explains to A.J. what happened to him last night. (Simon and Simon) (28)
  • Drink to Me Only by Joan Hoffman ("When Zaphod challenges the Sixth Doctor over who is the Worst-Dressed Sentient Being In The Universe, they settle it with a drinking contest.") (Doctor Who/The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) (31)
  • Memorandum by Susan M. Garrett (Shadow Chasers) (37)
  • Recognizing the Fool by Kristin Keck ("Vila offers Avon some sympathy after Anna's death.") (Blake's 7) (39)
  • The Man with Two Brains, poem by Patrice L. Heyes (Max Headroom) (41)
  • Keepers of the Flame by Sheila Paulson ("A familiar face from the Master's past causes Max to be suspicious.") (The Master) (43)
  • Two Hearts, poem by Patrice L. Heyes (Robin of Sherwood) (69)
  • He's My Dad! by Sarah Adams ("When Paul is captured and seriously injured, Scott has to help heal his father while figuring out how to get them out of custody.") (Starman) (71)
  • The Final Act by Kathy Hintze ("When Vila is sent to infiltrate a slave ship, things go badly wrong and he's left to die. Even once he's rescued, the danger isn't over.") (Blake's 7) (85)
  • Multiplication Fable, cartoon by Sandra Smith (Danger Mouse) (109)
  • The Psychic Pathology of Everyday Life by Patrice L. Heyes ("The Paranormal Unit has been running successfully for years, and now Jonathan and Benny want to spend some time with their old jobs.") (Shadow Chasers) (111)
  • Dream Stuff by M.D. Bloemker ("Jeffrey Jones is haunted by double memories--one where he's about to be adopted by a friend of his late parents, and one where that friend is a Voyager who's journeyed through time and space with him.") (Voyagers!) (110)
  • It's All White, White Wonder, cartoon by Sandra Smith (Danger Mouse) (144)

Issue 4

cover of issue #4, Ann Larimer

Prime Time 4 was published in May 1988 and is 142 pages long.

The art is by Ann Larimer (front cover), M.D. Bloemker, T.J. Burnside, and Sheila Paulson.

Issue 5

cover of issue #5, Ann Larimer

Prime Time 5 was published in December 1988 and contains 156 pages.

The cover art is by Ann Larimer. There is no interior art.

  • Cold Steel and Neon by Marcia Brin--Poem. (The Equalizer) (1)
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Joyce Ashcroft ("When Bill has to take in his delinquent niece for the summer, she inadvertently becomes involved with the latest case.") (The Greatest American Hero) (3)
  • The Bridge by Lee Staton--Poem. (Beauty and the Beast) (26)
  • Respectfully Yours by Susan Garrett ("Benedek's appearance at a prestigious reception causes Jonathan to confront his conflicted feelings about his partner.") (Shadow Chasers) (27)
  • Royal Flush by Robin Cloward ("Cerebus, Starbuck, Remington Steele, Justin Greystone, Eli Cross, and Han Solo and Lando Calrissian all turn up for a poker game.") (Multi-media) (33)
  • Concha by Virgina Turpin ("Jonathan runs into the descendant of an old love.") (Jonathan Grail) (41)
  • Crossroads by M.D. Bloemker ("An encounter with another alien--and her human family--helps clarify Paul and Scott's understanding of each other.") (Starman) (53)
  • Night's Kingdom, poem by Barbara A. Staton (Beauty and the Beast) (81)
  • The Disorder of Truths by Sheila Paulson (The Master) (83)
  • The Classified Corpse by Vandimir Sands (Ellery Queen) (also in Wolfsbane & Other Stories) (93)
  • Some Call It Loyalty by Valerie DeVries (Twelve O'Clock High) (101)
  • The Samaritan by Beki ("When a police officer is left for dead by his partner, Vincent comes to the rescue.") (Beauty and the Beast) (115)
  • The Fledgling by Michael Heyes (Star Trek: the Next Generation) (125)
  • A Christmas Carol by Mary A. Fall ("Scott is determined that his father is going to learn some Christmas songs.") (Starman) (156)

Issue 6

cover of issue #6, Ann Larimer

Prime Time 6 was published in November 1989 and contains 134 pages.

The cover is by Ann Larimier. The interior art is by Sheila Paulson.

Issue 7

cover of issue #7, Ann Larimer

Prime Time 7 was published in April 1991 and is 216 pages long.

The art is by Ann Larimer (front cover), Sheila Paulson, and Shiloh.