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Name: Kathy Hintze
Fandoms: Blake's 7, Quantum Leap, Real Ghostbusters
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Kathy Hintze was a well-known gen Blake's 7, Real Ghostbusters and Quantum Leap writer, with a love for H/C.

She was a renowned "get Vila" writer; one review of The Sonic Screwdriver #2 included, "there is one doosey of a Vila-nearly-dies story, entitled "Touch of Giving" by Kathy Hintze that has more than enough angst to satisfy *me*".

She was a dealer, a fixture at Scorpio and MediaWestCon.

Her Blake's 7 fiction was archived at Hermit.org: The Blake's 7 Library, Hammer to Fall, and Bang and Blame.

Hintze's first fanfic appears to be Game, Set and Match. In the that zine, she wrote: "LOCs may be directed to the author at [address redacted]. Be kind, it's my first stab at doing this and probably my last." It wasn't her last, however, and she went on to write much more.

Her Real Ghostbusters zine, Adventures in Slime and Time #3, won a Fan Q Award in 1993.

The zines Prime Time Extra! and Doors: A Frightfully Good Idea were dedicated to her.

Kathy died August 7, 1993 after a long and wearying bout with cancer, and there was an Irish-wake-style memorial for her at the next MediaWestCon.

A comment by Bill Hupe in his March 1994 catalog:

As you will see in the ads, we are advertising Adventures of Slime & Time 1&2. These zines originally were available from Kathy Hintze, who died in August 1993. after an extended battle with cancer. The remaining copies were given to her long-time friend Sheila Paulson who, along with Bill, decided Kathy's zines should remain in print for new fans who will be unfamiliar with the zines, and that ALL monies collected from the sales of these zines above the exact production cost and postage would be evenly split between the American Cancer Society and the Fan Fund, a fannish charity devoted to helping send a fan to a convention (usually MediaWest) that would otherwise financially be unable to attend. We know Kathy would approve since she enjoyed attending cons as much as, if not more than, her fanzines and fanfiction.

We all miss Kathy, the cons will not be the same but we hope the proceeds of these zines will help contribute to the desperately-sought cure for cancer.

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