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Title: Errantry
Publisher: Strelsau Press
Editor(s): Regina Gottesman
Date(s): 1983-1984
Medium: print
Fandom: multifandom
Language: English
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Errantry was a gen multifandom anthology that had two issues.

Issue 1

front cover of issue #1, Bernie
back cover of issue #1, Carol Walske
flyer for issue #1

Errantry 1 was published in May 1983 and contains 195 pages. Art by Martynn, Paulie, Mary Bloemker, Deb Walsh, Pat O'Neill, Mike Braun, Pat Cash, Karen River, Brian Garner, J.R. Dunster, Robin L. Belyea, Marty Siegrist, Carol Walske, and eluki bes shahar.

  • Details, Details (editorial) (1)
  • Notes (2)
  • Lady of the Outlaws by Susan Matthews (Leia didn’t want Han to leave; Han wanted Leia to come with him. There seemed to be no middle ground) (Star Wars) (3) (extensively revised, reprinted from Solo)
  • Forging Steele by Pat Nussman (Remington Steele) (38)
  • Jewel of Death by Kathy Hintze (Blake's 7) (44)
  • Spirit, poem by Beth Bowles (55)
  • The Freedom Implant by Patrick Daniel O'Neill (Dr. Who) (56)
  • The Captain's Waterbed, filk by Marilyn Johansen (Star Trek) (68)
  • Quest’s End by Marcia Brin (Star Wars) (69)
  • You're My Own, filk by Gatonpaulis (Star Wars) (72)
  • A Darkening Heart by Jill Wilkins O'Neill (Wizards & Warriors) (73)
  • Cast in Steele by Patricia Gonzales (Remington Steele) (84)
  • Imperial Renegade by Bonnie E. Wenk (Star Wars) (91)
  • The Midnight Dreary Affair by Charlene Kirby (Something was killing U.N.C.L.E. and THRUSH agents and the common denominator appeared to be an exclusive hotel whose guests paid premium prices for the privilege of being frightened on a regular schedule) (Man from U.N.C.L.E.) (also in U is for U.N.C.L.E. #4) (94)
  • Alderaani Lament, filk by Gatonpaulis (Star Wars) (113)
  • What's That You Say?, poem by Marcia Brin (Star Wars) (114)
  • There Was a Crooked Staff by Kathryn Sullivan (Wizards & Warriors) (116)
  • Nomination Declined, Archived version by Pat Nussman (Star Wars) (126)
  • The Price of Silence by Sheila Paulson (Avon had been captured during a raid on a Federation research outpost, and they’d had to leave him behind. When they returned to rescue him, why couldn’t he tell them what had happened to him) (Blake's 7) (129)
  • Death of a Jedi by Brian Garner (Star Wars) (147)
  • A Director's Life, filk by Gatonpaulis, Lorri Nelson, Nikki Cadwell (152)
  • Sticks and Stones by Sheryl Adsit (The Professionals) (153)
  • My Opening Farewell, filk by Gatonpaulis (Star Wars) (160)
  • Last Look, poem by Deborah June Laymon (Star Wars) (161)
  • Never Steele Anything Small by Anne Elizabeth Zeek (Secret meetings with foreign agents…Smart-mouthed computers and a long black Rolls…Kidnappings…Russian crown jewels. It was a normal case now that Remington Steele was involved with her agency) (Remington Steele) (162)

Issue 2

front cover of issue #2, Bernie "The Enterprise, The Omni, and KITT"
back cover of issue #2, Scott F. Hill -- "Have Sword, Will Travel" (Theron and Michael from "The Glass Bell")

Errantry 2 was originally published in May 1984 and contains 220 pages. The art is by Sheryl Adsit, Bernie, Robin L. Belyea, Mary Bloemker, T.J. Burnside, Pat Cash, Allyson M.W. Dyar, J.R. Dunster, eluki bes sharar, Miriam Harvey, Scott F. Hill, Martynn, Marty Siegrist, Deb Walsh, and Carol Walske.

From the editorial:

Thanks also to all who wrote LoCs on the first issue. I'd like to take a minute here to state my feelings about LoCs: they are welcome (it's the only way in which I can tell what I'm doing right or wrong, and it's always nice to get mail...), but I'm not sure they have much meaning except to the editor and contributors in zines that come out once a year and have short print runs. The current policy is that copies of all LoCs go to all contributors; I'd rather use the space that would contain LoCs for more story material. This, however, is a personal view; I'd be happy to hear other viewpoints.

  • Details, Details (editorial) (1)
  • The End of the Tail by Susan R. Matthews (Star Wars) (4)
  • Notes on the Return of a Necklace by Sheryl Adsit (Knight Rider) (24)
  • White Noise, A Fannish Story Masquerading as Airwolf by Shirley Alden (26)
  • And Never Brought to Mind by M. Katherine Davis and Jean Louise Minor (Voyagers!) (28)
  • The Glass Bell by Rosemary Petsley (original fiction?) (46)
  • Eyes of the Blind by Bonnie Reitz (Star Trek) (56) ("The main character in "Eyes of the Wind," War Commander Kirk, was first introduced in "Eye of the Tiger," printed in TIME WARP 5.")
  • Musings, poem by Kathryn Agel (Star Wars) (76)
  • Knight Errant by Shirley Alden (Knight Rider) (77) ("As is mentioned in the story, this tale owes a bow to long standing fannish tradition. The best-known story in this genre is a Star Trek story, "Visit to a Weird Planet," by Jean Lorrah and Willard Hunt, first published by Devra Langsam in SPOCKANALIA 3.")
  • A Touch of Steele by Teri Thorowgood (Remington Steele) (94)
  • Rx: Needs Starch/Permanent Press, monologues by Sheryl Adsit (St. Elsewhere) (100)
  • The Last Laugh Raid by Helen Wilson and Anne Ely Rat Patrol (After the war, the Rat Patrol takes on a new mission with a new ally.) (101)
  • Triplicity by Salathiel Anderson (Airwolf) (117)
  • There Was a Broken Arrow by Kathryn Sullivan (original fiction?) (121)
  • The Lake in the Sky Affair by Charlene Kirby (The Man From U.N.C.L.E.) (138) (reprinted in Waverly Papers #3)
  • Steele Reflections, poem by Pat Nussman (Remington Steele) (141)
  • Absolution by Kathy Hintze (Blake's 7) (152)
  • Of Moon, Mist, and Madness by Sara Abbott (Airwolf) (reprinted in Moon, Mist and Madness, along with two other chapters by other writers) (172)
  • Vixen by Sheryl Adsit (Airwolf) (178)
  • A Time to Choose by Mary Fall (Voyagers!) (200)