Solo (Australian Star Wars zine)

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Title: Solo
Publisher: J.J. Adamson
Editor(s): USS Atlantis Productions
Date(s): 1979
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
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Solo is a Star Wars gen anthology published in Australia.

  • Solo Riddens -- Laughing Corellian by Susan Matthews (poem)
  • Breakout by JJ Adamson (Han turns to his friend, lover and fellow smugger, Seldra.)
  • Lady of the Outlaws by Susan Matthews ("This is a story of the long, slow and painful realisation that, although their ideologies differ, though they argue, Han and Leia really care for each other. Before they can face this fact a lot of troubled nights and days have to take place, a bit of pride has to be swallowed. Finally, Leia seeks the smuggler out in the cantina of his choice and confesses that she wants to stay with him." [1]) (reprinted in Errantry #1)
  • story by Linda Shadle
  • an account by Pat Brimer of meeting David Prowse
  • Mailbag and Fanzine File
  • other unknown content


  1. from Han Solo: Lady's Man for All Seasons