Solo (Australian Star Wars zine)

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Title: Solo
Publisher: Futura Publications
Editor(s): J.J. Adamson, C.W.M. Adamson, and Jenny McLean
Date(s): October 1979
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
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Solo is a Star Wars gen 122-page anthology published in Australia. The interior illos are by J.J. Adamson, Leonard May, and Wishbone.

front cover by J.J. Adamson
From the zine:
WE ANSWER ALL MAIL -- QUICKLY!! ! I If you have written to us and received no answer within one month, please contact us again quickly- especially if you had en closed cheques or money orders, etc.- as the non-answer means that something is wrong and most likely that your letter did not reach us. Please pass this information on to friends who have or are about to contact us. Thanks!


  • Editorial (4)
  • Breakout!, fiction by J.J. Adamson (Han turns to his friend, lover and fellow smugger, Seldra to get Leia out of prison.) (part of Tales From Aagan's Rim Cycle) (5)
  • Solo Ridens -- Laughing Corellian, poem by Susan Matthews (47)
  • The Time the Base One Speeder Won the Yavin Cup by J.J. Adamson and Wishbone (49)
  • Portrait of Han by Leonard May (51)
  • Opinion/Mailbag (letters of comment) (nine pages of unnumbered pages)
  • Meeting Dave Prowse by Pat Brimer (58)
  • The Fanzine Find/Zinefile (61)
  • Great Fanzine Wot We Have Rote, poem by J.J. Adamson, title by Wishbone and Letraset (62)
  • There's No Mystical Energy Field, fiction by Linda Shadle (63)
  • Peter Sumner: Film Guide (short bio and credits) (86)
  • Third Night After Purgatory by Susan Matthews ("An answer to Ellen Blair's "Metamorphosis" in Mos Eisley Tribune #2.") (88)
  • Rhyella of Grathlyl and the Full Blood Spacer of Corel by J.J. Adamson (90)
  • Lady of the Outlaws, fiction by Susan Matthews ("This is a story of the long, slow and painful realisation that, although their ideologies differ, though they argue, Han and Leia really care for each other. Before they can face this fact a lot of troubled nights and days have to take place, a bit of pride has to be swallowed. Finally, Leia seeks the smuggler out in the cantina of his choice and confesses that she wants to stay with him." [1]) (reprinted in Errantry #1) (92)

Interior Sample


  1. from Han Solo: Lady's Man for All Seasons