Marty Siegrist

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Name: Marty Siegrist
Type: fan artist, fanzine publisher
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS, Star Trek: TNG, Space 1999, Star Wars, Starsky & Hutch, Real Ghostbusters, Man from UNCLE, Doctor Who, Remington Steele, Robin of Sherwood
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a caricature by Gordon Carleton of Marty Siegrist, printed in Paladin #1 in 1980

Marty Siegrist was a very prolific multifandom fan artist. She also published the Star Trek fanzine Alpha Continuum and the multiple fandom zine Psst... Hey Kid, Wanna Buy a Fanzine?.

Siegrist was the secretary for MSUSTC.

A 1977 Bio

From Who's Who in Star Trek Fandom:

Marty entered fandom in November 1974 when she attended a Roddenberry lecture and a ST film festival and was hooked. Right afterward she joined MSUSTC, and is still a member. She also belongs to the Logan's Run Organization of Fans and DKAF.


She is the originator of the sports of Marshmenace and Cromenace, along with Tina Henry.

Gallery Siegrist's Work

Zine Contributions

Alpha Continuum | Amazing Grace | Bustin' | Can We Go Home Now? | Chekov In Love and Trouble | ComLoC | The Complete Trekfilker | Cosmoconnection | Ecto | Errantry | Felgercarb | Guardian | Interphase | Jihad! | Just the Four of Us | The Loner | A Matter of Honor | Millennium | The M.U.N.C.L.E. Book | Oaken Heart | Odyssey | Paladin | Pegasus | Psst... Hey Kid, Wanna Buy a Fanzine? | Pulse of the Machine | Rerun | Revenants and Roses | The Roving Reporter | Rising Star | Sanctuary | The Scrying Glass | Second Generation | The Sehlat's Roar | Sol Plus | Spin Dizzie | Steele Files | Sun and Shadow | The Tasks of the Chosen | TrexIndex | The U.N.C.L.E. Special | Volumes of Forgotten Lore | Warped Space | Who's Who and What's That: An A-Z Guide to the Real Ghostbusters | Works of Steele | Zebra Three