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You may be looking for the Spock/McCoy story Unicorn.
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Spock and a unicorn on the cover of First Time #19. Unicorns in fanworks can indicate the virginity of a character.
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Unicorns are a popular element in fanworks.

Because of their association with purity, unicorns sometimes are used as plot device in virgin!fic (for example of the humorous crack kind) to reveal the virginity of a character, especially an unexpected one, i.e. a Secret Virgin.[1][2] This can also be used for misunderstandings, i.e. the other characters think unicorns reveal virginity but are wrong about that, and wrongly assume a character was a virgin. Using the unicorn plot device to reveal the virginity of a character is popular for first time stories in fandoms with canon unicorns.[3]

Unicorns may also be used to point out that a character is "good," whether or not they are a virgin.[4]

Sometimes fanfic plays with the expectation of unicorns as "good" creatures and makes them scary, for example Ineffable, a SPN story by Cofax[5].

There is also fic that turns characters into unicorns:

Examples of Unicorn Transformation or Characters as Unicorns Fic

Fanart and Fanvids

Unicorns are also common in fanart (along with all kinds of other horses and horse derivatives, such as Pegasuses, also combinations such as winged unicorns). The use of unicorns without Ironic Distance is seen as kitschy by some fans, especially in fandoms that don't have them canonically. Others don't see much difference between fanart using unicorns and the equally popular white horses in other fandoms.

In 2010, the release of the popular flash game Robot Unicorn Attack led to an influx of fanart featuring mechanical unicorns with rainbow manes.

Unicorns also feature in vids when unicorns are canon in a fandom:

Fanvid Examples

Fanart Gallery



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