Of Dreams and Schemes

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Title: Of Dreams and Schemes
Publisher: Of Dreams and Schemes Press
Editor(s): Catherine Schlein (all); some early issues by Martha Crawford, Catherine Schlein, and Debi Barbich
Date(s): 1981-2010
Medium: print zine, fanfic
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Of Dreams and Schemes is a gen multifandom anthology with twenty-five issues.

group shot of covers #1-#14

From the Editor

The editor writes of her zine:

Although zine editing is a hobby with us, the three co-editors of OD&S take it quite seriously. Each of us has our specialty, which is probably why we get along so well. Debi Barbich does much of the graphics and typing, Martha Crawford does the editing and some of the writing, and I do whatever else needs to be done. I'm also the slave driver and financial backer. We believe in editing the stories we receive—with final approval of the author, of course. Luckily, Martha is an editor (In real life vs. fan life!) and without her knowledge the zine wouldn't be half as smooth as we hope it is... Fandom is not my life, but It is a very important facet of it. I have met some of the nicest people through fandom—my two co-editors for example. I love hearing from the readers of my zine and really try to include a personal note with each order. Basically, I know what pleases me from a zine editor, and try to give the same thing back. Putting out a zine is fun—or so I keep telling Debi and Martha as I walk around with my whip! May fandom always be as varied as It is today. Or as that certain Vulcan would say—Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. What wonderful words to contemplate. [1]

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Of Dreams and Schemes 1 was published in May 1981 and is 101 pages long. It has art by Laura Virgil and others.

It was edited by Martha Crawford, Catherine Schlein, and Debi Barbich.

In the editorial for The Road Goes Ever On, Schlein notes that this first issue went to the printers the day before her son was born.

  • Pictures in an Exhibition by Catherine Schlein) ("Our heroes are trapped inside an alien painting. McCoy, Spock and Kirk seek shelter from a rainstorm in an alien art gallery and are mesmerized and drawn into the action shown in one of the paintings. We follow McCoy and Spock through their adventure in a warrior society.") (Star Trek: TOS) (25 pages)
  • Reunion at the Balclutha Lounge (Star Trek: TOS) (3 pages)
  • Christmas Cards or Love, Captain Kirk by Denise Mathews ("A comic about a holiday celebration. Spock is once more enduring the 'frivolity and undignified rituals' of the Christmas season. The day before Christmas is Care Day on the Enterprise and traditionally crewmen write their own verses and messages. McCoy has a special message far Spock and is flabbergasted when, for the first time in his life, Spock returns the greeting.") (Star Trek: TOS) (9 pages)
  • The Exile (Star Trek: TOS) ("A meeting with an alien could prove disastrous for Spock.") (20 pages)
  • Epilogue (Star Trek: TOS) (6 pages)
  • Visit to a Strange Battlestar (Battlestar Galactica) (possibly RPF) (15 pages)
  • Miranda by Catherine Schlein (Wild Wild West) (5 pages)
  • Too Much Luck (Battlestar Galactica) (7 pages) ("Starbuck's luck runs out.")
  • Rebels on Undyne or Hero is Just Another Word for Scoundrel (Star Wars) ("Can Chewie keep an injured Han out of the Imperial hands?") (7 pages)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Ann Larsen

Of Dreams and Schemes 2 was published in May 1982 and is 133 pages long. Art is by Melody Rondeau, Laura Virgil, Frank, Schlein, Ann Larsen, and Barbich.

It was edited by Martha Crawford, Catherine Schlein, and Debi Barbich.

  • Love Songs and Gardenias by Lorraine Beatty ("A bittersweet story about McCoy: after the 5 year mission McCoy returned to New Yonada to claim Natira and they are now on Earth happily awaiting the birth of their first child.") (Star Trek: TOS) (19 pages)
  • Star Jumper’s Daughter by Sheryl Skinner (Star Trek: TOS) ("The Enterprise is called upon to transport the last of a powerful race to a confrontation that may spell universal doom.") (15 pages)
  • Shakedown by Cathy Schlein and Crawford (Star Trek: TOS) ("Sulu and Chekov's shakedown cruise proves interesting.") (8 pages)
  • The Night Of The Stalking Death by Lorraine Beatty (Wild Wild West) (18 pages)
  • Money To Blow by Laura Virgil (Alias Smith and Jones) (7 pages)
  • The Night Of The Mysterious Tomb by Cathy Schlein (Wild Wild West) (11 pages)
  • Return To A Strange Battlestar by Sharon Macy (Battlestar Galactica) (15 pages)
  • A Time Of The Hawk: Interlude by D. Mathews (Buck Rogers) (10 pages)
  • The Not-So-Magnificent Nine by Cathy Schlein, Crawford, and Debi Barbich (Wild Wild West/Man From UNCLE/Emergency!/Star Trek: TOS) (13 pages)
  • School Days by Lizabeth S. Tucker (Hardcastle and McCormick)
  • filks, poetry by Lucy Cribb, Sheila Paulson, and Johnpoll

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

[zine]: Of Dreams and Schemes has changed very little since the premiere issue and what has changed seems to be all for the good. The enjoyable mixture of universes and the obvious care taken in production have been retained… The zine is not overly-endowed by artwork but there is an adequate amount and the vast majority is good. Ann Larsen’s unicorn on the front cover is delightful… The portrait of Kirk on the back cover shows a nice leer, well-defined with a minimum of inkwork. He seems to be saying, ‘How do you do, my dear? I am a starship captain, and I’m sexy as hell.’… Of Dreams and Schemes is a rare commodity in today’s fanzine market; it is a fanzine which is fun to read, and fun to enjoy. Sex and violence have, for the most part, been left for other zines. One need not surrender any previously held feelings about the characters in order to read this zine, even if you disagree with the characterizations, the zine will not offend you. The most this zine will make you do is smile, and perhaps laugh. We highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a nice time from a fanzine. [2]

Issue 3

cover of issue #3, Leslie Spurlock

Of Dreams and Schemes 3 was published in May 1984 and contains 154 pages.

One third is Star Trek, one third Western ("Pistols & Parasols"), and one third other media ("Fancy Free").

It was edited by Martha Crawford, Catherine Schlein, and Debi Barbich. The art is by Leslie Spurlock, Pam Brown, Debi Barbich, Sharon Macy, Catherine Schlein, and Melody Rondeau.

  • The More Things Change by Lorraine Beatty ("McCoy returns to the Enterprise at the beginning of STTMP.") (Star Trek: TOS) (4)
  • Seeker, poem by Teresa Sarick (Star Trek: TOS) (7)
  • And On the Third Day by Catherine Schlein ("A religious cult believes that Spock's rebirth on the Genesis planet is the 2nd coming of Christ. While Spock and McCoy are attending a symposium on Earth, McCoy is kidnaped by the cult and seriously injured in the process. The cult refuses to provide medical help for McCoy. They wish Spock to give them a sign, perform a healing miracle on McCoy.") (Star Trek: TOS) (8)
  • A Matter of Necessity, fiction by Martha Crawford (facing the Klingons) (Star Trek: TOS) (20)
  • What a Difference a Year Makes, fiction by Catherine Schlein ("Jim Kirk has been missing for a year and officially declared dead. During that year Spock has become Captain at the Enterprise and his friendship with McCoy has strengthened. When the ship enters the area of space where Kirk was last seen, Spock receives some indication of a mind-link that still exists with Kirk and sets off with McCoy to find Kirk or his body.") (Star Trek: TOS) (32)
  • In the Beginning by Martha Crawford (Spock becomes Yoda in Genesis wave.) (Star Trek: TOS/Star Wars) (56)
  • Remember, poem by Martha Crawford (Star Trek: TOS) (57)
  • Untitled, poem by Rebecca Brothers (Star Trek: TOS) (58)
  • Get Me to the Church on Time by Phyllis Johnpoll (Star Wars) (60)
  • Godzilla Eats the Strange Battlestar by Sharon Macy (Battlestar Galactica) (64)
  • A Moment in Time by Catherine Schlein (Voyagers!) (88)
  • Perspective, vignette by Rebecca Brothers (A fan "travels" to other worlds by way of reading science fiction.) (90)
  • A Strange Troubling in the Force by Geraldine Stout (Star Wars) (91)
  • Indiana Jones in the Adventure of the Sangre Medallion, fiction by Phyllis Johnpoll (not listed in the table of contents) (96)
  • Starry Knight by Sharon Macy (Knight Rider/Battlestar Galactica (1978)) (103)
  • Leia's Decision, filk to the tune of "Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind?," by Phyllis Johnpoll (Star Wars) (105)
  • Thief, poem by Teresa Sarick (unknown fandom) (105)
  • The Gang That Never Returned, filk to the tune of "Charlie on the MTA," by Phyllis Johnpoll (Star Wars) (106)
  • A Horse is a Horse by Melody Rondeau (Laredo) (108)
  • The Night of Tomorrow & Yesterday by Catherine Schlein (Wild Wild West) (112)
  • The Night of the Fairy Godmother by Lorraine Beatty (Wild Wild West) (131)
  • The Weather Report, poem by Meg Fine (139)
  • The Return of the Prodigal by Rachelle S (Adam returns a troubled man.) (Bonanza) (140)
  • Go East Young Man, poem by Meg Fine (unknown fandom) (152)
  • Eulogy by Sharon Dickerson (Wild Wild West) (153)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

[zine]: OF DREAMS AND SCHEMES #3 is the third fanzine to be put out by Catherine Schlein, Debi Barbich and Martha Crawford. What makes this 'zine different from other fanzines is that it is a multimedia fanzine in the true sense of the word. They have sections in the zine dedicated to STAR TREK, Pistols and Parasols (Western), and Fancy Free (which is every thing else). There are many offerings in each section, but I do have my favorites - I enjoyed THE MORE THINGS CHANGE by Lorraine Beatty - a very sensitive McCoy story set at the time of ST:TMP. McCoy feels a nagging need to return and help his friend and at the same time to help himself. GODZIlLLA EATS THE STRANGE BATTLESTAR by Sharon Macy. A Battlestar Galactica tale, sort of. See our heroes, Apollo and Starbuck and 'transferred' with Richard Hatch, and Dirk Benedict and well it's quite a mess. Can Richard save the Galactica? Will Cassiopeia like the kitten? Will Starbuck every get dressed? A funfilled tale, very well written and nicely illustrated. THE NIGHT OF TOMORROW AND YESTERDAY by Catherine Schlein. There are other stories in the, 'zine by Catherine Schlein, but I enjoyed this one the best. She seems to be right in her element with Westerns. This is a Wild Wild West tale of adventure, intrigue and very typical WWW. Everyone one is there from Artemis to Loveless ind you'll enjoy how she weaves the plot in and out with much care. OF DREAMS AND SCHEMES offers many more stories, some very good pieces of artwork and beautiful poetry. This is a 'something for everyone' type of fanzine and if I wanted to introduce someone to the world of fanzines I would highly recommend this 'zine. [3]

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

Of Dreams and Schemes 4 was published in November 1985 and is 160 pages long. Artists include: Schein, Rondeau, Spurlock, and Arnold.

It was edited by Martha Crawford, Catherine Schlein, and Debi Barbich.

  • On That Day I Shall Mourn by Lorraine Beatty (The shuttle returning McCoy to the Enterprise has exploded, killing all on board. Spock tries to use his Vulcan techniques to accept McCoy's death as 'regrettable' and not something he should dwell on, but finds he is unable to do so. He finally acknouledges his grief and guilt over not being willing to mourn his friend's death and sets about to create his own memorial.) (Star Trek: TOS) (9 pages)
  • Once Upon a Dragon (Star Trek: TOS) (4 pages)
  • A Case of Crew Excesses (Star Trek: TOS) (7 pages)
  • A Question of Perspective by DeVries (Star Trek: TOS) (15 pages)
  • The Night of the Bullet by Lorraine Beatty (Wild Wild West) (24 pages)
  • Flash Flood (Alias Smith and Jones) (5 pages)
  • The Night of the Would-Be Agent by Catherine Schlein (Wild Wild West) (17 pages)
  • Kid Curry Communes with Nature (Alias Smith and Jones) (3 pages) (Kid likes snow, and much to Heye's disgust, a nice light tale)
  • A First for Reese (Laredo) 9 pages) (a short story where, for once, Reese, gets the best of his fellow rangers)
  • Nightmare by D. Matthews (Airwolf) (10 pages) (explores the relationship between Stringfellow and Archangel)
  • Duffy by Catherine Schlein (Simon & Simon) (18 pages) (A.J. is in the hospital and Rick is trying to find out why his young friend, Duffy, has disappeared.)
  • I’ll Be There (Simon & Simon) (3 pages) (In the late '60s, A.J. is drifting out to sea on his surfboard, a spooky short story)
  • Terminus, P.S. (Doctor Who) (4 pages)
  • The Promise (Simon & Simon) (1 page)
  • The Strange Battlestar and The Invisible Sun (Battlestar Galactica) (12 pages)

Issue 5

cover of issue #5

Of Dreams and Schemes 5 was published in October 1986 and contains 166 pages. Artwork by Debi Barbich, Leah Rosenthal, Melody Rondeau, Leslie Spurlock and Catherine Schlein.

It was the first issue edited by just Catherine Schlein.

  • The Fortune Cookie by Pam Spurlock--Bodie and Doyle find out that a Chinese dinner can be the start of numerous problems. (Professionals)
  • Guardian Angel (Simon and Simon)
  • Monsters in the Darkness by Enright--A.J. is kidnapped. Can Rick find him in time? (Simon and Simon)
  • The Wish (?)
  • Dirty Side Down by Laura Jeffords--Rick and A.J. take it on the road. (Simon and Simon)
  • The Birthday Present (Simon and Simon)
  • Fleeting Thoughts of Dawn (Star Trek)
  • The Men of Silverado by Devries--Jake and Emmett return when one of their friends is killed. (Silverado)
  • The Chisholm Trail 1873 by R.K. MacBride--Losing a bar fight in a small Texas town is the reason why Hannibal Heyes never got around to robbing the bank in Fort Worth. (Alias Smith and Jones)
  • The Night of the Horseless Carriage Caper by Cathy Schlein--Jim and Artie are hot on the trail of a missing horseless carriage. (Wild Wild West)
  • Suit Yourself Leah Rosenthal and Ann Wortham--Vila has destroyed the contents of the wardrobe room on Liberator. He and Avon are sent to Pennyworld, an enormous planet-sized mall with a credit card and a mission.... Reprinted in Chronicles Annual 1987 and The Bizarro Zine #4. (Blake's Seven)
  • Communion (Airwolf Poem)
  • The Richter Scale (A-Team)
  • The Fire Sale Affair (Man From Uncle) (reprinted in UNCLE Gold #2)
  • One for Yesterday by Linda Knights--Cody brings a badly injured Nick to the boat. Can they save him? (Riptide)
  • The Fortune Cookies by Leslie Spurlock (Professionals)
  • Sonnet by R.K. MacBride (?)
  • Snow Princes by Teresa Sarick (Wizards & Warriors)
  • Case File #91 by Teresa Sarick (The Phoenix)
  • Lost Scenario (The Greatest American Hero)
  • In Darkness We Fear by Cathy Schlein--Why is Lee so afraid of the dark? (Scarecrow and Mrs. King)

Issue 6

cover of issue #6
table of contents of issue #6

Of Dreams and Schemes 6 was published in May 1988 and is 214 pages long.

It was edited by Martha Crawford, Catherine Schlein, and Debi Barbich.

The art is by Melody Rondeau, Corrina Hansen, Theresa Buffaloe, Leslie Spurlock, Catherine Schein, and Debi Barbich.

Present Tense:

  • Editorial (2)
  • Halloween in Tijuana by Lizabeth Tucker (Simon and Simon) (3)
  • Baby Brother, poem by Sarah Macht-DeWitt (Simon and Simon) (21)
  • The Moon Over UNCLE Affair by A. Giordano and H. Gerstner (U and Moon) (22)
  • Warrior Of The Castle by Kitty Woldow and S. Smith (Miami Vice) (31)
  • Scarecrow and Mrs. Thing by April Schowyrs (Scarecrow and Mrs. King) (42)
  • Legacy trom the Jungles of Nam by Lorraine Beatty (A-Team) (45)
  • Coming Home by Mona Sechrest (Hardcastle and McCormick) (64)
  • We Are All Legends, poem by Ann Morris (fantasy) (68)
  • Moss, poem by Edith Gallegos (71)
  • Turning Toward the Morning by Catherine Schlein (Simon and Simon) (72)
  • Minstrel Without a Song, poem by Ann Morris (fantasy) (80)
  • The Trick Or Treat Affair by Erika Frensley (Man From UNCLE) (81)
  • Selective Amnesia by Rachelle S (Riptide) (88)
  • Spell, poem by Ann Morris (111)
  • Keeping the Faith by Teresa Sarick (Airwolf) (112)
  • Knocking on Heaven's Gate by Martha Crawford (Magnum PI) (113)
  • Beware the Witness by Catherine Schlein (Houston Knights) (114)

Past Tense:

Future Tense:

  • Knight Visions by Teresa Sarick (Wizards and Warriors) (163)
  • Siren Song, poem by Ann Morris (fantasy) (172)
  • The Elder Knight's Lament, poem by Ann Morris (fantasy) (172)
  • Lighted Doorways by Kitty Woldow and LA Carr (Beauty and The Beast) (174)
  • For a Friend, poem by Sharon Hyler (Star Trek) (178)
  • A Little Vulcan Humor by Tina Phillips (Star Trek) (179)
  • A Chance for Friendship by April Schowyrs (Star Trek) (181)
  • Consequences by Teresa Sarick (Star Trek) (183)
  • Code One, One-A, Two-B by R.K. McBride (Star Trek) (187)
  • The Princess, poem by Corrina Hansen (fantasy) (188)
  • Point Of No Return (Starman) (188)
  • Fear Not the Sea by R.K. McBride (Star Trek) (190)
  • Except in Memory, poem by R.K. McBride (Star Trek) (214)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 6

[zine]: OF DREAMS AND SCHEMES #6 follows the same high standard of quality of writing and stories and its predecessors. It contains "present, past and future" tenses, or in other words, an excellent mixture of contemporary series writing, old tv series and science fiction and fantasy. The well-written stories from Simon & Simon, Riptide, Houston Knights, Magnum P.I., etc., are a treat to read as well as the stories from the old west and Star Trek, and Beauty and the Beast. "Selective Amnesia" (Riptide) showed how, after Murray was hurt, everyone pitched in to help find his attacker because despite everything, Murray gets to people. The other stories are just as interesting to read and I couldn't put this zine down. Being more of a science fiction/fantasy reader, I really enjoyed the future tense section, especially "A Little Vulcan Humor." It was just hysterical and I could just see Spock's expression when McCoy opened his birthday present! "Lighted Doorways," a Beauty and the Beast story, captured the essence of the series and I wanted to help save Vincent from the accident. All of the other stories were very good and I hated to come to the end of the zine because I wanted more. [4]

Issue 7

cover of issue #7

Of Dreams and Schemes 7 was published in May 1990 and is 224 pages long.

Issue 8

Of Dreams and Schemes 8 was published in September 1992 and is 220 pages long.

The art is by Leslie Spurlock, Roseanne Rice, Martin Collins, Charlene Kirby, and Catherine Schlein.

cover of issue #8, Leslie Spurlock
  • The Game Is Afoot by April Giordano-Gresalfi and Maureen Torrens ("Q awakens the holo-Moriarty and gives him and his world new life, in order to judge Picard's morality in dealing with them.") (Star Trek: TNG) (10 pages)
  • Michael's Eyes by Linda Bowe (Star Trek, OC characters) (5 pages)
  • Awakening, poem by Sue Ann Sarick (Star Trek: TOS)
  • And The Horse You Rode In On by Gillian Holt ("The Blackwood Project needs their coffee.") (War of the Worlds) (3 pages)
  • Freedom's Martyr by M.L. Pennington ("The Terran Empire is torn by a uprising that uses the memory of an ancient rebel as their symbol. Captain Picard decides to stop them at the source by going back in time to assassinate that rebel--Roj Blake.") (Mirror Universe Star Trek: TNG/Blake's 7) (19 pages)
  • Spawning Reptiles, poem by Teri Sarick (V)
  • Blessing or Curse? by Catherine Schlein ("When the holodecks are shut down for a month, the crew of the Enterprise must find other alternatives.") (Star Trek: TNG) (4 pages)
  • Tender Love, poem by Sue Ann Sarick (Star Trek: TOS)
  • White Man's Medicine by Linda Knights (Garrison's Gorillas) (reprinted in G-2 Files #19) (12 pages)
  • Night of the Bargain by Catherine Schlein (Wild Wild West) (11 pages)
  • Dangerous Power, poem by Teri Sarick (Wizards and Warriors)
  • Brothers of Destiny by Valerie DeVries (Young Riders) (16 pages)
  • The Quality of Mercy Raid by R.K. MacBride ("After an accident strands Dietrich and Arnheiter in the desert, Arnheiter seeks the Rat Patrol's help to save the life of his injured captain.") (Rat Patrol) (reprinted in Rats and Foxes) (13 pages)
  • Lonely is the Hunter by Regenia Marracino (Batman) (4 pages)
  • Ellerby, Adderly, filk by Teri Sarick (Adderly)
  • The Judge Speaks, poem by Juli Cleveland (Hardcastle and McCormick)
  • McCormick's Answer, poem by Juli Cleveland (Hardcastle and McCormick)
  • Blue Flu Blues by Catherine Schlein ("When Lundy and LaFiamma remain on duty during a police strike, LaFiamma must confront a dangerous situation without backup.") (Houston Knights) (23 pages)
  • Woman on the Beach, poem by Teresa Sarick (Magnum P.I.)
  • Archangel by Teri Sarick (Airwolf) (filk)
  • Play Toys by Maquis Leader ("Riggs and Murtaugh track down a dealer who has been selling guns to schoolchildren.") (Lethal Weapon) (6 pages)
  • Thoughts in the Coffin, poem by Michelle Christian (Starsky and Hutch)
  • Looking into the Coffin, poem by Michelle Christian (Starsky and Hutch)
  • The Healing of Wounds by David Neal (M*A*S*H) (12 pages)
  • Betrayal, poem by Marcia Brin (Miami Vice)
  • Ghost Writer by Rachelle S. (Simon & Simon) (17 pages)
  • Twas the Knight Before Christmas, poem by Teresa Sarick (Wizards and Warriors)
  • Do Not Tilt by Charlene Kirby (Batman) (23 pages)
  • John Drake Escapes, poem by Teresa Sarick (The Prisoner)
  • Colonel Clack on V.H. Adderly, poem by Sue Ann Sarick (Adderly)
  • Sunlight by Anne Ely and Helen Wilson (Doctor Who/The Professionals) (25 pages)
  • Leela, poem by Juli Cleveland (Doctor Who)
  • Sonny, poem by Teresa Sarick (Miami Vice)
  • Urban Myth by Christina Kamnikar ("Ray recounts the story of the night he helped a ghostly hitchhiker find her way home.") (The Real Ghostbusters) (5 pages)

Issue 9

cover of issue #9, Leslie Spurlock

Of Dreams and Schemes 9 was published in May 1994 and is 228 pages long. It was edited by Catherine Schlein, Debi Barbich, and Martha Crawford.

From the editorial:

For thirteen years, we have been stepping to a different drummer—a drummer who has taken us on Henry David Thoreau journey none of us expected. We started when fandom was mainly Star Trek, Star Wars, a smattering of westerns, and two relative newcomers — Dr. Who and Battlestar Galactica. Since then, we have watched fandom grow and diversify. Star Trek is still there — but now it's not only Kirk, Spock, McCoy and crew, but a new generation—and a deep space station. The westerns still touch us, but fewer now, and there are whole new fandoms opening up — X-Files, Kung Fu: the Legend Continues, Highlander and old shows with faithful followers — Rat Patrol, Wild Wild West, and more.

Each new show—or old show rediscovered—gives opportunities for exploration of those basic things that make us human — hopes, dreams, loves, and...schemes— plenty of schemes! And in that exploration are born the stories in this zine.

So here we are again, three...old(er) friends who have managed to stay together through thirteen years of putting out zines—and lived to tell about it! With the publication of this, and Splinters of Light II (our all Kung Fu zine), we have put out a grand total of seventeen zines. Wow! Sometimes we even impress ourselves!

So, here we are once again, bidding you all welcome.


Reactions and Reviews: Issue 9

[File 12-12]: File 12-13" by Catherine Schlein takes place in the Highlander universe after Richie is an immortal. Richie is the sole survivor of a plane crash and Duncan goes off to pick him up. Agent Mulder spots the story of the lone survivor who walked out of the mountains in the winter. He has been keeping a file on extraordinary cases of survival and is beginning to become suspicious. He convinces Scully to go along and they find themselves involved in Duncan's encounter with another immortal. This story is more Highlander than X-Files, but the characters are well handled and the two shows are well blended. I do wish the story had been longer, as I would have liked to see things handled at a slower and deeper pace. A good read, though, and well worth the zine. Twenty-five pages of medium-size, dense type, with one pen-and-ink drawing. [5]

Issue 10

cover of issue #10, Leslie Spurlock

Of Dreams and Schemes 10 was published in 1995 and is 228 pages long.

  • Sam-I-Am by Marisa Golini ("When a friend of Mulder's picks up a confused woman, he suspects she might be an abductee and calls Fox.") (X-Files) (4)
  • Reflections by Melissa Mastoris (Quantum Leap) (19)
  • Hitting the Wall by Catherine Schlein ("The years are stretching forward for Richie and Duncan, what happens when the years seem too long?") (Highlander) (20)
  • Basement Shadows by Teri Sarick (Adderly) (35)
  • Trail Ride by Pamela Corsa ("Levon takes LaFiamma on a trail ride so the Italian can forget his problems. But problems fallow them and very nearly cost them their lives.") (Houston Knights) (36)
  • Queen Blackpool II by Teri Sarick (Wizards and Warriors) (57)
  • Deus Ex Urbis by Sheila Paulson "A tragedy touches the Ghostbusters in an abandoned warehouse. Just how final is death?") (Real Ghostbusters) (58)
  • Dragon's Fang by Brigit Stabler ("A deadly drug is on the streets and Peter's attempt to infiltrate the drug dealers ends him in the hospital -- with no memory of what happened, or of his life.") (Kung Fu: TLC) (75)
  • Then There's Lex Luthor by Sue-Anne Sarick (Superman) (100)
  • Second Chance by Jerry Tilton ("A pregnant woman dies and her baby is saved, but can the past be changed?") (Original SF) (101)
  • Sully by Teri Sarick (Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman) (111)
  • The Kidnapped Geek by Christine Jeffords ("When Murray is kidnapped, the clues are scarce.") (Riptide) (112)
  • Street Smart by Sue-Anne Sarick (Miami Vice) (142)
  • The Empty Balcony by Teri Sarick (Beauty & the Beast) (143)
  • The Night of the Abyss by Jean Thrower (Wild Wild West) (144)
  • Workout by Teri Sarick (Matrix) (148)
  • One Last Dance by Catherine Schlein ("A gold pendant brings together Artemus Gordon and MacLeod, plunging them into a desperate struggle against an ancient god whose priest was responsible for the death of James West.") (War of the Worlds/Highlander) (151 )
  • The Very Last Raid, part one by R.K. MacBride (Rat Patrol/Star Trek: TOS) (Abducted and stranded on an alien planet, the Rat Patrol and Dietrich's party must get along in order to survive.) (reprinted in Rats and Foxes) (200)
  • O'Brien by Teri Sarick (Star Trek: TNG) (228)


Reactions and Reviews: Issue 10

See reactions and reviews for SAM-I-AM.

Issue 11

cover of issue #11, Leslie Spurlock

Of Dreams and Schemes 11 was published in July 1996 and contains 222 pages.


Issue 12

cover of issue #12, Leslie Spurlock

Of Dreams and Schemes 12 was published in May 1997 and contains 284 pages.


  • Leslie Spurlock (front cover), other art by Leslie Spurlock, Melody Rondeau, and Catherine Schlein

Issue 13

cover of issue #13, Leslie Spurlock

Of Dreams and Schemes 13 as published in 1998 and is 260 pages long.


Issue 14

cover of issue #14, Leslie Spurlock

Of Dreams and Schemes 14 was published in May 1999 and is 256 pages long.

The art is by Leslie Spurlock, Chari Wessel, and Catherine Schlein.

Issue 15

cover of issue #15, Catherine Schlein

Of Dreams and Schemes 15 was published in 2000 and is 200 pages long.

  • Broken Covenant by Debra Hicks (Chris Larabee is faced with learning to trust Ezra or losing a member of the seven. An accident (or is it?) wounds Ezra and leaves Larabee with questions.) (Magnificent 7) (7)
  • Beating the Odds by Catherine Schlein (The streams around LA are high, and Roy and Johnny respond to a car in a stream. When Johnny's safety line is broken and he is swept down stream. Roy's decision to save his friend has ramifications for the older paramedic.) (Emergency!) (18)
  • Avon the Alpha by Teri Sarick (Blake's 7) (26
  • SG-1 Survival Kit by James Walkswithwind (Stargate SG-1) (27)
  • Angel Wings by Teri Sarick (Airwolf) (29)
  • Sanctuary by Mary Bloemker (When Edgar Benedek and Jonathan MacKensie try to rescue Dr. Moorhouse, they find themselves faced with an enigmatic priest, a strange brotherhood, and a lady who doesn't want to leave.) (Shadow Chasers) (30)
  • Levon Lundy: Lost and Found by Lynn Harvey (An old nemesis of Levon Lundy escapes prison. He vowed vengeance on the Texan. An old "friend" comes to warn Lundy. When Lundy comes up missing, it is up to Joe and the old friend to find him and then up to Joe to help Levon recover.) (Houston Knights) (56)
  • Texas Dreams by Maggie (Houston Knights) (74)
  • Livin' on Hellmouth by Liza Osburn (Buffy: the Vampire Slayer) (75)
  • Some Kind of Friend by K. Hanna Korossy (New friends--old friends. The test of loyalty is a hard one. Starsky is faced with an old friend who is not in a legal "business.") (Starsky & Hutch) (76)
  • Constance by Teri Sarick (The Visitor) (87)
  • Caged Angel by Lynn Harvey (Garrison and a wounded Chief are captured and held by the Germans. They get help from an unusual source.) (Garrison's Gorillas) (88)
  • Your Young Men Shall See Visions by Sheila Paulson (Jim opens his senses to test them after being hit in the head and ends up with an overload which opens him to another type of sensory development. He finds himself being able to see through the veil between the worlds. When one of the denizens of the other world causes problems, Blair and Jim contact the Ghostbusters.) (Sentinel/Real Ghostbusters) (96)
  • Somewhere in the Night by James Walkswithwind (Third Watch) (117)
  • In the Heat of the Day by Lisa Swetnam (J.D. is injured when he goes to investigate a noise outside. The would-be stage coach robbers end up with Nathan, Buck and J.D. in custody and the other four have to come up with plan to get them free.) (Magnificent 7) (119)
  • Wild West by Maggie (Magnificent 7) (125)
  • Coming in from the Cold by Teri Sarick (Man from UNCLE) (126)
  • Regrets by Lynn Harvey (Levon's one-time lady, Jamie, dies suddenly, leaving the Texan with many regrets. A camping trip with LaFiamma to "get away from things" doesn't help.) (Houston Knights) (128)
  • Benny by Teri Sarick (Due South) (137)
  • Slight of Mind by Donna Andrews (Ray returns from a trip to the comic book store, to face his worst nightmare--the containment unit has been breached--and as he tries to recapture some of the escapees, his shots find other targets and his friends pay for his mistake. But things just may not be what they seem. What is real and what is not? Will Ray pay with his sanity for the knowledge.) (Real Ghostbusters) (138)
  • Buffy's Angel by Liza Osburn (Buffy: TVS) (154)
  • Technicolored Rainbows by Catherine Schlein (When Duncan MacLeod turns up missing, Richie and Methos become unlikely partners in finding him--and determining why his mind is gone.) (Highlander) (155)
  • The Night of the Bandits by Catherine Schlein (Artemus Gordon's latest project has been an elaborate alarm system for a bank, but at it's first day in use, things go disastrously wrong and he ends up as a hostage. It's up to Jim West to rescue his partner.) (Wild Wild West) (195)


  • Catherine Schlein (front cover)

Issue 16

cover of issue #16, Catherine Schlein

Of Dreams and Schemes 16 was published in 2001 and is 213 pages long.

  • Charge Over Thee by Debra Hicks (There is a power in true friendship, one that endures all adversity and reaches...sometimes from beyond life itself. When an avalalanche catches Buck and Ezra, their friendship proves stronger than death.) (Magnificent 7) (3 (winner of a 2002 FanQ)
  • Max by Teri Sarick (Roswell) (15)
  • Dreams of Gold by Sheila Paulson (Peter's father shows up at Ghostbuster central with a story of gold and leprechauns. Egon, alone for the day, goes with him to investigate with disastrous results.) (Real Ghostbusters) (16)
  • Father Ray by Teri Sarick (Nothing Sacred (45)
  • Revelations by Andra Mueller (Kung Fu: TLC) (46)
  • You Know You're a Kung Fu Monk When... by Teri Sarick (Kung Fu: TLC) (69)
  • Territorial Boundaries by K. Hanna Korossy (The LAPD is being stalked--by a psycho. Starsky and Hutch are on the case but it gets personal when one of the pair disappears and it looks like he may be the latest victim.) (Starsky and Hutch) (70)
  • Oh, the Days by Maggie (Multimedia) (82)
  • I'm Here by Melissa Mastoris (X-Files) (83)
  • Orphans by Lynn Harvey (Vin and Chris come on an attacked wagon. The only survivors are four children ages infancy to twelve. Vin finds himself as a father figure--an uneasy role for him at first, but one he begins to enjoy.) (Magnificent 7) (84)
  • Promises to Keep by Lucy Broadway (MacLeod's life moves on. Anne is gone now, and the child they raised together, Mary, is all grown up with children of her own. Joe, is in his last years. But the Game goes on, and the lives of mortals and Immortals intertwine when an Immortal learns how to clone himself and his wife. (For those of you who have read Lucy's stories in Rules of the Game, this is the latest one. For those of you who haven't, this stands alone, but there is a recap of the other stories to help you along.) (Highlander) (99)
  • A Measure of Time by Catherine Schlein (Emergency!) (158)
  • Reality Check by Teri Sarick (Quantum Leap) (164)
  • Sleepwalking by Teri Sarick (Due South) (166)
  • Strangers Met, Friends Kept by Lynn Harvey (The team is caught behind enemy lines with a badly injured Chief and an injured Garrison. They meet and are helped by a young woman.) (Garrison's Gorillas) (170)
  • Decisions: Yoda by Melissa Mastoris (Star Wars) (179)
  • When Love Must Die by Melissa Mastoris (Highlander) (180)
  • One is a Lonely Number by Catherine Schlein (Blair and Jim are at a crossroads. Jim has gained control over his senses and needs his guide less and less. Sandburg is a professor now. Life has changed, so have they. When Blair takes a summer assignment at New Mexico, Jim has to face life without his partner.) (Sentinel) (181)
  • The Gift by Melissa Mastoris (Highlander) (197)
  • The Truth in a Paranoid Enigma by Catherine Schlein (This story is based on the new series on the SCIFI channel. Darien is stressed out and he and Bobby are sent to a retreat--but one of the other guests there is not there for rest and Darien learns some truths about his partner.) (Invisible Man) (198)
  • Richie Remembered by Melissa Mastoris (Highlander) (211)
  • Early Edition Riddles by Teri Sarick (Early Edition) (212)


  • Catherine Schlein (front cover)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 16

[Territorial Boundaries]: The bad guy has an axe to grind with law enforcement and kidnaps his victims at random-from any precinct, any rank, both male and female. He enjoys torturing and leaving his victims posed for their colleagues to find. Once he’s tipped the incompetent cops off to their whereabouts, of course. Hutch becomes one of the chosen. If you enjoy a hurt Hutch and a frantic Starsky, this story will push your buttons. [6]

Issue 17

cover of issue #17, Catherine Schlein

Of Dreams and Schemes 17 was published in 2002 and is 220 pages long.

  • The Gift by Dawn Cunningham (It's Christmas aboard the alien ship and John Crichton is feeling very homesick.) (Farscape) (3)
  • Reflections: Sarah Jane by Melissa Mastoris (Dr. Who) (8)
  • Loss by K. Hanna Korossy (A shooting leaves Starsky alone, hurting and very afraid of facing a future without his partner.) (Starsky and Hutch) (9)
  • Freedom by Dawn Cunningham (When astronaut Pete Burke gets sold as a slave, he ends up on a plantation where the humans are docile and controlled. When he discovers why, he is desperate to get away. Galen and Alan are just as desperate to find him.) (Planet of the Apes) (14)
  • Slime by Sheila Paulson (A demon with very unusual slime causes the Ghostbusters troubles. Their first encounter finds Peter with an allergic reaction to the stuff that swells his eyes shut. Their second encounter is even worse.) (Real Ghostbusters) (35
  • Such Bold and Bloody Causes by Debra Hicks (When Ezra gets shot, it is up to Nathan to try to save him--but the healer has other patients as well and Nathan wrestles with guilt at having to put Ezra last.) (Magnificent 7) (63)
  • A Cessation of Hostilities by Marcia Brin (Babylon 5) (96)
  • Mark's Goodbye by Melissa Mastoris (ER) (99)
  • Night Hope by Maggie (Jeremiah) (100)
  • Destiny of Four by Catherine Schlein (Richard Ryan is the latest in a line of student assistants for Blair Sandburg. When Richie gets ill, he ends up as the only hope for a cure. But no one can find him, or his illusive friend, Duncan MacLeod. Sentinel meets Highlander--and whose destiny hangs in the balance?) (Highlander/Sentinel) (101)
  • Chance Refused by Melissa Mastoris (Due South) (140)
  • Zafiro del Mar by Vicki Childs (Two Texas Rangers are in town, so Chris sends Vin Tanner with Ezra to San Francisco. Vin looks up an old flame, and their passions run hot, but the course of love is not smooth.) (Magnificent 7) (141)
  • Wanted by Catherine Schlein (Multimedia) (204)
  • To Bring the Endless Night by Catherine Schlein (Rebecca Fogg's investigation of a string of murders leads her to believe that Phileas Fogg is the next victim. It becomes a race to save Fogg's life--and sanity.) (Secret Adventures of Jules Verne) (205)
  • For the Curious...Show Synopses by Catherine Schlein (Multimedia) (220)


  • Catherine Schlein (front cover)

Issue 18

cover of issue #18, Catherine Schlein

Of Dreams and Schemes 18 was published in 2003 and is 184 pages long.

  • Bounty Hunter by Dawn Cunningham (John Crichton meets a woman on a space station who is the target of a dangerous assassin. When he takes her back to Moya, things begin to get interesting.) (Farscape) (3)
  • Good Grief by Teri Sarick (Charles Shultz tribute) (25)
  • Jaws of Darkness by Sheila Paulson (Slimer and Ray are hanging around the firehouse, just having fun, when a nasty ghost shows up and...devours Slimer. Can an injured Ray keep the guys from capturing the nasty ghost and sealing Slimer’s fate.) (Real Ghostbusters) (26)
  • Snow Falling by Melissa Mastoris (Due South) (44)
  • Watchfire by Teri Sarick (When Cole (who bears a remarkable resemblance to a certain Highland Immortal) goes into a dark alley, he is met by a woman with a sword who is intent on taking his head. Then a mysterious stranger who may have some answers shows up at the Watchfire Bar.) Highlander/Tracker) (45)
  • Reflections: Mulder by Melissa Mastoris (The X-Files) (58)
  • Dream Walker by Catherine Schlein (Death is a occupational hazard for firemen, but when it’s an illness...it just doesn’t seem fair. When Johnny has to face some difficult decisions, he returns home to walk another path and Roy goes with him. On the reservation, DeSoto learns more about his partner.) (Emergency!) (59)
  • The Return of Mattie Coyle by K. Hanna Korossy (Mattie Coyle is out of prison and planning revenge on his two least favorite cops. What he has in store for them makes Hutch have to walk the edge of the law.) (Starsky and Hutch) (94)
  • No Longer by L.A. Carr (Star Wars) (119)
  • Learning Curve by Catherine Schlein (Duncan MacLeod’s new student isn’t what he thinks he is. As the Watchers observe--a tale unfolds as Richie teaches his one-time mentor a valuable lesson about living.) (Highlander) (124)
  • Ice Fishing by K. Hanna Korossy (When a rescue goes bad, it takes a good friend to listen to you and set you straight.) (Emergency!) (138
  • Choosing to Follow by Melissa Mastoris (Blake's 7) (142)
  • Grab On by Dana Bell (Original Fiction) (144)
  • The House Under the Hill by Catherine Schlein (A financially strapped Jules Verne takes a job that seems too good to believe. When he arrives in Biancio, he finds himself with a gifted student--academically and psychically. That second ability may cost Jules his freedom and sanity unless Phileas and Rebecca can get there first.) (The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne) (146)
  • A Cat by Roses by Teri Sarick (Cats) (181)
  • To Summers Long Ago by Maggie (Childhood) (182)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 18

See reactions and reviews for Mattie Coyle's Back in Town.

Issue 19

cover of issue #19, Catherine Schlein

Of Dreams and Schemes 19 was published in 2004 and is 184 pages long.

Issue 20

cover of issue #20

Of Dreams and Schemes 20 was published in 2005 and is 154 pages long.

Issue 21

cover of issue #21

Of Dreams and Schemes 21 was published in May 2006 has 248 pages. From the publisher's summary: Contains no slash, no het, no death fic, only strong friendships, bonds, angst, smarm and hurt/comfort! 8.5X11" comb binding fanzine.

Issue 22

cover of issue #22

Of Dreams and Schemes 22 was published in May 2007 and is 258 pages long.

Issue 23

Of Dreams and Schemes 23 published in 2009 and contains 262 pages.

Artwork Maggie (front cover)

Issue 24

cover of issue #24

Of Dreams and Schemes 24 was published in May 2009 and contains 254 pages.

Issue 25

Of Dreams and Schemes 25 was published in May 2010 and contains 236 pages. It was the last issue.

  • To the OTFs in the House by Maggie (Fandom Meta) (4)
  • Road Trip by Catherine Schlein (After the death of his mother, Spenser Reid takes a road trip to find an old friend.) (Criminal Minds) (5)
  • Ephemeral by Sheila Paulson (Death is a part of the mortal world, but Legolas isn’t ready to accept it. The young elf must come to terms with the ephemeral nature of existence.) (Lord of the Rings) (11)
  • Ever Green by Maggie (Lord of the Rings) (24)
  • Escaping Platonius by Lorraine Anderson (When Alexander wants to join Starfleet, no one is too sure about it.) (Star Trek: TOS) (25)
  • Hidden Memories by Loretta Greco (A chance meeting careens Steve down a path of bitter memories. It is up to Danny to help his boss and friend through a difficult time.) (Hawaii 5-0) (29)
  • Take Me Back by Maggie (Poem) (50)
  • Poliania by Dana Bell (Taylor and Nova travel across the ruined landscape of what was once the United States to find a rumored human settlement somewhere in the west. Once there, Taylor is called upon to help his former ape friends.) (Planet of the Apes) (51)
  • Sparrow by Teri Sarick (Inara is back on Serenity and has a conversation with Shepherd Book.) (Poem) (64)
  • When Gifts Wait, Unopened by Sheryl Tribble (Firefly) (65)
  • Ralph and the Kittens by Sheila Paulson (Ray is sent to the Netherworld and finds himself rescued by a cabbie from New York and the man’s four furry charges. (Who knew that demons had a soft spot for kittens?). Meanwhile, back at home, the rest of the Ghostbusters must find a way to retrieve him before he becomes demon dinner.) (Real Ghostbusters) (69)
  • Remembering Conversation by Maggie (Poem) (89)
  • Hero Complex by Teri Sarick (Poem) (90)
  • Forgetting by Catherine Schlein (The quest for the ring is long ago, and Frodo is in the land across the sea. Sam’s life is busy and full but when his youngest son finds a memento of Frodo’s, Sam fears he is forgetting his dear friend and all that they went through.) (Lord of the Rings) (91)
  • Team Gibbs by Maggie (NCIS) (97)
  • Dinner with Aunt Phoebe by Susan Macdonald (Max and McAllister bump into Max’s cousin, who just happens to be the daughter of the professor... of Nanny and the professor. Will the enigmatic Nanny help them on their way?) (The Master/Nanny and the Professor) (98)
  • The Ghost and Sam Winchester by K. Hanna Korossy (There are some people you just don’t want as ghosts.... And for Sam Winchester, his brother is one of them. When Dean turns up in ghostly form, Sam fears he’s lost him forever.) (Supernatural) (105)
  • The Night of the Warehouse by Catherine Schlein (There are things that should never see the light of day and Artemus Gordon wants to know just what the Secret Service is doing with those things he and Jim have found over the years. When he finds out, he’s none too pleased and plans to rectify the situation.) (Wild Wild West/Warehouse 13) (117)
  • Sexy Beast by Teri Sarick (Sex in the City) (123)
  • The Rose I Knew in City Lights by Teri Sarick (Poem) (126)
  • Something Unpredictable (Nothing is ever simple in the world of Stalag 13. You have the Gestapo, Klink, other prisoners, and... influenza. When Hogan comes down with the illness, the havoc it causes is anything but humorous.) by Peggy Hartsook (Hogan's Heroes) (127)
  • We Need Heroes by Maggie (Poem) (179)
  • The Night of Crossed Trails by Catherine Schlein (A chance meeting on the trail involves the Beaudine brothers in a secret service mission. But things don’t go as planned and Artemus Gordon is captured by the land-grabber Peterson. In the ensuing fight, one of the brothers is gravely injured.) (Wild Wild West/The Quest) (177)
  • Things in the Mall by Lorraine Anderson (Stargate SG-1) (233)


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