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Name: Pat Dunn
Alias(es): Patricia Dunn
Type: Fan Writer
Fandoms: Beauty and the Beast (TV), Touched by an Angel, Star Trek: TOS, Quantum Leap, Shadow Chasers, The Real Ghostbusters, Blake's 7, Man from UNCLE, Highlander, Robin of Sherwood and Zorro
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Pat Dunn is a fanwriter who wrote numerous zine stories with another author, Diana Smith.

Smith and Dunn also created the vampire original characters, Nicholas and Varina.

Pat also wrote for some zines alone: The Captain's Woman, Dial S., and the first issue of Behind the Blue Door.

Man from UNCLE zines

Beauty and the Beast


Blake's 7 zines

Shadow Chasers zines

Robin of Sherwood

The Real Ghostbusters zines

Forever Knight

Quantum Leap zines

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues


Multifandom zines