Children of the Federation

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Title: Children of the Federation
Publisher: Rabble Press
Editor(s): Bonnie Vitti
Date(s): 1990
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Blake's 7
Language: English
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Children of the Federation is a 115-page gen Blake's 7 anthology.

All the stories in it focus on the crew as children, or with children of their own.

The art is by Melody Rondeau (front covers), Rosemary Woodhouse, and Leigh Arnold.

a 1989 flyer, note the two planned stories that did not end up in this zine: "The Killers" by Bonnie Vitti, a sequel to "The First Battlegroud" where a young teenage Avon finds himself in a deadly game of plot and counterplot with his stepfather, and learns the ruthlessness which is to mark the rest of his life. And "A Fine and Private Place" by Leigh Arnold, in which the lonely children Avon and Cally meet in a secret refuge from their worlds.

From a 1990 ad:

Includes stories on Avon and Blake's early rivalry at school, Vila's first criminal caper with Avon, Tarrant and Deeta's childhood, the Liberator crew's efforts to guard a child witness who can cross dimensions and who must testify against the Federation, Avon and Vila's first visit to a house of ill repute, and more. Due out April 1990.

Disclaimers and Reproducing This Zine

The cheeky disclaimer and comments on photocopying below would have been a "nyah-nyah" as well as a punch in the snout to many fans, specifically some BNF zine publishers. See An Open Letter to Fandom by Deb Walsh (1988), An Open Letter to Fandom by Della Van Hise (1988), Statement: regarding the issue of bootlegging and cloning zines by Leigh Arnold, and while it involved different fans, this was heavy on the minds of fandom: The 1988 Blake's 7 Bootlegged Zines Discussion.

From the zine:

No Copyright 1990. All stories and art are controlled by their respective creators, and are unreservedly offered to the fandom for the entertainment and enjoyment of the readers. All rights to "Blake's 7" are acknowledged to Terry Nation and the BBC, with heartfelt thanks to Mr. Nation for his creation. Terry, we couldn't have done it without you! To Paul and Michael and all the splendid actors who gave us the characters we love, equal heartfelt thanks. To the fans, this zine's for you guys.

NOTICE: Copying this zine is permitted with the written approval of the editor. Making copies of this zine is also permitted with the written approval of the Queen of England, three state governors, an act of Congress, and the blessing of the Pope. And you know what? Copies of this zine are also permitted without any of above.

There, you guys have it in writing, you're safe, go ahead and xerox your little hearts out, and when the zine police scream bootleg! you can show thiem this paragraph and sneer nyah-nyah, nyah-nyah nyah-nyah, and watch them sulk. All proceeds from the sale of this zine will be donated to the AIDS Project of Los Angeles to help them in the fight against AIDS.

If all the copiers in town are busted, this zine can be ordered by sending lots of money... to Bonnie Vitti...


  • Editorial by Bonnie Vitti (i)
  • From Such Small Beginnings by Rosemary Woodhouse (1)
  • Roj Blake's Eagle Project by Kelson Vibber (9)
  • The Best Laid Schemes by Rosemary Woodhouse ("Introduces the young adult Avon to a twelve year old Vila, as the two work together on acriminal escapade.")(10)
  • Sweet Sixteen by Erica Leonard (30)
  • Exchanges by Pat Dunn and Diana Smith (Doctor Who crossover) (36)
  • Camp Flake by Leigh Arnold (Flake's Seven universe) (42)
  • Separation by Pat Dunn and Diana Smith (Doctor Who crossover) (45)
  • The Birthday Present by Cami (59)
  • The First Battleground by Bonnie Vitti (reprinted from Magnificent Seven #3) ("Where Blake and Avon meet as children at boarding school, and Avon's secret reason for fearing betrayal is revealed.") (65)
  • Pity the Child, poem by Tim Rice (85)
  • The Forgotten Children by Mark Richards (86)
  • A Walk between the Worlds by Bonnie Vitti (96)
  • Zine ads