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Name: Melody Rondeau, Melody Frame
Alias(es): Marshmelly Fremizam
Type: fanzine publisher, fanzine agent, fan artist, fan writer
Fandoms: Quantum Leap, Blake's 7, Alias Smith & Jones, Star Trek, Star Wars, Real Ghostbusters
URL: Make It Go Away
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Melody Rondeau is a gen fan writer, illustrator and fanzine publisher. Together, with her husband Jim Rondeau she has published several fanzines under their individual names as well as the name Buffalo Chip Press. Both she and her husband are well known figures at sci fi and fan run conventions.


  • 1991 FanQ Award: Letterzine/Newsletter: Data Entries (Melody Rondeau)
  • 1992 FanQ Award: Letterzine/Newsletter: Data Entries #13/14 (Jim & Melody Rondeau)

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