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Zine Publisher
Name: The Rondeaus/Buffalo Chip Press
Contact: Jim Rondeau
Type: fanzine publisher and agent
Fandoms: Quantum Leap, Multimedia, Star Trek: TNG
Status: active
URL: Make It Go Away
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Jim Rondeau and his wife, Melody Rondeau ("The Rondeaus") have been editing and publishing fanzines for over 3 decades.

Their digest-sized multi-media fanzine The Clipper Trade Ship ran from 1976 to 1997.

They are a well-known presence at fan-run conventions, offering to agent new and used fanzines for both zine publishers as well as individual fans. See Make It Go Away.

In 1991, the editor of the Quantum Quarterly described her introduction to the Jim and Melody Rondeau: "I met the Rondeaus when we were both working staff at a media convention in San Jose called Timecon. When Star Trek: The Next Generation appeared October 1987, I approached Jim with the idea of a digest-sized newsletter focusing on the actor, Brent Spiner and his character, Data. Within a few weeks we produced the first ST:TNG zine, Data Entries; it's currently up to issue #12 under the expert editorship of Melody." The Rondeaus were also responsible for the assembling and distribution of Quantum Quarterly.


  • 1996 FanQ Honorable Mention, QUANTUM LEAP -- STAND ALONE ZINE -- GEN, The Return-- Barbara Walton, editor/publisher Jim Rondeau
  • 1992 FanQ Award: Letterzine/Newsletter: Data Entries #13/14 (Jim & Melody Rondeau)

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