No Beach to Walk On

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You may be looking for the Professionals zine A Beach to Walk On.
Title: No Beach to Walk On
Publisher: Gamin Davis
Editor(s): Jim Rondeau and Melody Rondeau
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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No Beach to Walk On is a set of three gen Star Trek: TOS novels (bound together) by Gamin Davis.


A trilogy of Kirk-Spock novellas dealing with death and lost love—and how Kirk and Spock together overcome the trauma of each. Includes: “Land of Silver Birds” (A sequel to “City on the Edge of Forever” based on Ellison’s original ending which had Spock inviting Kirk to Vulcan—they go back to Vulcan on leave and Spock helps Kirk work through his grief while he tries to deal with his own sense of guilt in forcing Kirk to let Edith die…then Kirk is injured), “Revelations in the Snow” (A sequel to “The Paradise Syndrome” in which Spock helps Kirk recover from Miramanee’s death—and Kirk again helps him overcome guilt--while on leave on a snow planet), and “Zarabeth’s Legacy” (a slightly AU sequel to “All Our Yesterdays” that discards the idea of Spock “reverting to the ways of his ancestors” in favor of another explanation for his behavior in Sarpeidon’s past, focusing on the ramifications of the incident for his relationship with Christine Chapel). Also includes filks. Color “Lost Loves” collage cover and interior art by the author; comb bound, 225 pages. [1]



Reactions and Reviews

[Land of Silver Birds]:

I spent all the night reading this beautiful fic. I think it’s so well written and you should give it a try (lots of angst and hurt/comfort). It’s more about their friendship than romance, but you can see how they relationship is evolving.

#space husbands #spirk #spock #kirk #star trek [2]


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