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Name: Miramanee
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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Miramanee was the tribal priestess of the "Native American" tribe on the planet Amerind in the Star Trek: TOS episode "The Paradise Syndrome."

Jim Kirk, suffering amnesia, saves a drowned village boy with CPR and the native people consider him a god. Miramanee and Kirk fall in love, and she becomes pregnant. Later she and Kirk are stoned for not being able to prevent an asteroid from hitting the planet. Kirk survives the attack with the help of Dr. McCoy and Spock, but Miramanee suffered severe internal injuries and could not be saved. After stopping the asteroid, Kirk stayed with her until she dies.

Miramanee is a moderately popular character in fanfiction. Fans continue with the theme of the episode, portraying Kirk as conflicted about his role as captain and his subsequent happiness he'd felt when he was temporarily without those responsibilities.

Slash fiction concentrates on Spock's angst over the possibility that Kirk may be happier in a relationship with a woman. Miramanee, like almost all female love interests in the original Star Trek, is often used in some way to get Kirk and Spock together in a relationship.

Fans against The Premise argued that Miramanee was a prime example of why Kirk was heterosexual; he was blissfully happy with his wife and "gave her a baby." For more of this argument, see Interstat.

Some Example Fanworks

  • First, Do No Harm by Judith Gran ("Knowing that he could save her if they take her with them, McCoy struggles over Miramaneeʼs fate as it comes up against the Prime Directive and Kirk and Spockʼs relationship.")
  • Certainties of Being is a Kirk/Spock story by M.E. Carter
  • "There But For The Grace" by Wendy Rockburn is a post-Paradise Syndrome story in Enter-comm #3. In it, Kirk, Spock and McCoy go on a shore leave so that Kirk can adjust to Miramanee's death and Spock can get some rest after his long vigil to rescue Kirk.
  • Firewalker is a Kirk/Spock story by Scott Hunter ("Kirk visits Arizona on medical shoreleave when he is unable to forget Miramanee, and meets a Vulcan archaeologist who he ends up spending all his time with.")
  • Of Peacefulness, Happiness and Forgiveness is a Kirk/Spock story by Charlotte Frost ("Spock uses their shoreleave together to try to usage his bondmateʼs guilt over loving another when Kirk was on the Preserverʼs planet with Miramanee.")
  • Uhura's Decision by M.L. Dodge and Laura Scarsdale in Delta Triad ("... deals with the Kirk/Uhura relationship which is the basic theme of Delta Triad. In this story, McCoy on the spur of the moment, removes Miramanee’s unborn child and places it in stasis. After running the proper checks, he finds that Uhura would make a good substitute mother and presents his idea to her.")
  • A Different Sort of Paradise by Joanne Seward. Kirk works out the psychological aftermath of recovering his own life following the death of Miramanee and his child. First printed in Encounters #4.
  • Paradise Lost by Natasha Solten is in The 25th Year. In it, Kirk must move forward after the loss of Miramanee and his unborn child.
  • The Sword at the Gate by Jane Aumerle is an "after" story dealing with Kirk following Miramanee's death. It is in the zine Stardate: Unknown #3
  • In Bunches, Like Bananas by Gena Moretti is a story in Naked Times #26. (Kirk refuses to return to his bondmateʼs bed after the death of Miramanee, afraid his thoughts of her and their unborn child will invade his and Spockʼs lovemaking.
  • "Aftermath" by Shona Jackson is an AU about the birth of Iron Hawk, son of Miramanee and Kirok, and it is in Katra: The Erotic Spirit

Some Example Fanart