Uhura's Decision

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Star Trek Fanfiction
Title: Uhura's Decision
Author(s): Mary Louise Dodge and Laura Scarsdale
Date(s): 1977
Genre: het
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Uhura's Decision is an explicit 45-page Star Trek: TOS story by Mary Louise Dodge and Laura Scarsdale.

It was published in Delta Triad Supplement 1.

Story Summary

While Kirk is unconscious after being pelted by rocks in the episode "The Paradise Syndrome," McCoy puts [[Miramanee's 2 month old fetus in stasis. He tells Uhura, who'd broken up with Kirk four months ago that she is a perfect match to carry the child to term. She is at first angry, but then agrees. Kirk is, at first, angry but then is happy. She delivers a healthy baby boy. There is a subplot involving her family in Africa on a lion hunt.

Reactions and Reviews

Unknown Date

Last in the Dodge & Scarsdale Kirk/Uhura romance series (though not the last written).

McCoy, on impulse, saved Miramanee's fetus and with Kirk still only vaguely conscious, asks Uhura to host it. She refuses "to be an incuabtor to the proof of his infidelity" but when Kirk talks of Miramanee as a dream, she takes the embryo. When McCoy finally informs Kirk, the captain is furious at the invasion of privacy, believes she took the embryo to throw his broken vow in his face, or that McCoy is deliberately trying to break up their affair, and demands McCoy's transfer when they finally get home. Kirk and Uhura reconcile in a torrid evening. Everyone has very long leave on arrival. Uhura spends hers with her family in Africa; Kirk visits and romance is renewed. Her brother will take the child in his family so it will have a loving home. Uhura and Kirk will eventually marry when Kirk takes a desk job and she is ready to have their own family. As the baby nears birth, Kirk visits again; the menfolk take Kirk out to challenge a lion while waiting.

A well-written story with interesting conflicts and resolution. [1]


Uhura bears Kirk's child by Miramanee; conception occurring by McCoy/surgery in an absolutely inconceivable instance of his meddling in Kirk's business — unbelievable tale that raises more problems than it solves. [2]
This supplement was intended for the more mature readers who wouldn't be offended if Kirk and Uhura did more than hold hands. DTS's showcase piece is 'Uhura's Decision' which examines the K/Uh relationship under some of the greatest emotional stress the two fill face. The interplay between them and a meddling McCoy is slow-paced, tense, and often hurtful. They're caught in a potentially disastrous situation, yet strong wills and well-meshed natures prevail. [3]
The first story is called ‘Uhura’s Decision’ and deals with the Kirk/Uhura relationship which is the basic theme of Delta Triad. In this story, McCoy on the spur of the moment, removes Miramanee’s unborn child and places it in stasis. After running the proper checks, he finds that Uhura would make a good substitute mother and presents his idea to her. At first she refuses, but after listening to a drugged Kirk, changes her mind. When Kirk finds out, he is furious with both of them. The story, in part, tells of Kirk’s struggle to accept the situation. A well-written story with good characterizations, even the love scene was done with good taste. [4]
'Uhura's Decision,' the lead story is a nice little drama immediately following 'Paradise Syndrome.' It is not really an after-story, but placing it in context with the rest of the series gives it an interesting jumping off point. In this piece, Uhura must decide if she is to accept the child rescued from Miramanee before she died, and play host-mother to it in order to bear Kirk's child... including a series of conflicts between Kirk and Uhura revolving around her ultimate decision. [5]


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